Five Awesome Low Cost At-Home Business Ideas

By | July 11, 2016



#1. Handcrafts & Jewelry:

One possibly overlooked business idea that can be started from tetsy - Google Search 2016-07-11 15-21-22he comfort of your home are handcrafts. Things like creating your own jewelry, handmade and vintage items, and home decor can all be created and sold on Etsy. You simply create the items you want to sell, then list the items for sale in the Etsy marketplace.

After awhile, you can build a huge customer base doing this, but the most difficult part is in initially building up your audience. But the better your handmade crafts are, the more people you’ll be able to attract to your marketplace. In exchnge for selling your items on Etsy, the company takes a small listing fee.


#2. Amazon FBA & Retail Arbitrage:

One great business idea that comes to mind is the Amazon FBA program. Make no mistake however, there is nothing easy about selling products with FBA. It requires hard-work and dedication. First you need to come up with a product idea, create a logo, brand, while making sure there is a demand for that product. You’ll also need some investment cost in order to get the product shipped. In a way, it’s like your starting your own company with your own product and inventory. You get the product, stick your logo and brand on there, and then get to selling in the Amazon marketplace.

There’s an easier way to begin selling on Amazon and that’s called retail arbitrage – a much more preferable method by many Amazon sellers. This basically consists of you going out and finding a bulk of products that are being sold for cheaper than on Amazon. You buy the product and then list them on Amazon at a markup for a profit. To make this easier, there is an iPhone app you can use to tell you the difference in profit you’d make on that item by simply scanning the items at the store.

My third and most favorite way of making money with Amazon, is affiliate marketing. As you can see there are quite a number of ways to make money with Amazon – none of which I think should be overlooked. But if you don’t want to have to deal with product or inventory, you can always sign-up as an Amazon affiliate and link to products as a third party affiliate. It’s simple. You link to the product, and when someone clicks that link and makes a purchase within the following 24 hours, you make commissions on any and all products they purchase. The difficult part of this process is it involves you creating content and writing, which brings me to this next idea for starting your own home business.


#3. Blogging & Content Creation

Yes, believe it or not, blogging once considered to be nothing more than a mere hobby is now considered to be a potential business venture for todays strongest and most willful entrepreneurs. Take Michelle Gardener for example, who makes nearly $70,000 with her blog, each and every month.

It’s not all surprising seeing how amazingly crafty her website is. You can tell a lot of work was put into building that site and of course, it was no overnight success. Her detailed income reports show that she started her website back in 2011-2012 and it wasn’t until 6 months later where she began making any kind of revenue with it.


And how about Pat Flynn, who made over $100,000 alone last month in blog revenue? One might wonder, how in the world these individuals are able to manage such astounding incomes. But it should just come to show you the massive potential within the world of blogging (note: I said blogging here & not internet marketing in general. There are too many scams involved with the term “internet marketing” and a lot of ponzi schemes. So I prefer the term blogging or content creation instead.) Blogging is indeed a legitimate business venture. But let me make one thing clear here – It’s not just blogging that can make you income, but any kind of content creation.

Making videos and posting them on youtube for example, can make you plenty of income in the long-run. But you need to do it consistently and you need to engage your audience. Let’s take one of my favorite “shows” for example, called the Angry Joe Show, who gets nearly 1,000,000 views for almost each and every video he posts on YouTube. Notice how he’s taken his true interest and passion in life and leveraged that to create his own videos on YouTube (which is gaming btw).


Click here to learn how to setup your own blog in minutes!


#4. Writing Your Own E-book

Remember how I said, you can make money by creating your owe-book - Google Search 2016-07-11 15-23-05n content? Well what if you were to write your own e-book and sell it on Amazon or the Kindle? Writing e-books is another popular business model that you can take up and the best part about it, is the fact that it’s free and has almost no overhead cost involved. Your primary focus when doing this is to focus on writing quality information.

E-books can cover almost anything – from short stories, how-to’s, to guides and tutorials. I suggest using this website if you want to learn the entire process of creating and selling an e-book. Your success will ultimately depend on the price point at which you sell the book, the topic you choose for your e-book, and how your marketing efforts when promoting your e-book.


#5. Freelancing

One of the most popular ways of making money online by far is through freelancing. Freelancing consists of just about anything you can think of from: transcriptionists, translating, website design, data analytics, admin support, customer service, logo & graphic design, marketing strategy, and so much more. But be careful, because there are a lot of scams out there that might promise you can earn a lot of money by some kind of data entry job that really doesn’t exist.

What I prefer and always recommend you use would be a site like, or at-least something that’s very similar to that. If it’s a site trying to promise you fast or easy cash, then make sure you don’t give it another second of your time. Nonetheless, I personally use for a lot of my own personal outsourcing. If I ever need a writer for a job, I simply head to upwork. If I need a new web design done, I go to upwork. So whether you’re looking to hire or be hired for a service, this is a great place to get started.

Let me also tell you, that making a great living as a freelance writer is totally doable. It may take a couple years to hit the income you really desire because you’ll need to build up your references and experience. But after that, finding work on various freelancing websites (assuming your quality is good) should be a lot easier, as you begin to stand out from everyone else (based on your experience alone)!

Also can you guess the reason why there’s so much work for freelancing? You guessed it, more content creation! :)

Choosing Your Business Model

business ideas from home

There always seems to be like some kind of content creation when it comes to working from home and with the internet unless there’s some kind of physical inventory involved (as with Etsy or Amazon FBA). Even in that case however, you still need to create your listings, description, and put in some marketing effort in order to get the right audience to find you.

Content is literally the pillar of the internet. From videos, to Facebook statuses, to blogs – without content, there would be no internet. That makes creating content an inevitable part and aspect to creating any kind of online business. This was something that was made totally unaware to me in my first 6-months when trying to learn the ins and outs of “internet marketing” (gosh I don’t like that term).

I knew businesses were being made online, but I wasn’t sure how. Whether it was with a self-published e-book or product, I couldn’t understand how these products were being pushed out to the right audiences. Eventually I learned that the technique was simplest at its core – creating content and getting traffic, unless you already had lots of money to spend and work with on PPC.

So today that is what my job consists of. Yes, I’m a content creator. I do it day in and out and I don’t mind it one bit. I work on it and it works for me.. Much better than working that 9 to 5 and not making any kind of passive income. When you start your own online business, you really can afford to work your own hours after it’s been established. You can afford to scale your business(es) at your own pace, which is another beauty of it all and which can’t be said for working a “normal job.” But of course there are cons that come with it as well.. I do miss that sense of workplace ethic and being surrounded by other employees. But, we can’t have everything can we and I much prefer having it this way over any other.

Final Tip: I personally found Amazon FBA to be on the more difficult end for me. It involved a lot of shopping around and finding that right product. Creating items on Etsy sounded like a great idea, but I’m honestly not much of an artisan. Pick the business model you feel best suits you. For me, having and starting my own blog felt like it was the most ideal. I could work at my own pace and choose exactly how this website would make money for me. I’m working on a second one now in a diff. niche (which fingers crossed, will come out as a success). I chose blogging as my ideal choice because I knew that the more often I’d write, the more my business would scale on its own.

Which business model do you think best suits you and would you ever consider blogging? Please let us know in the comments section below!




2 thoughts on “Five Awesome Low Cost At-Home Business Ideas

  1. Mohit Puruswani

    Very nice information about Low Cost At-Home Business Ideas. These are such great ideas to starting your own at-home business. Of course, you’ll also need some investment cost for ideas that require inventory in order to get the product shipped. In a way, it’s like your starting your own company with your own brand and product.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Very well put Mohit. I agree that purchasing products and inventory in order to start building up your company and brand is one way of starting a business from home. The second is by becoming an affiliate, requiring no inventory on your part. Of course, there are other ideas for starting a business at home, but these are some of the most popular ways to get started!


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