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get the latest scoop…Get Cash For Surveys Scam Or Legit?

Product Name: GetCashForSurveys
Price: $34.95 (including many upsells & promotions)
Owners: Not Named (unknown)
Overall Rank: 15/100

Get Cash for surveys Product Overview:icon-warning

After reading through my research of this particular product, all I hope is I help you in properly making the right decision.

First of all, it made no sense to me, after further intensive research, that a person would have to pay the minimum price of $34.95, in order to receive cash in return for your efforts. It doesn’t make much sense whatsoever, particularily in the case of filling out surveys, to have to pay this “so-called company,” a fee before even finding surveys in order to help you make money. After finding this out, I dug in a bit deeper, and here is what I found, besides being one of the top worst scams I have yet to see…

Pro’s & Con’s:

  • Con #1: GetCashForSurvey’s main mission is to get as many online individuals as possible to pay this $34.95 price, merely to get a load of information, and nothing more, but a few potential cents “if you’re even qualified, for that particular survey.”
  • Con #2: GetCashForSurvey’s nonetheless, has no surveys of their own, no work of their own, for the online employee, to make money from. Instead, this company has ultimately made a very poor, and greedy decision, to “help” others by merely giving the person some very low-level information on how to go about finding surveys, through other actual, legitimate companies (eg. Vindale, Opinions), to make money through them. In essence, all the person is paying for, is research that could have ultimately been achieved by anyone willing to put some effort into searching into google.
  • Con #3: For any regular individual, the pricing for this mere information is pretty hefty, as it could all essentially be found by merely researching on one’s own.
  • Pro #1: Let you know when I find one.

Who It Is For:

GetCashForSurveys is nothing but a “middleman” type company between real potential survey opportunities and the user. Regardless, I can’t recommend this to a single person at all, as there are many greater, more lucrative, less time-wasting opportunities. It could literally take any person between 1-2 hours to make a measly quarter! (not kidding..)

Despite the fact, they do offer a fairly lucrative earning opportunity, in terms of an affiliate program/opportunity with all the essential tools to promote, how could I ever find that to be a justification in itself, by attempting to sell a highly misleading product full of false opportunities, and consumer information; rather than actual money-earning opportunities that pay out, without even having to pay a dime up-front!

For those who are willing to pay the minimum $34.95 price for nothing but a whole bunch of nonsensible, and useless information, there’s not much more I can tell you than to stay away! I will personally never find it in myself to promote this kind of opportunity as an honest, legitimate affiliate.


OWNERS: True Scammers?

PRICE: $34.95 + $ Who knows how much more overtime.


GetCashForSurveys Scam


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Thanks for reading, and I hope you found this information useful. Please leave your comments down below!


Peter G.

Founder of

2 thoughts on “GetCashForSurveys – Rating 15/100

  1. Evelyn

    Hey Peter,

    Great review. I saw Get Cash For Surveys ads and was surprise to see them charging people to do surveys. I do a few surveys here and there and they never charged me a dime. It would be a waste of time and money to sign up with this company. Thanks for putting this out there.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi! I know same here. Thus, I was impelled to make this one of my first reviews because I see it as being one of the most-widely bought into scams around the world.

      Thanks a ton for your input Evelyn. Let’s just hope that people come across this review more often to get a better sense of how to differentiate valuable, recommended products, versus total scams such as this.


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