Freedom Home Team By Ameriplan.. Another MLM Scam, Or Legit?

By | December 9, 2014
Product: Freedom At Home Team by Ameriplan
Owner: Parent Company Ameriplan
Website: freedomathometeam com
Opportunity Type: MLM
Price: $100
Overall Rank: Scam!

Every now and then I believe we’re always looking for a simpler way to earn a substantial living online. Hence, so many products and services are constantly in the making day after day. The result being, with the demand of earning an online income being so very high these days, the supply is nearly endless.

However, there are only very few that live up to our everyday standards.

While some products consistently advertise themselves foolishly with big mansions, fancy cars, and the like, other seemingly attempt to take the “soft sell” route, only to bombard you in the end with an endless number of upsells.

Eventually you find yourself and your brain circling around itself not knowing what to truly do! The answer? Finding a product or service you can forever TRUST!


Freedom Home Team By Ameriplan Review:

Without the proper level of trust, it will be immensely hard for you to commit both you and your time. Even harder, will be finding yourself taking consistent action hence, plummeting your all-time productivity to an all-time low.

Ameriplan Freedom At Home Review Or Scam?In this review we will be taking an in-depth honest and unbiased look into Freedom At Home Teams..
Online Training

– Consumer Complaints


– Legitimacy

– Experience


What’s Freedom At Home Team by Ameriplan Really Up To?

“FreedomAtHomeTeam” is simply stated an MLM scam that provides its members the ability to sell uninsured healthcare, claiming its representatives to be able to help others save money by doing so.

In order to get started with Ameriplans Freedom At Home Team, you will need approximately $100 in start up costs alone!

What freedom at home ameriplan scamFreedom At Home Team and Ameriplan does is selling discounts on basically any pharmaceutical or medical health costs.

In order for any average human being become accepted by Ameriplans, any individual would have to switch over to an accepted provider, as the great majority of insurance plans will not accept anything offered by Ameriplan.

The result: Ameriplans fall off the wagon since its 1992 inception has shifted the company into a complete scheme. Rather than making attempts by earning off of these provided health discounts, they have instead created its own Pyramid Scheme.

This Ameriplan scam, is also better known as….

The Freedom At Home Team by Ameriplan a Scam or Legit?

During my review I have found this company to become nothing but a simply devised scam advertising itself as a company giving you “Free Instant Access” to an online career you have basically NO idea of what you’re getting yourself into.

freedom at home scam reviewEssentially what FreedomAtHome does Offer is all stated on the websites front page:

  • Weekly Pay
  • UnInsured” Medical and Dental Plans For Entire Household.
  • Earn $500 monthly part time, or simply choose, $50,000 a year full time! (really?)
  • Full Training Provided.. On What? I can Tell You.. The recruitment of your dear colleagues and friends into Ameriplans Freedom At Home Teams Scam!

Not cool? Not ethical? Not moral?


Nonetheless, I cannot blame you nor anyone for that matter for simply looking into a product or service that you can potentially earn from. Question is, why pay $100 to earn a $50,000 full time income?!

Is that guaranteed.. Nope!

However, is Freedom At Home Team Ameriplan allowed to mention such rediculous offers?

Well I believe so! Given the American Constitution and Amendments of Free Speech, they could tell you you will earn $500,000 per day for that matter.

The whole point of the website: is there to simply get you to give in by entering your personal contact information.

Their utilized techniques of bringing out the most arousing curiosity within you from the compensation plans, to the professional look of the page, and most especially, the falsely intended video at the bottom is to all get you into their MLM opportunity, and not for free!

It’s surprising how many people find themselves going right ahead with the opportunity only to complain about it later.

Ameriplans Freedom At Home Complaints:

Freedom At Home Consumer Complaint #1:

Ameriplan Freedom At Home Consumer Complaint #1

Freedom At Home Consumer Complaint #1:

Ameriplan Freedom At Home Consumer Complaint #2

Unfortunately, this is one of my shortest reviews on any product and for good reason. Freedom At Home and Ameriplan essentially have nothing to offer but a great deal of lost time, effort, and money!


My Verdict: SCAM!
Rank: 0/100

So What Now?

Going back to what we were saying earlier about legitimate online products versus the endless number of scams in the making, I have found ONE and just one product that has been highly suitable not just for every person, working or not working, but for every age, race, gender, etc.. No matter who you are, how much money you’re looking to make, or even if you don’t have a clue as to how to use your own computer mouse, this is what I believe should be the #1 recommended world product for online earners! This has been my most highly-favorited online opportunity after having a taken a go at this for some odd years now. It wasn’t until my accidental stumble I found myself deeply regretting the fact I hadn’t joined Wealthy Affiliate sooner.

At the same time there are just TOO many online products out there.

Attempting to distinguish the legitimacy of one from the next can be nearly impossible. Especially with todays crazily used sales copywriting tactics literally costing company’s an upwards of $10,000+ for ONE page of persuasion and the attraction of endless consumers to their opportunity.

Thus, when looking for an opportunity in our present time, we must be looking with a very keen eye, and be as speculative as we can. We must know what we want in our opportunity. Essentially with that becoming one of the toughest parts of this entire online earning process, is precisely why I continually recommend Wealthy Affiliate without the slightest reservation.

Feel free to check out my customized comparison chart below.

Signing-up is initially Free, but for more serious members, first month will cost $19. Anyway, I’d rather not bore you any longer.. Check out the review, and if you like it, I’m glad to see you’ve made the wisest online decision one can ever make :)

2 thoughts on “Freedom Home Team By Ameriplan.. Another MLM Scam, Or Legit?

  1. Peggy Menke

    Hello, Peter. I really enjoyed looking around your site. I did read in detail about the Ameriplan. This was one of the many at home businesses that I looked into joining. I’m not sure why I didn’t at the time, it was a long time ago. But, now I know that I’m glad I didn’t fall for it. Thank you so much for sharing this valuable information. I’m so glad I joined Wealthy Affiliate instead of some other program out there that would have ripped me off. Thanks again! Cheere! Peggy

    1. Peter G.

      Thank you Peggy! Happy to know I’ve been providing as much useful information as I can. Ameriplan is just another home business scam I recommend staying away from. I’m very happy as well you were able to find something much more legitimate such as Wealthy Affiliate, something that can really provide you a full-time income from and online, for many years to come. Thanks again, and I wish you the very best in your success :)



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