Get Paid Taking Pictures Review: Is It Possible Or Scam?

By | March 21, 2015

Name: Get Paid Taking Pictures

Website: www.getpaidtakingpGet Paid Taking Pictures Scam Review

Owner: Michael Davis

Price: $69 One-Time Payment Including

Additional Up-sells

Rank: 42/100

What Is Get Paid Taking Pictures?

Get Paid Taking Pictures is a Clickbank product created by Michael Davis in the beginning of 2014. This product apparently is supposed to let you earn money by the simple act of uploading your own pictures on to the internet. However, this is nothing but a claim that has yet to be proven true.

Whether you can make a full-time income from doing this or not is the whole objective and purpose of this written review. Moreover, the company makes another claim saying you don’t need any particular expertise to start making money taking pictures.

How Much Is Get Paid Taking Pictures?

To be apart of this company, you’ll need to pay an upfront one-time membership fee of $69. Although, that does not include all the additional upsells you will need to expect as well.

Can You Really Make Money Taking Pictures..?

Yes, and no.

Nevertheless, Get Paid Taking Pictures does give you the proper resources and tools necessary to get started in this venture. Essentially, by connecting with the proper stock photo websites, you can begin making some money or income with your offered photographs, but nothing is guaranteed.

Whether or not you would need this product, Get Paid Taking Pictures is highly debatable.

What To Expect?

After having purchased the Get Paid Taking Pictures product you will learn how to properly upload your pictures to large online stock photo databases, which in-turn will sell them to other online consumers for a profit. This then gives them a license to that picture to be used anytime they’d deem necessary.

The biggest downside to Get Paid Taking Pictures is its lack in offering anything essential or unique to this online method of making money. In other words, anyone could go about doing this themselves, and do not require Get Paid Taking Pictures to make them any money.

In order to do so, you’d be instructed to visit certain stock photography websites and simply sign up absolutely free. You can then, offer up your own photo’s, and if the company is interested, will make a decision on how much to buy it from you.

Get Paid Taking Pictures Websites & Sources

Here are just a few of the many websites out there that may ultimately offer you some monetary in exchange for your offered photo’s:

#1. Dreamstime

#2. Shutterstock

#3. Fotolia


Getting paid to take pictures sounds easy enough, doesn’t it?

Hence, if it were so easy, we could assume everybody would be doing this by now. However, even I have looked into this as a potential source of revenue in the past, but as a result, of all the online competition, you’ll require a lot of patience, and dedication to doing this.

In order to make any money selling your photo’s you will assuredly need to make sure, your pictures are of the utmost quality, and uses some relevant type of content, or fits in a category.

Most websites that offer this will require your pictures to contain a minimum of 3 Mega Pixels in regards to size and images that well define various commercial concepts, good marketable compositions with creative insight, high technical level in terms of color, definition and proper lighting. They should highlight the generic essence of the image.

In other words, some pictures rejected might be accepted by other and become saleable to other stock photo agency.

One other disadvantage is that a lot of the times, these websites will only give you say a percentage in commissions from each sale. Therefore, if your photographs are not making many sales or any at all, you may find it very difficult to be making an income doing this, but nonetheless, isn’t a bad method of generating income.

The reason I said you would need some patience and dedication is because most of the top professional stock photographers usually have built some type of reputation and/or credibility, which allows them to be easily found within this huge database of stock images.

They also tend to upload hundreds or even thousands of various categorical pictures. The more popular they become the easier they tend to be found, which in-turn usually generates them more money.

Get Paid To Take Pictures Overview

Back to Get Paid To Taking Pictures – I find this to be an unreasonably kind of resource that you would need to begin on this venture for a few reasons:

#1 – Lack of any photography training.

#2 – Doesn’t really teach you the necessary skills to really add that boost you would need to get your photograph’s accepted and found by consumers.

#3 – Too many upsells, not to mention the price alone, is a tad bit pricey.

Furthermore, while taking pictures for any professional photographers out there can be a great way of supplementing your online income and revenue, I have also found some other amazing methods of building a full-time online income, which could even go a long way to allowing you to open up your own stock image website or resource.

I know that sounds like a very complex venture, but if you were truly willing, you could definitely do it, or atleast something alone those lines.

Nevertheless, this is an income-producing opportunity that I believe anybody and everybody should be taking advantage of, because anyone can be making money with it. Especially if you are commited to generating some kind of long-term online income revenue, than this would surely become the best opportunity for you!

For more information, please see My #1 Recommendation! I think you’ll agree with why it is my number one, after having gone through this review.

Thank you for reading. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns relating this Get Paid To Take Pictures Review, please leave them below!

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