GetPaid.Social Review: Is It The Next Big Thing?

By | December 16, 2015

Name: Review: Is It The Next Big Thing?

Website: GetPaid.Social

Price: Varies

Type: “Get Paid To”

Rank: 70/100 – Legit!

What Is GetPaid.Social?

As the name implies, Get Paid Social pays you for completing simple tasks online. It’s basically a middleman between those looking to post online advertising services and those willing to complete those tasks to get paid. While is a legitimate online marketing service, some of you might not be so happy with the amount of payouts.

On the upside, Get Paid Social also allows you to advertise in a wide variety of ways. From sharing a simple Facebook post to waking up and filling out a survey, this may be a decent way to earn a few extra bucks here and there. Simply stated Get Paid Social is otherwise known as a GPT or get paid to service.

This is also similar to the more popular way of earning called PTC or Paid To Click. This involves advertisers paying for an advertising space with members who get paid in return for viewing these ads. They are notorious for the consistent low payouts. Despite all this, people enjoy using these services for the low advertising costs. However, I tend to find them a bit ineffective and not a great way for getting proper leads as an online marketer.

How Much Are GetPaid.Social Advertising Services?

The nice thing about GetPaid.Social is that anybody can get started for free. If you want to become a premium member however, there is the option to choose a monthly, annual, or even lifetime Review: Is It The Next Big Thing?

Monthly Membership Cost: $27 per month

Annual Membership Cost: $97 per year

Lifetime Membership Cost: One-time $197 fee

Now the most amazing part about using GetPaid.Social is the fact that these tasks you choose to make are so customizable. There is really no set budget and you are actually the one who sets the minimum reward amount for people who accept choosing your task.

Therefore, the higher you set the reward, the more people are likely to accomplish your task. This is probably one of the most unique features with GetPaid.Social. There are really no set requirements to begin using the system. It kind of just works on its own.

Premium Membership Advantages

Another feature I think you’ll find stands out in using GetPaid.Social are the numerous advantages of becoming a premium member. It actually seems to be a lot more valuable then simply being a free member. As a premium member there are so many more ways you can earn and more services you can utilize versus becoming a free member.

For Example:

  • Priority access to every new task listing.
  • Ability to complete & earn an unlimited number of tasks per day.
  • Ability to build your downline and earn 10% referral commissions on your first and second level.
  • 40% commissions every time a direct referral upgrades to premium.
  • Access to gold tasks with rewards of $1 and higher.
  • No listing fees when creating a task listing (still have to purchase reward credits)

As you can see there are a lot of advantages of becoming a premium member. I think one of the biggest attractions here would be the ability to begin building your downline if you plan on using GetPaid.Social as a serious marketing opportunity. In addition, I think it’s nice they have the premium member option as this can really allow you to build a fairly decent income with its implemented downline referral commissions.

Disadvantages Of Using GetPaid.Social

Now let me go over what I dislike about GetPaid.Social and the individuals likely to benefit from using this service the most. I’m really not a fan of getting paid for simple or small tasks. These payouts are always too small for my liking and take a lot of work. That’s not to say this can’t be good for the advertiser however.GetPaid.Social Review: Is It The Next Big Thing?

If you’re really looking to promote an offer you have in mind, GetPaid.Social can offer an affordable way for you to advertise your services.

Not to mention that you get to choose your budget. It’s a bit like PPC in a way. You’re basically setting up a bid for minimum reward amount for people to complete your task.

To begin saying however, that you could begin earning a full-time income for GetPaid.Social would be a bit of an overstatement for most. While I believe a lot of individuals will be able to recruit individuals to the site and get people to view their offers on a daily basis, a lot of individuals might have trouble with this aspect. Nevertheless, GetPaid.Social is not the kind of service I would use as a way to earn extra income by merely clicking on ads and doing these simple tasks that only pay out pennies!

GetPaid.Social Overview: Is It The Next Big Thing?

I wouldn’t go that far, but I would like to say that with a solid plan in mind, becoming a premium member might not be a bad idea. But, the big question here is, how do you go about getting more referrals? Would you rather earn pennies on the dollar for every small task or would you rather take advantage of the residual and passive income opportunities at play here?

GetPaid.Social is a new service that is built on getting lots of repeat traffic for people interested in looking at other peoples offers. They keyword here, is traffic. Imagine if you got all that traffic for yourself, without even having to pay this and that amount. That is the true beauty of affiliate marketing and is how I learned the art of getting referrals to my offers on a very daily basis. If you think about it, that’s all you really in the need to make as much passive income as you could ever desire!

Thanks for checking out my GetPaid.Social Scam Review. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them below!


8 thoughts on “GetPaid.Social Review: Is It The Next Big Thing?

  1. Tamil Arasan

    I’ve read a few reviews on GetPaid.Social so far, but this one seems to be the most accurate. Great job pointing out the different pros and cons of the site. Well done!

  2. Andre Kish

    Hello – great and helpful info here, so many thanks.

    May I ask if you think that this is actually good value for money for those who do not wish to advertise their own sites as it seems that premium membership is required in order to generate any real value and even then it will take lots of work to recoup the premium costs?

    Once again – very many thanks for this genuinely useful info. – Andre

    1. Peter G. Post author

      No problem Andre. Personally, I’m not sure how often I would actually use GetPaid Social strictly to try and earn some money by completing tasks. I believe the biggest benefit of this service is being able to advertise your sites and promotions to others within the network. So I don’t believe it’s worth the premium membership if you were to only use it to view other ads. Hope that answers your question.

      1. Andre Kish

        Hello, Peter. thanks for your answer.

        I did some extra checking and it seems Facebook are trying to block those who use their Facebook accounts for Get Paid Social advertiser liking, etc. Facebook call it click farming and say it violates their terms and conditions. They also say this system will bring their company into disrepute so it’s probably a wise idea not to do any of the Facebook tasks.

        I had a couple of strange emails from Get Paid Social which left me thinking they don’t know what they are doing. Both grammatically incorrect which should not be the case for any professional documents, especially those sent to their more than 100,000 members.

        An online company thrives on it’s professionalism and emails shouldn’t attempt to make any of it’s members seem like idiots – as was clearly and blatantly obvious from the contents. Get Paid Social claims to be a professional team – Hmmm.

        No proof reading and no understanding of members shows they are not competant. Add that to the fact they completely underestimated the market (6,000 to 100,000 members in 1 month) so had completely inappropriate servers kind of shows it is all being made up as they go.

        They have also, this month, changed much of the structure of rewards, tasks, etc, with no prior notice. They may well be ok after a while but they got the planning wrong. So where was their market research carried out, I wonder? From some-one’s laptop whilst they’re tucked up in bed, perhaps. But you couldn’t decently get an entire team in there as well – not without the cleaning staff and security people.

        Maybe they mis-planned how big a bed they’d need as well.

        I simply recommend anyone who wants to earn cash online to checkout your #1 Recommendation – Wealthy Affiliate. For 2 reasons – 1 they are actually excellent and I got to this site here using Google, so it proves the value of their training, 2 I earn cash selling on Facebook which I learned how to do from Wealthy Affiliate. I’m not promoting WA as such just the proof of the quality of their service. It works sp keep passing the message of WA on for all to see.

        So thanks for all the info here and I hope you do really well here.

        1. Peter G. Post author

          Yeah Facebook has definitely cracked down quite a bit on the kinds of products you can promote. I knew Get Paid Social was growing fast, but it’ll be interesting to see its growth over the next few months given how much they rely on social media.

          Wealthy Affiliate has been one amazing experience and way more of a legitimate business in my opinion, whereas Get Paid Social isn’t exactly something you can build a long-term or sustainable business with.

          You touched on a good point stating how you got to this site right from Google. That’s the beauty of being able to build a website that consistently gets ranked for all these different types of keywords. It’s a very powerful thing and I’m glad to see it’s working out for you. Best of luck and I wish you continuing success in your online marketing endeavor Andre!


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