Freebie Money Printer Scams – Legit Or Not?

By | January 5, 2015

freebie money printer scam?Product: Freebie Money Printer

Website: Closed

Owner: Scott Agee & Stefan Dessalines

Price: Free To Register;

Rank: Legit – Not Recommended – 63/100

What Is Freebie Money Printer?

Freebie Money Printer is an online income earning opportunity that is similar in nature to other seemingly replicate online jobs/scams such as Zip Nada Zilch and Instant Payday Network, which are in-fact almost not very different, but for a few minor discrepancies..

The system, everything from the moment you enter your e-mail into that capture page, to the extremely simple almost bland and useless looking back-office!

Will you get paid by referring others?

Yes, without question.

Is it a recommended way or method of earning an online income?

Not by any means.

So is Freebie Money Printer Legal and/or Legit?

Yes, but as we will now see, is not a recommended method of earning a consistent online living. Hence, Freebie Money Printer might be good to use as a side/pocket income earning method.

Even so, using the very vague and sort of bland training techniques provided by this opportunity, along with Instant Payday Network, Zip Zada Zilch, and so on, makes this to be one of the most difficult methods of earning online for newbie marketers.

Reason Why Freebie Money Printer Is So Difficult:

– There can be an overwhelming amount of training and learning involved.

– It generally takes more patience and more months of hard-work setting up a system to receive traffic before seeing any income coming your way.

– There is no residual nor passive income.. Meaning unlike affiliate marketing opportunities, even MLM’s, your income only occurs once for every person recruited.

Should You Join Freebie Money Printer?

Do you happen to have a youtube channel with 100,000 to 1,000,000 subscribers, an instagram account with 10,000 followers, a facebook page/group with thousands of users?

Then my answer is simple: absolutely yes, join, no questions asked!

However, without any method or means of traffic, which is the most usual and popular case for many online marketers who are just starting out, the case happens to be that because of this huge absence of traffic, your efforts won’t do you much good, as traffic is the one thing required for you to make you money online!

How To Register With Freebie Money Printer:

Step 1: Become a Free Member.

Step 2: Sign-Up For Free Trials and Offers Until You Have Enough Points/Credits to Redeem.

Step 3: Begin Using Your Own Capture Page To Get Paid By Other Members Who Join You.

And don’t forget, to cancel all trials and offers signed-up using your Credit Card, so that you don’t get charged! It is indeed a silly way of registering but is how the system works, and is approved by these “Fortune 500 Companies.”

In almost 50% of the case, people tend to sign-up for a trial or offer, simply forgetting to cancel when the time comes, allowing the company offering the trial or offer an easy and simple profit.

Hence these companies are willing to pay out $20 for every person referred!

How To Get Paid With Freebie Money Printer?

It’s the result of the so-called “Fortune 500 Companies” who are giving out free offers and trials that allows you to get paid every time you refer somebody to the system, but must also go through the process to receive the same number of credits as you did, in order to get paid.

How To Avoid Losing Money With Freebie Money Printer:

To ensure you at-least don’t lose any money whatsoever, take a pen and paper, write down the exact companies that you registered with.

It can take anywhere from 5 to 10 companies in order for you to be eligible to get your free capture page system and highly basic (un-useful to me) training.

Therefore, because you have now signed up with and for a bunch of free trials and offers, bound to be charging your Credit Card in 7-days remember to make absolute sure, you cancel your registrations with them.

Chance To Work With Fortune 500 Companies?

Is that what they told you, too? It’s more like being used by them, and you doing your best to use them, to convince other potential members to join.

Essentially that is what I was first told before joining Jeff Buchanan’s Instant Payday Network, who by the way in his 30-minute long introductory video goes on and on about how badly he suffered from not making any online income until one day.. “it all changed!”

Let me just put it out there, nothing changes in just one day, nothing!

It takes time to earn money online, at-least it did for me. So understand this, that in order for you to earn money with Freebie Money Printer, you’re going to have to do a few things that are NOT included in their training.

Things that will get you traffic, people, individuals, human beings, readers… you get what I’m saying?! It is all about the traffic.

The 1 Rule Of Online Marketing:

No traffic, no money.

More traffic, more money!

My Experience With Freebie Money Printer?

Just like the majority of initial sign-ups of this company, I too, thought I would make it happen, and beyond!

I said I was going to work my absolute butt off until everything would seemingly come together. I figured why not get paid for people to sign-up for free trial offers, only to have to cancel them later.

It seems as like a simple enough way for me to recruit a bunch of members and get paid for them doing nothing but registering for trials and offers.

That also could in-turn, help them find a potentially solid earning opportunity.

Well, that’ what I thought at the time.

Then again, my thinking just wasn’t on-point. It wasn’t in-line with the REAL online marketing industry. You see the more I trained and the more I found myself just trying to learn the less I found myself doing anything!

I mean these guys had facebook groups with trainings, youtube channels with thousands of subscribers, websites, and all sorts of things.. It was no wonder I started to become weary and even ever more hesitant of what to do next!

I found myself in a position from being so full of hope to the most hopeless state I may have ever been in… ever.

Eventually I went out on a search. I knew I could find a love for internet marketing and making money, but I also knew I needed a LEGITIMATE online earning platform:

One with a solid reputation, one that was standing strong, with legitimate mentors, training, and coaching, and one that would provide me with an income for the rest of my entire life! See Below..

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