Five Dollar Funnel Review: Why It’s a Scam!

By | February 14, 2015

Product: Five Dollar Funnelfive dollar funnel scam review
Owners: Tom Cellie & Bill Ebert
Price: $5
Rank: 15/100


I would like to take a chance to go over a new product in the world of Internet Marketing introduced to us by two fairly well-known marketing “guru’s”, Tom Cellie and Bill Ebert.

As a result of a lot of the latest hype and buzz that currently surrounds this new Five Dollar Funnel product, I figured it be best to go over the product line, showing what it attempts to accomplish, while finally concluding of its actual legitimacy and potential in helping other online marketers achieve success.

What Is The Five Dollar Funnel?

Given the name, one might come to an immediate suspected presumption that the Five Dollar Funnel is a product and opportunity to assist with an individuals multi-level marketing efforts.

While that may be the case, the Five Dollar Funnel additionally consists of products and bit of training that is also specifically tailored to the affiliate marketing side of things.

Is FiveDollarFunnel Academy Scam?

I must admit, the first time I had come across Five Dollar Funnel, I figured it to be nothing more than your average MLM or matrix Ponzi scheme.. Yfive dollar funnel reviewou know, something similar along the lines of Feeder Matrix, a product that ultimately offers no value and attracts the attention of the masses by offering a cheap $5 investment in exchange for a hopeful profitable opportunity.

However, after coming across their Promo Page, something I believe had been update from its previous look, gave me a better impression.

Sure, one of the main taglines of this product is “Build A Business Only $5,” and while the majority of online marketers will tend to think on the contrary, anyone can learn and build their own online business with approximately $20 to $30 in investment & overhead costs alone!

In-fact, if I were to suggest to any individual looking for the best possible home-based opportunity, this would be my sole recommended solution. Nevertheless, lets take a deeper look here into FiveDollarFunnel, as I believe it is worth our small investigation!

Claims To Be An Online University!

If FiveDollarFunnel is attempting to follow the much more successful ventures out there who’ve lasted years on end, it may be worth looking into.

Moreover, regardless of what your motive is for being online, trying to find success, and making those dreams happen, learning and education is an inevitable factor in your journey.

More importantly, is the opportunity itself! Example, you could find yourself within an MLM company attempting to be a leader and recruit, yet before you know it, you’ve learned everything and taken every piece of fact and information to mind, yet you find yourself crashing into one roadblock after the next!

So when you see a business and system being offered to you for only $5 while may not be a bad thing, doesn’t sound very reassuring either.

The Five Dollar Funnel Quotes:

“LEARN Lead systems, Social marketing, An online university with more tools and training then you can imagine.”

Obviously the products are all offered and shown right underneath, but I will state them anyway:

1 – Video Like A Pro
2 – Contact Manager
3 – Hypnotic Ad Copy
4 – Social Enterpreneurs

These 4 essentials being offered to us by The Five Dollar Funnel tells us everything we need to know about the company and your potential involvement except for one other important fact – it is entirely an MLM based recruitment opportunity!

1st Question: Do you see yourself wanting to learn and utilize video’s to attract your traffic, give them quality information, as a primary method and way of building your own online presence, business, and brand?

Example – I’m more of a fanatic when it comes to the writing and publishing of content. Hence, because I don’t have as much of an interest when it comes to getting myself on camera and preparing to talk to my audience, writing is a priority to my everyday routine.

2nd Question: Given their Contact Manager tool, is this a system you’d see yourself becoming entirely dependent upon, when it comes to the capturing of your everyday leads?

Example – I find that establishing my own online presence by the creation of several websites and businesses as a more preferable alternative than when it comes to e-mail marketing or anything that deals with MLM. I find it less bothering and in some ways, increasingly powerful! For you however, maybe you’ve found greater luck when it comes to e-mail marketing and knowing how to properly e-mail your leads selling them whatever products or services you may have in store.

3rd Question: Would you be interested in learning how to write better sales pages and squeeze pages?

The only problem with this is the fact Five Dollar Funnel doesn’t actually intend on teaching you anything related to this. In-fact all it really is are a set of pre-written messages to send out to leads to begin your MLM-based recruiting.

A Fake Online Academy??

My opinion is, too many products try to teach too many various methods and ways of trying to attract referrals and leads rather than just sticking to actually trying to create and utilize a legitimate university and opportunity to help people to learn how to create their own profitable online businesses.

Instead it seems all Five Dollar Funnel intends on doing here is providing its recruits with the necessary tools for your own so-called hand outs.

Thus, nothing can irritate me more than seeing a potentially legitimate opportunity at first become a total waste of time by trying to deviate themselves through the deception of their very consumers!

Final Opinion & Verdict!

Despite some of the reviews I have seen online calling Five Dollar Funnel an outright scam, I first seemed to have a bit of trouble getting my mind wrapped around this conclusion.

However, since having fully found out the truth behind Five Dollar Funnell, they truly deserve FIVE thumbs down. Regardless of whatever the cost of this product is, the point is they are not offering a legitimate online marketing university, or even opportunity for that matter!

I believe this all has everything to do with their attempt in luring you and everybody else into something that actually might look legitimate for once, but instead is for their own MLM opportunity, and ultimately their own selfish good and proft.

Verdict: Scam!

Online Scams
Rank: 10/100

My sincere advice and recommendation: Stay far away and don’t give them any benefit of the doubt by handing them over your $5! For a much more entirely legitimate opportunity to learn how to create your own online marketing business without any fluff, upsells, or schemey tactics please check out the chart providing the link below. Thanks for your time in reading my Five Dollar Funnel Scam Review!

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3 thoughts on “Five Dollar Funnel Review: Why It’s a Scam!

  1. Mormo

    I signed up and put a lot of work into this program. I was kicked out of their facebook group the next day with no warning. Avoid this program!!

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi Mormo,

      Excuse my late response, this comment somehow ended in the wrong folder. But wow, that’s pretty crazy! I can’t believe they would go this far.. Seems out of line. I can’t imagine all the work you put in to try and make this work.. I would definitely warn others from joining Five Dollar Funnel for the poor support.

      At the same time I hope you didn’t do anything wrong, for that to happen. You may want to contact them and find out why they would do this without a heads up.




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