Fusion Cash Review: Legit Way Of Making Money?

By | May 15, 2015

Name: Fusion CashFusionCash Review: Scam Or Legit?

Website: www.fusioncash.com

Price: Free

Rank: 5/100 РScam!

What Is It?

Fusion Cash is a long-standing rewards program that pays you to complete various tasks and offers. It is very similar to many of todays PTC (or Paid To Click) websites, which pay you in-turn for clicking on advertisements and doing various tasks.

There have been some issues when using Fusion Cash however, which has lowered its desirability as a method to making money online. But has nevertheless, become increasingly popular to many of those getting started online.

How Much Is It?

One of its most attractive features deals with the fact anyone can sign-up at practically no cost. Despite this benefit, majority of individuals find themselves at a standstill when attempting to complete more offers. As with everything in life, any good thing must come to an end. (In this case, I’m not even sure if there is anything¬†good that can be mentioned to begin with)

How It Works?

In the case of Fusion Cash, one of the biggest issues is running out of offers to complete. Despite the highly attractive $5 sign-up offer bonus, most other offers both require a credit card, and cancellation of the offer within the following week in order to avoid being charged.

FusionCash Review: Scam Or Legit?


If for whatever reason you do end up getting charged, you’ll face one of the dilemmas I had to face when getting started of being charged more money than you will ultimately make.

In addition, you can’t sign up for an offer and cancel immediately after. Instead each advertised offer will require you to remain subscribed up until a certain date, in which case you must then cancel to not get charged.

However, this is not the only catch. There are a few other disadvantages worth mentioning.

One of them being that the majority of advertisers on Fusion Cash are U.S. based, meaning if you reside outside the country, you will not be able to fill out the offer.

The last biggest disadvantage involved with using Fusion Cash is its minimum payment threshold of $25. But it is more of the timing policy which causes the biggest disconcerment among its members.

If not cashed out within 30 to 90 days, you will lose your earnings, making it all the more necessary for you to login daily and catch available offers.

This can be tough, even if it may not seem so initially. Reason being most offers won’t pay out more than a dollar, and the other being the limited offers available that you are able to complete.

Fusion Cash Surveys

One of the websites most prominent features in attempting to help people make cash online, are its surveys.

However, problems have arisen in individuals failing to either continue the survey, and/or even obtaining payment. Despite the majority of individuals claiming to fail to receive their check, even the surveys have been known to suddenly become unavailable when filling them out.

FusionCash Review: Scam Or Legit?

Possibly the worst aspect of this website of all is the companys failure in offering any customer service or support.

Fusion Cash Overview

Even if the company is willing to pay you, an important aspect you’ll find is how long it takes just to complete a survey, and how low the payouts are. Thus, it can take you hours on end just to make a dollar or two. Even then, there is no guarantee you’ll get paid or not.

It seems like the company used to be legitimate years ago. But since then, either greed has overtaken them, or they simply are trying to stay in business. Either way I do not recommend joining Fusion Cash to anyone. You can’t even browse the website initially unless you join, which is pretty sad.

Fusion Cash is nothing more than your average survey type website, that not only fails to make its payouts, but wastes both your time and effort. Don’t be fooled by them, and don’t let them dampen your day. There are way better methods of making not just money online, but an actual income. One of the best ways I recommend, is getting started with Wealthy Affiliate.

Caution: This may involve some actual work!

Thanks for reading this review on Fusion Cash. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please leave them below.

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  1. M. Aamir ahmad

    Dear Peter,

    I am also using cashnhits since 4 years and this site was paying and legit. But today this site has been suspended and can’t see the login page. Please if you have any news/update about cashnhits then please share. You can email me directly at hamdeena@gmail.com

    Thanks and best regards


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