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I would like to introduce one the most powerful keyword tools I’ve come across in a very long while. It’s a tool in which its keyword seo power is so ironically under-ranked among the online marketing community! Its no wonder people have trouble ranking certain long-tailed keywords within their posts and pages. Hence, Jaaxy is probably the one tool I could never have organically ranked both websites, and content without. Using this free keyword ranking tool makes life ten times easier and eliminates the on-going tedious process involved with the keyword ranking search process. I hope this helps!

The best part about this tool is the immense simplicity of its metrics, thats allowed me from the start to know if I’m competing against 5 websites for a specific keyword or 2000. Its metrics have shown me what keywords are a definite go, by literally giving me the GREEN light.

Jaaxy’s green, orange, and red lights are displayed based upon current received traffic, estimated traffic if your post were to rank, power of the keyword, SEO power, immediate exact domain availability, all at no cost.


Thus, my all-time favorited features of this tool are its overall ease in usability. In-fact you can have it with you wherever you are! That’s right, somehow there is a free keyword search tool embedded into my website, thus engaging new user engagements to an all-time high.. Isn’t it wonderful!

I have yet to see a feature such as that alone. Hence, unlike all the many other overly complicated keyword research tools (e.g. market samurai, traffic travis), there’s no necessity of having to download any program. The power lies within the online tool itself.

With warped speed, and highest keyword recommendations of all-time, with metrics such as “SEO Power..” I’d love to know after your experience, if you’ve seen a keyword tool anything like this. Time and time again, Jaaxy’s keyword research tool has turned thoughts of discouragement into immediate encouragement. If you think you’d be reading this website right now as a result of any other keyword tool out there, you’re wrong! I have tried and worked traffic travis to its ends. I’ve worked it so far to show me the top ten sites I’d be competing with. I’m not sure how familiar you may be with it, but after using Jaaxy, you’ll instinctively understand everything that I’ve been saying will prove true to you. 

Simply search for your first term, to get some more keyword ranking tool ideas! You should come up with a list including seven columns.


How to best evaluate the above terms, and which keywords to save, and which to trash?

First ColumnRelevant Keywords to the term you initially searched for. As you can see, you have hundreds and hundreds at your disposal. Jaaxy is thus proving itself to be a truly worthy keyword tool already!

With the amount of keywords Jaaxy is able to pull from one-term, you could spend a lifetime, using whichever keywords, proving most powerful, to rank any website or content at the top of google, with fair ease, I’d say.


Second ColumnMonthly Searches: Precise number of searches using the exact keyword per month, worldwide.


Third ColumnEstimated Traffic: # of clicks your keyword based website, or page, will get after having ranked or your website or page with.

Realize this is only an estimate and nothing else. Hence, don’t rule out keywords showing <10, as this can simply be a result of a lack of reliable data.


Fourth ColumnQSR “Quoted Search Result,” This is the # of EXACT competing websites also utilizing that same keyword to rank their own page or website.

Ideally, any QSR that is below (<400) has an excellent chance of getting ranked.


Fifth ColumnKQI “Keyword Quality Indicator,” Green = Great, Orange = OK, Red = Poor.


Sixth ColumnSEO Power “Get SEO,” for any particular keyword to get a better understanding of the overall use, quality, and results when using that keyword.

Hence, what SEO Power does, is it combines the above five elements into one, which then, outputs an SEO score, between 1 and 100 (1 being the lowest, and 100 the highest).


Jaaxy’s Free Keyword Ranking Tool

Thus, with Jaaxy, all the keyword research is autonomously being done for you.

This is easily one of the most powerful free keyword research tools out on the market today. I wouldn’t replace it for anything else!

Last but not least, there is also a Find Domain option, which I really love.

Hence, if you’re really looking to target a specific keyword, and are interested in attaining an exact keyword domain, Jaaxy greatly eases the whole process for you :)


4 thoughts on “Free Keyword Ranking Tool

  1. Katie

    I think you article is very interesting and easy to follow like the way you have set out the explanations

  2. Charlene @ That Girl Cooks Healthy

    Thanks for presenting me with a great breakdown of jaxxy and its functions. I’m still relying on the free version. Hopefully I will manage a swift upgrade to Jaxxy pro within the next few weeks. It seems to have served its purpose thus far. I tend to gravitate towards the “low hanging fruit” and a few of my posts are <10. I don't underestimate the keywords with low search results, they will be an asset once the website gains traffic.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi Charlene, that’s an awesome point!

      Good thing I made it a point to implement within my Jaaxy review. I couldn’t agree more with you Charlene. It’s very important to not overlook a very targetable keyword for your niche.

      Not to mention, who can go wrong with Jaaxy!! They’ve given me more then I could ever hope for in terms of keyword research. Hence, I thought it best to spread the word. Google, traffic travis, magic samurai, are all well an fine with me, however they don’t offer combined ease of usability and an approximate SEO Power rank (the best btw!), to know where you’ll be standing in just a few weeks time!

      Enjoy the upgrade Charlene, I hope you make the very best out of it, and if you have any questions, just let me know :)


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