Financial Security – Choosing the Right Career

By | August 24, 2014

Why many careers today is likely not able to provide the true and necessary financial security any man or woman must need in order to live and thrive upon for future years to come, is something I must try to explain.

Regardless of the profession… accounting, law, medicine, or programming, the skill-set required by your job will inevitably change drastically over the next 25 to 30 years. 

In-fact, with today’s technological feats, the chances of your exact job remaining where it is now in the future is slim to none!

I began to find after graduating with my masters in business and accounting no matter what job or career I’d choose I would never be given the satisfaction of having a financial secure life.

In-fact it never truly is that way, for anyone. Professional sports players get cut off teams all the time. Right when think they hit the big leagues, they accidentally hit rock bottom. They spend more than what they’re worth, or atleast used to be, and find themselves in a whole. It happens daily.. So much, I even came across a website the other week owned by a once famous all-star professional NFL football player, who accidentally broke his wrist, thus comprimising his entire future as a NFL player.

 The more research as an MBA student, the more I became entrigued by entrepreneurship. After having studied every business topic for almost a decade, entrepreneurship always stood out. And despite the many different reasons, I felt to myself, how would I be able to make money on my very own, let alone start a business?!?

I remember another small struggle that stood in my way and made me fearful of this dream was simply watching my own highly-intelligent professor who chose his profession over  entrepreneurship, as he was teaching it. Now that I think about it, the fact he only had to teach two nights a week, and really was more of a mere daily discussion than actual feel of a class, was probably only a side-job he chose to attain. His ability to teach about anything from social media to international tax was beyond my intelligence. But he certainly had my attention.

It soon gets to a point in your life, where it’s more about the money you make in a single year, and less about the raises you start attaining within your very job.

As an economics major, I was taught that change is inevitable. In-fact, there’s nothing in the world that can stop change other than time, but time is change, and those two factor’s are what differentiate our human ability to adapt to any particular situation. 

I’m only here to express a truth, and show what many people don’t think for a second to consider. Even when you know the exact type of management position you want to be in 5, 10, or 20 years from today, who guaranteed you’ll be given that job.

Even so, how far will it take you?

Essentially you’re limitations are sealed by the very given functions of your own job. That is making sure operations continue moving in a forward positive position, and not so much for yourself, as much for the company and the people ladders upon ladders above you.

The better your ability to help make money for the company in your position, the better valued you become, and the more you’ll be needed.

Hence, similar to the entrepreneurial world, it’s the very same type of people able to rise up within the corporate world, who are able to do so just as well, if not even moreso on their own, by becoming the end-result of their own success. It’s the benefits of creativity that brings you where you are. 

You see being an entrepreneur is like a journey. We enjoy and we embrace challenge. But even more we love not having a boss to confront with everyday. We love not doing something for the sake of getting paid. We love doing what we love to do, on a everyday basis. We love having control over our life and dominion.

Hence, 85% of the world’s millionaires, are made by entrepreneurs and as a primary result of how they learn to deal with problems on their own. It is how they learn to adapt to any and all situations. They will work day and night, tirelessly if they must, but enjoy most times in their life, when it seems right!

As the entrepreneur, you’re the only person who is watching your own back. At the same time, no one else is in charge but you. No one has dominion over you and how far you are willing to go in making a business wish come true.

The most important benefit is the growing notion of subconscious creativity. Initial growing complications enlargen the way we think, the way we react, and the way we learn to solve  problems through creative means.

Nevertheless, when you drive around the city, or drive around your town, count how many business stores you drive by and think about why that person would think about starting his own pizza shop. Why not work at some regular everyday desk job, get some experience, and work his way up…

As I said, despite the good flow of money for most, and the freedom, and time, we are given (in most particular) by the online marketing business world, financial security!

We want to know, and ensure ourself that there will never be a day, God forbid anything bad were to happen, that our income would be totally lost.. or be on a decline!

Therefore, it is nevertheless wise, to embark upon an entrepreneurial journey, especially when having absolutely nothing to lose. I welcome you in joining me with the most special gift I could possibly ever give :)


Peter G.


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