Four Corners Alliance Group Review: Is This a Scam?

By | October 22, 2014
Product Name: 4 Corners Alliance Group
Website: www.fourcornersalliancegroup com
Overall Rank: 67/100
In this review we’ll go over into detail what the 4 Corners Alliance Group is and whether it provides a legitimate online earning opportunity or not.

What Is The Four Corners Alliance Group?

This is a company that’s primarily based off what they call as an online matrix. The way online matrices work is no different than the way your average MLM opportunity works. The primary differences involved includes the addition of an actual affiliate program, within its own MLM opportunity. Hence, there are two various and major methods of earning at play here:

#1. Four Corners Alliance MLM Opportunity &

Selling of Four Corners Alliance Retail Products.

#2. Four Corners Alliance Affiliate Program.

4 corners

Moreover, the Four Corners Earning opportunity is highly relevant and based upon the consistent recruitment of people to join in your team, which essentially is what builds the levels within the four corners matrix.

What Does The Four Corners Alliance Group Provide You With?

In order to get started as a member in the 4 Corners Alliance Group, you are given the chance to gain access to a variety of products, services, and educational materials, all of course for a price.


Four Corners Materials Include:

– Access to various digital products.

– An optional 4 corner alliance newsletter, which you must pay in order to subscribe for.

– Lastly, you can purchase from an assortment of 4 Corners Alliance products, that are essentially sold to you as a means for you to sell to others and make a profit.

How You Earn An Online Income With 4 Corners Alliance Group:

– By recruiting and referring new people who essentially will need to buy into a level of the matrix, similar to what you do when signing-up.

– This earns you a certain amount of commissions from however much your recruits end up spending as they join the 4 Corners Alliance Matrix.

– Lastly, are the 4 Corner Alliance products that you are given access to.

4 Corners Alliance Primary Income Streams:

#1) Matrix Income (In other words, your downline of recruited members)

#2) 100% Matrix Check Match Commission

#3) Residual Income

#4) 100% Residual Check Match Commission

#5) Selling 4 Corners Alliance Newsletter

#6) Four Corners Affiliate Program


Four Corners Alliance Group’s Newsletter

This is an additional option you can purchase along with the one-time member fee to joining.

Inside this newsletter you will find information on various success stories, motivational type reading, tidbits of training, and some financial education is involved as well.

four corners alliance materials review

Four Corners Alliance Affiliate Program

This may possibly be one of the MOST interesting aspects noticed within the Four Corners Alliance Group. By the way, I must say the name does sound a bit “catchy”! However, don’t let that deceive the reality of this earning opportunity. One of the biggest things that sticks out to me is the products one-time life enrollment fee of $8!!

Now, just how odd is this?

Essentially what’s going on here is Four Corners Alliance is implementing an affiliate program for users to refer the program to others. However, in order to even begin as an affiliate marketer, you must pay a fee to begin earning. Therefore, imagine I provided a link to bring you on over to four corners sign-up/registration page, I would have to first pay the $8 in order to earn any income.

I imagine the main reason for this up-front payment, is because the group already realizes that it’s not as simple as people make it out to be when it comes to earning online. Hence, one must have an actual PRESENCE in place. Almost like a safe-haven, any internet marketer can utilize whenever considering a new opportunity to join.

In this case, we can make the predicament here that Four Corners Alliance Group is not a product or service for anyone trying and willing to make an online income. Therefore, if you have yet to make a single dollar online, you’ll most-definitely want to think again before joining. As I always recommend, the first step in making ANY money online, and furthering that into a full-time career is by creating a website where you can consistently and continually refer others to products and services you recommend, either as an affiliate or (especially) as one being in an MLM opportunity

Yes, the cold-hard truth here is it will, does, and should take plenty of hard and consistent work. But aren’t the end-results worth it all?  

Nevertheless, if you’re already an established online marketer, and are making a decent monthly income as a network marketer, 4 Corners Alliance Group is a good choice for the intermediate/novice type person. If you have yet to create either a  a Website, or Online Presence, my biggest advice would be to start doing so now!

What I Like About Four Corners Alliance Group:

– The minimal use of nonsense advertising promising false riches, etc. Instead the Four Corners Alliance Group tries to proves itself legitimate by offering products that aren’t too pricey, as well as a more legitimate than usual, opportunity who are interested in experiencing with network marketing and MLM.

– Unlike many and most MLM companies who rarely make an effort to provide something useful to their trainees and members, Four Corners actually seems to in a sense.

*one example of this is the fact the Four Corners Alliance Group offers its members certain products that can be sold for a commission to absolutely anyone. Thus, unlike many MLM companies out there that require you to first recruit the person and then sell the product, Four Corners simplifies this overall process by allowing members to sell some of their financial products to anyone who isn’t a member.*

– Four Corners Alliance Group isn’t all 100% based on earning by recruitment, which is my biggest and main bother with MLM’s. They actually provide a retail side to their opportunity, which I find makes 4 Corners Alliance more legit in terms of starting an online business.


What I Don’t Like About Four Corners Alliance Group:

– It almost seems to me like the earning opportunity and potential is a bit over-excessive. The company makes it seem easy to be able to sell their products off the bat. In addition, there also seems to be an excess of the number of products delivered by the Four Corners Alliance Group. For example if you take a look at the diagram below, you’ll see 4-6 levels of products! All ranging from $10 to $300. What makes me over-weary about this structure is its overbearing use in luring people into buying into the four corners alliance program by use of these numbers.

four corners alliance - Google Search 2014-11-08 16-00-41

– Nevertheless, the use of using the term “affiliates” in a product that is also being based on itself as an MLM company may not only be confusing to newbies, but is unrealistic. The claims of selling 4096 products worth $300 each of something we’re not even very aware of what it actually is, can be almost impossible. Question comes down to: are these products of its real actual worth and value? What are behind these $300 products attempting to be sold to any random person?

I know if I was being confronted by someone attempting to sell me something for $300, it better be REALLY good, or else I’d choose to hold onto my own money.

– In addition, it’s also bothering to see that they provide “even more” income streams to its users, almost as though its endless. In my personal opinion, its much better to stick to maybe two or three that can be focused on by the user.

Having too many products to try and sell to others can just cause overall confusion by causing a complete mess in that members marketing strategy.


Overall Conclusion and Verdict On 4 Corners Alliance Group

Despite the company’s good and trustworthy efforts in not providing false advertising to consumers, I personally will never think twice about joining any MLM group to begin with. Nevertheless, for those interested in a good networking opportunity, this might be one to check out, over others that are fully schemish such as, WakeUpNow, Empower Network, or iPAS2, among many others.

Then again, when looking deeper into the Four Corners Alliance Opportunity it could all just be their way of going about “soft-selling” their consumers rather than the “hard-sell” approach most false online company opportunities have been taken lately. The reason I am weary is a result of the consistent number of income streams it keeps telling you it can provide.

In addition, I don’t see why Four Corners Alliance should be using a Newsletter as one of their own products to sell to other consumers. This one example therefore tells me that the retail products being offered by Four Corners Alliance may not be all that great.

4 Corners Alliance Group Verdict: Not Recommended.

4 Corners Alliance Group Rank: 57/100

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About Peter G.

Hi I'm Peter. I'm 27 years old and I'm a Uconn graduate who finally found his way through life by becoming a full-time affiliate marketer. I enjoy trying out new things and believe there's no greater satisfaction than being able to make money on your own time!

43 thoughts on “Four Corners Alliance Group Review: Is This a Scam?

  1. Manuels

    Great review. I didn’t just gain from the review but the answers you gave to comments that had been passed here so far.
    My question is, when you said you started earning online after 3 months and better after 5 months, what were your activities online that were earning the income? Was it just about the WA or you had other activities or products online that you worked on? Thank you!

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hey Manuel, great question and appreciate the compliment. Glad the comments alone have given you a better understanding of Four Corners. Mainly my activities consisted of affiliate-sale and leveraging that by getting more traffic on a daily basis.

      From there, I help individuals like you do the same thing with their own website in their own niche. So mainly yes it was just about WA, but I’ve also gotten a bit into revenue sharing, mainly MAPs and Traffic Monsoon. But, to be honest this takes a bit more risk. Anyway, if you want to learn more on my activities and how you can do the same, check out my WA Review!

  2. Toyin

    Hi Peter. A friend introduced me to the four corners MLM. Sincerely speaking I have being a bit sceptical having tried some in the past years without any real success. I really have a passion for MLM as an alternative source of income, please can you inbox me some reliable ones I can sign up with.

  3. Peter G. Post author

    Yes Tunde! You can sign-up and use Wealthy Affiliate from anywhere in the world. You may not have access to the Starter Membership offer however. If that’s the case, feel free to get started as a premium member. Hope to see you inside Tunde!

  4. Corrisa

    Nice article on 4 Corners.

    The quality of the products is what is questionable. I’m not a fan of matrix comp plans either. Nevertheless, I looked this over and was considering writing an article about since this program is gaining great popularity.

    MLM is NOT for everybody – and it’s not meant to be just like Wealthy Affiliate is not a right fit for everybody.

    Before joining any type of biz opp or training program, you really got to do a little digging and do some research before jumping in.

    Again, a good article Peter. Keep up the great work.

  5. Khath Ourng

    Sounds great! Please contact me!

    I’d like to get started with Wealthy Affiliate as recommended and would love your help!


    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hello Khath,

      I’m so sorry for your getting to your comment so late.. Somehow it ended up in my spam folder!

      I am glad I found it though! If you haven’t yet started, you can start for free here.

      You will see me inside, and we can message each other back and forth. I help hundreds of individuals daily, and hope I’m not too late to begin assisting you as well :)

      Either way, feel free to message me inside WA.

      Thank you,


  6. Lee

    Great team here, with 24/7 guidance and regular weekly training and advice.
    We will grow you business, your team and your finances

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Thanks for that Lee.. I personally believe that if you need to go around posting comments on other peoples reviews with your affiliate link, to be a near-desperate attempt at making money online. Hence, it is the reason to why I stay miles and miles away from any MLM marketing scheme, no matter how popular, or how great the fuss is. I am perfectly happy with Wealthy Affiliate and make a great income with it! :)

  7. ABdur Rahim

    Hey There !

    I tried to join 4Corners Group but my application was

    rejected. They said to confirm……

    Full Name ,User Name, Last 4 digits of card, My IP

    Address, Billing Address.

    I provided them these info. later on they replied me

    to re-join which i did several time and got the same

    rejection message.

    I dont know what to do at the moment to join this

    outstanding program.
    Is there anything you could help me to get through ?

    In hope for a quick and solution oriented reply.

    Abdur Rahim

  8. Barney

    One of the most helpful and informative reviews on Four Corners Alliance I have yet to read. I’ve been searching and searching for an honest review on this company, but yours was the first one to give an actual honest and trustworthy opinion.

    Thank you for saving me too much wasted time on this over-hyped product. I would like to look into owning my own online business as you have.. I read your #1 Recommendation but have a question.. How long would it take me to begin earning my own income?

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Thanks Barney, I’m quite flattered to see your trust in my review, as I spent days researching this company. It is true, they are growing quickly and are becoming over-hyped, selling products that consist of nothing but newsletters and magazines, as their MLM opportunity!!! It’s not right and shows how irrelevant their company page is with the products and potential opportunity they offer.

      To answer your question, it truly depends.. Some people don’t find themselves making an income until 3-months into the opportunity. It will all depend on you ultimately. Meaning the niche you choose, how many hours you plan on putting in, and how willing you are to learn and integrate the lessons into your own business. Nevertheless, it took me two-months for me to start earning an income, and wasn’t until my fifth month I began seeing an incredible amount of income start to come in from my own online business.

      However, I have worked SO hard to get my website & business up and focused a lot of my time and energy into consistently writing more valuable and helpful content to my audience. Moreover, I’m not sure where I would be if I had never joined Wealthy Affiliate, it’s why I continually recommend it as my biggest earning opportunity to my audience, who all happen to fall in love with it. It is one I happen to know won’t just work for one or two people, but EVERYONE :) Sign-up here for your free account!

      Wish you the best of luck in your online marketing opportunity, and thanks again!

  9. peter

    Hi your article was an eye opener. Very professional and to the point. Its hard to tell especially nowadays what os a scam or not with scams mushrooming every second .
    What are some of the group that to your opinion are legit when it comes to making any money online . You can add my email to hit data base.

  10. Robert Natiuk

    I was intrigued with the presentation–low-key and little hype. So I joined. And I quickly got my first report. Costs $10 — for about 8 pages of material you can get easily on the internet or for free or 99 cents as an ebook. And then I checked the higher offers for $150 and $300. Simply 3 or4 of the same kind of reports. This company offers these “products” in order to satisfy legal requirements. But it is still a money-game that offers very little in value for the products it markets.

    It’s a disappointment and a shame. Why couldn’t they sell products worth what they charge for? It’s like the MLM schemes (pyramids) that might offer you a mailing list or some minor report in order to try to legitimize their big payout schemes.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Thank you greatly for your input Robert! Your experience will prove helpful to the many viewers of this site. Honestly, I don’t know why.. Online companies today live and feed off pure hype. If they can get themself to be as popular as ever, they think they’ll get rich off innocent consumers such as ourselves. The only reason this company is offering such b.s. reports, is in order to create an opportunity the owners know they will simply try and get rich off, without it being any sort of elaborate or illegal pyramid scheme..

      However, I will tell you this Robert, Four Corners Alliance group will not sustain, not for long. Any product or service who is not able to produce some kind of unique value doesn’t have a chance in living through the many consumer complaints that are bound to be reported. Wealthy Affiliate on the other hand has been sustaining for TEN YEARS now, and is something that is continually proving to provide endless amount of value in terms of its own legitimate online opportunity!

      Thanks again Robert, and please, if you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to contact me! My mission is to be of help to as many online earners as I can possibly handle.

  11. Juan

    Excellent review on four corners alliance group.

    I did not realize it was more MLM than affiliate marketing, my true passion!

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Yep, you got it Juan.. Make sure to take a look at my W.A. Review if you get a chance :)

      I’m sure you will love it. Thanks for leaving your input. You have a lot to achieve!

  12. James

    I really like how you follow specific outlines when writing your reviews. Their very helpful to me when determining a good online marketing program to join. I haven’t joined Wealthy Affiliate yet because I’m not sure if I’m ready to create a website.. Is it really as good as you say..? Four Corners Alliance is not working out and already regret joining in this company. Four Corner company support seems to not even exist.. ughh.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      I’m sorry to hear things aren’t working out with four corners James. The best I can do is to tell you that Wealthy Affiliate is better than I can even go on to claim. There’s no other opportunity I can truly recommend.. In my 2-years of full-time marketing online, Wealthy Affiliate is proving more and more as my #1 reliable income opportunity. Everything necessary to succeed is not only taught to the fullest extent but also highly complimented with every necessary tool. I might also go on to say that given the first month $19 cost to become premium is simply an astoundingly low price. My biggest regret James, is having ignored the opportunity during my first-year and then coming back only to find out, all of my present online success could have been made if I had just stuck to that one opportunity. Instead I foolishly went off searching for “fastest ways to make money online” with Google.. (shaking head!). So James, YES W.A. is by far the best bet, as it is proven, tried, and tested, year after year. I’m already planning on my next new niche website, yet find myself in no hurry, as all the work put in yesterday pays ten fold with each brand new day to come.

      Lastly, a quick comment on Four Corners Alliance Group, I believe the reason for so many struggling in this opportunity versus the minority of those who are constantly succeeding is all due to the fact that they KNOW everything about creating websites. Yes, writing will not come easy at first, but when you see the rewarding opportunity at hand, I believe you won’t find yourself having any problem writing out content.

      Hope that helps!

    2. Karen

      Sorry to interrupt, and sorry your up line obviously is no help. I joined 4 corners Nov.14 paid my $18.00 and am on my 4th level purchases made from my commissions from 4 corners I brought one person in and she brought 2, one of which spun us 41 members from his friends who told a friend ect. we are not moving fast just taking our time and to date I have brought in 3 and total commissions earned are 120.00 so without trying I’ve made my money back, and progressing. I think for $18 it’s worth trying, Frank Calabra Jr. has alot of YouTube videos he’s not my sponsor but he’s very helpful. Good luck

      1. Peter G. Post author

        Thank you very much Karen for your honest input!!

        Really appreciate you could leave your affiliate link outside of this conversation as well. Anyway, I want to agree with you. In my position, it’s very tough to have an unbiased view of MLM products.. Without the product, the company would be seen as not only illegitimate, but completely illegal! It would be a ponzi-scheme.

        Given the potential value of the product/services being rendered is always considered into how I base my overall conclusion. Nevertheless, I think its VERY important for people to know that MLM is a very tough business, and unfortunately, not a long-lasting one. In-fact time after time has shown that no matter how hard you try, it will take you 1,000’s upon 1,000’s of referrals to really make a full-time, residual income. One thing you must consider also, is what occurs then when the company gets out of business, loses business, loses traffic, and overall attraction.

        This happens time after time, and I can’t digress the amount of sorry stories I hear on a daily basis. This is why I recommend affiliate marketing with all my heart! With it, YOU are in charge. You can do, and create, and earn, for years and years to come. As long as the internet & Google has opened doors, you can make an unimaginable income, at a much faster pace.

        I hope people will realize that MLM is nothing but an overhyped tactic of gaining and exploiting masses of people. MLM has become a monopilized “entity” within the online marketing world! This is the greatest purpose of this website, to get that word out, and lead people the right way, whether it be through W.A. (Wealthy Affiliate) or Chris Farrell’s $3,000 course!

        Just do me the favor, and get to really grasp an understanding of the difference, between MLM and affiliate marketing :)

        Thanks, happy new year!!!

  13. Casey

    Hi I’m Casey, and I attempted to earn with 4 corners and while it seems to be a great opportunity, I must side with Peter. I’ve found WA to be quite unquestionable when it comes to making an online earning. I still am affiliate with 4 corners alliance group, but now see how your comparison with Wealthy Affiliate is second to none!

    With Wealthy Affiliate I’ve find myself an opportunity to allow me to own my own business that will easily make me more than money, but a full-time income… unlike four corners, with such less effort and very low entry cost. I recommending Joining W.A. Let’s make simple, easy proven money together. Thank you Peter for showing me the way! I’m forever indebted to you.


    1. James

      i think from my experience is that this 4 corner allience is not real due to the fact that i have to purchase a dn give personal information before i really see what the company is all about

      many of these offers cdome with contact avaliability and if they do the phone lines are always busy

      i saw a true company once, where they gave me a free full membership for a limited time, enough to make my money, then i signed and i have been progressing
      this webssite included alot of contact information; you look at some of these websites like ebay of google ,it is packed with contact information, but when it comes to websites like these its almost impossible to contact anyone
      i need feedback in support as to why

      1. Peter G. Post author

        Hi James,

        Thank you for sharing your experience with Four Corners Alliance. I see why you might come to believe the company as not being “real,” and is greatly apart of why I decided to review this company. I understand what you’re saying about having to purchase something while giving away all your personal information and not even knowing what you’re getting into.. The fact you are unable to get in contact with the Four Corners Alliance company is very beneficial to this review and I am grateful for your input.

        I wish James I could help you understand why Four Corners is so hard to get into contact with. However, I am not affiliate with Four Corners Alliance Group.. I simply write my take and personal opinion on the company, thus has become one that I do not endorse nor advocate in anyway.

        My advice to you James is to stay away from companies whose sole purpose is to profit off of MLM pyramid type schemes, something Four Corners is exactly doing. They do not truly care for their members and are simply having you pay for an opportunity they’d rather have you figure out on your own. Nonetheless, if you care for a company whose true care relies upon your online success, I highly suggest reading over my #1 recommendation. I believe you’ll be better pleased with your results as an online entrepreneur.

        Thank You,

  14. Jennifer

    Hey Peter, I am very thankful for all that you do, this is yet another I have not heard of. Thanks for keeping us up to speed on MLM . Yet again job well done. :)

    1. Pete

      Thank you Jennifer! Glad you enjoyed my review on the Four Corners Alliance Group. Though they tend to be fairly new in the MLM industry, they seem to have gained quite the necessary leverage as of lately.

  15. Neil

    Hello, Peter

    The four corners alliance group sounded awesome at first, but after reading further into the program, it sounds “OK” ish, lol.

    However, after seeing the comparison between four corner alliance and Wealthy Affiliate, I will certainly be looking into Wealthy Affiliate as it sounds really awesome.

    Neil :)

  16. Stanley

    Hi Peter, Your review is very balanced, fair and honest thank you.
    It is a wonder why scams continue to go viral without abatement resulting inpeople losing their hard earned cash and dignity!
    From this revew I have emerged wiser going forward as I have previously been scammed by a pyramid

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Appreciate it Stanley. Sorry to hear about your previous scam. While four corners alliance may provide some worth, I believe it’s still not an opportunity any new online marketer should simply try and go ahead to succeed with. These types of opportunities can be very difficult as they boldly rely on the sole recruitment of others!


  17. karthi

    Can you tell me how many people you need in your downline to complete your 6th level ?
    I assume that you will receive commissions from your 6th level when they complete their 5th level, is it correct ?

  18. Jason

    Great pos, very well described. I personally would not be into the whole MLM thing but I am a WA member and feel it is way better than getting involved in any of these other things. In my mind they are way too gimicky whereas with WA if you put in honest hard work you get good results

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Good point Jason, and good for you for being a W.A. member.

      Probably the best decision in the world for any starting online marketer. I agree as well, there are no gimmicks, no tricks, no upsells, and so forth, as there are in MLM companies. What you reap, is all from what you sew. Simply said and done! :)

      If you have any spare time by the way, I hope you can check out my latest W.A. review.

      I know you’ve chosen a completely different niche, and hence are using your efforts in spreading your knowledge of smartphones, but never hurts to get a bit of feedback! You’ve done a great job by the way.


  19. Craig

    Hey Peter very honest and detailed review..well done. I glad you mentioned the empower network and ipas2 in your review, so people are aware of them also. I almost fell for that ipas2, but these days I do a little more digging than I used to. As soon as I seen it was affiliated with the empower network, I quickly shut it down. The fact that they don’t tell you how the system works upfront, puts up a big red flag for me.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hahah hey there Craig, I’m going to be totally honest with you, before Wealthy Affiliate ever so luckily found its way into my life, I had excitingly entered my e-mail into their capture page at one point… Some sort of iPAS pre-launch “reserve your spot now” type of thing. My hope is people get a better understanding of who and what iPAS is, and their true intentions, that remains in providing the most useless value possible. I think I’m still receiving constant iPAS messages in my inbox lol! Going to have to blacklist them or something.


  20. Shawn Moran

    Great write up on 4 Corners Alliance Group. I also like the use of your visuals.
    Very clean and professional theme. Good use of white space.


    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi Shawn, thanks!

      Awesome compliment. I’ll make sure to consider this in my follow-up reviews and posts as well.
      This is wonderful to know. I appreciate you taking the time out your day simply to let me know
      what it is I’m doing right to ensure the best possible experience for my reader!


  21. Angela

    Hi Peter,
    You did a great job on this review. I appreciate the research you did. You really got into detail about what this company is about. I look forward to your next review. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the better way to go!

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Absolutely Angela. I also look forward to “my next review.” Hah, the list seems to grow everyday.. Wealthy Affiliate isn’t the better way to go, but the best way to go ;)

      Thanks for commenting.

      1. Karin

        Hi just read this review. I signed up with 4 corners 2 days ago. I got a free website, and I am in 2 chats with it. They have a pay it forward plan that allows someone to try it for free also, at least in the team I am a part of, and the support is decent. Plus we have people signing up both right and left and people within the group help each one with everything including ads to use. Just thought I would let you know that is all.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Thank you David. Could have been written better, but there’s only so much time in a day to get these reviews up and running. So many new companies coming in and out everyday, its important to make people aware of what they might possibly be getting into!

      Anyway, appreciate your compliment David, and thank you for your approval :)


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