Fix Keyword Ranking Problems

Having trouble ranking your website.. content.. pages.. posts?

Well then this page was especially designed for you! I will do all in my power to get all your hard-work in its proper position in all the major search engines.

The effort to researching, brainstorming, building, and creating a business, specifically tailored to online visibility, is easily today’s biggest problematic situations in this regard.

Nonetheless, if you’ve been one of the truly rare sole entrepreneurial employees, who’s been bleeding in attempting to fix one problem after the next,  finding a way to make that additional income, and finally succeeding in areas concerning:

  • WordPress setup (domain & hosting)
    • Establishing an online business
      • Building content through visuals & text.

But nothing gives… Then the following information is for you, so bare with me if you will.

Maybe you’re in a situation where it’s been 2-3 months of constant research, and no action taking whatsoever, with your head about to fall off! I can’t blame you, otherwise I might as well be called the worlds biggest hypocrite.

My biggest tip for you is this, as hard as it might feel: Lay off the OCD googling: “fastest ways to make money,” because regardless of how desperate you are to making that single quick buck, it could happen, but with one BIG problem, the fact it’s not going to last long whatsoever, and your ultimately wasting precious time that could be spent on building a full-time income within just 2 full months of hard-work.

(If that’s too much time to spend on building one main online business for yourself, to give you amazing income, potentially for the rest of your living life, the information and resources on this website is most-likely not for you.)


Find a supporting community that actually cares about your success.

Find a community where there is available mentorship.

Find a community that offers some kind of free trial, without over-looking the possibilities and opportunities you may, or may not find.

Give or take, the hundreds of endless hours, in proper research, website layout, flashiness, and intriguing designs, then realizing your ready to close the chapter, laying down all that you worked for, because of one last missing piece of a puzzle, is the majority of online marketing failures! Which is why, the 3 small, yet vital tips above, can change your life for the better, in the most unbelievable ways.

Impatience, and quitting at the worst possible time is how most online marketers end up dropping out.

Fortunately, it’s happened with me, but after closing the so-called chapter of my life venture, I re-opened that chapter, except this time, without letting an hour pass by, where I would possibly avoid my inevitable road to online success. Fact is, once you have something with true value, setup for good, you’ll finally find yourself, stress-free for good.

Of course, we all tend to start in a position where when we start our online venture, we are pouring a lot more money (on hosting, domain names, books, courses, reviews, and pointless crap “for dummies”!) than we should, as a mere result of losing belief in ourselves. And I know we all go through this curve, where one day we become so overly enthusiastic regarding the “millionaire future,” ahead of us, and the next, we think of ourselves as worthless, while subconsciously starting to feel like myself “wow, do i suck!” But no matter what your subconscious feels the last thing this body’s doing, is giving up! So let go of every feeling, and invisibly odd notion, of emotions themselves. Why feel sad and hopeless, when ultimately you’re the one in control, of yourself, your life, and the passions you can chase?

Question: are you willing to go farther than a simple cat and mouse chase? Are you willing to subtly let yourself in on a piece of the billion dollar per day online pie? Are you willing to let your hand be taken, and get followed step-by-step training, while forcing you to do tasks you might not want to do, or are too scared to do, or are just too unmotivated to do on your own? (e.g., writing down specific goals, participating in discussions when told, asking a minimum of 3 question everyday regarding anything online related, answering and helping other questions, networking and conversing daily.. regardless of whether that certain task relates to your online business or not, b/c fact is, you will learn 3 amazing things every day, 3 amazing solutions everyday, and 3 amazing ideas everyday.)<– That’s the community that saved me, and helped me re-open this (old risky), chapter to inevitable online success :)

Quick Note if you’re hurting financially, either get yourself a temporary part-time job, just until your website and business is ready for launch! Or plan on working with people and tutorials approx. 12-15 hours a day! For the next month.

As an online entrepreneur, who may have worked online for 1,3,5, 10 years without any monetary benefits, I have a secret for you:

Online success comes from mentorship of made-successors who are continually teaching others.

The problem: Memberships, such as Chris Farrel, and so many others, despite their great quality communities, cost up to $997/month!!!

The Resolution: See Below!

Because it’s a fact, that if you’ve worked for this long, and haven’t made money to show for, doesn’t mean anything bad, or wrong. Let me tell you what it really means, that you have more knowledge, more resources, more tools, more information, more of everything, than any other single competitor who most unknowingly is beginning his high-riskingly, stressful, venture online. (Little does he or she know!)

Monetary benefits is what happens when a person takes more action on providing value and help, without depending on.. for example:

pdf’s and e-books on “how to make money with facebook ads, with pinterest, with cpa, with this and with that.” The day you let all that go, is the day you are finally releasing all your worries caused by all the penny pinching fanatics who ultimately feel there is no immorality in finding some old “how to make money online” docs, and re-writing them into their very own WSO, swearing on their grandmother’s life, if you take action, you will earn!!

And then go on telling us, 90% of the people who bought these $15 – $75 WSO’s will not end up taking action.

There’s a very good reason we don’t take action on these WSO’s, and that’s because we’re left without a proper mentor, showing us in the most precise detail of how to go about actually accomplishing the vaguest of steps. And trust me, after having purchased almost 300 of my very own WSO’s, only about 10% of them are actually worth it. Only problem with that 10% is that those are truly real business models, while the other 90% are telling us to go make a facebook page, get some keywords, post some amazon pictures, and make sales. Soo.. that’s it huh?! I think I read that same method with just a little twist, the other week, and maybe even the week beore that!

The guts of your ranking quick-fix:


Little do marketers know, content is the king of all online creation leading to the highest keyword search rankings. You might even be able to forget keyword research as a whole, if you could write 20 quality, 500 word count pages every single day. Although, I don’t recommend it, as this will lead to higher bounce rates from visitors, and even a minor google penalization of your website if it’s not making much sense.

Nonetheless, the secret here is GREAT CONTENT! And I’m still not sure why so many people are so insanely unaware of this. As it actually becomes a bit obvious once thinking about Google, and what makes it Google… Information!!

It’s the world’s own encyclopedia.


Too many people, I notice, don’t keyword research properly, or are lacking the essential tools, the highest niche competitors are able to absolute dominate within their niche. Hence, my own choice of the “essentials to making money online,” niche. I can’t tell you how many time’s I’ve been told to avoid this niche!!! Online viral information in the perspective of marketers can become very true and realistic, as people will tend to build upon such crazy, and highly untrue notions.


What better way to get your websites ranked, while utilizing Google tools. And I don’t mean the use of Google trends and insights, or even their webmaster tools. There’s much more to be shown. And if you can stay up to date with Google’s working engines as a whole, you’ll always have the possibility of getting keyword content ranked higher and faster, than all the other old aged competitive domains. Hence, finding yourself becoming the new niche authority in the online marketin world. Rewarding isn’t it!

Nonetheless, if you prefer to continue in mentoring yourself, by yourself, through the so-called “treasure finds” on Google, do you and I the favor, of not spending money on any worthless, promising information. Not until you know for sure, it will give you the true value and answers you need to your success!

If I could offer one last advice, let go of ego and arrogance, and find yourself proper mentorship.. potentially one that is the most cheap and affordable. The only one I could find with a free trial, is what’s given me my first financial and monetary success after a year of nothing. All due to 1-on-1 mentorship and continual community support.

Have a niche you desire to earn from? Then follow me to begin building your own online business!

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