Global Data Entry Review: Scam Or Legit?

By | May 3, 2015

global data entry review - Scam or legit?Name: Global Data Entry
Price: $99.95 With 50% Discount
Rank: 1/100 – Scam!


What Is It?

Global Data Entry tries to presentĀ itself as this legitimate solution to making money online.

It claims that you don’t need to do any investing, recruiting for an MLM opportunity, website creation, or selling of any products. As a result I tend to get very wary of these types of opportunity.

Especially seeing how all you are required to do is to “just post simple data submissions and get paid,” makes it even all the more skeptical. Not to mention the over-exaggerated claims of being able to make $300 with only 60 minutes of your time!

The other way overexaggerated claim is Global Data Entry’s attempt in promising to provide a program that can make it possible to “change your income bracket, overnight.”

The last highly skeptical aspect that is involved with all of this, is requiring an upfront payment before you can even partake in any data entry work. As a result of the poor satisfaction experienced by Global Data Entry’s members, they’ll even now offer a wide variety of bonuses, which may or may not be useful.

The other highly questionable aspect is why they are offering bonuses that are extremely at the other end of the spectrum when it comes to making money online. Even though you are paying them so that they can provide you with an hourly database job, they in return offer bonuses that are really only relevant to online marketing.

Global Data Entry’s List Of Bonuses:

#1. Paid Social Media Jobsglobal data entry review - Scam or legit?

#2. Content Article Writing

#3. Blogging Income

#4. General Transciption Jobs

#5. Virtual Assistants

#6. Online Research Jobs

Altogether, simply does not add up!

But maybe, the most debatable issue, that is consistently seen with these types of online opportunities, is the resulting one-time fee we see time and time again with these types of membership opportunities.

These paid memberships can be witnessed in the many online survey companies that are attempting to teach you how to make money online.

How Much Is Global Data Entry?

To become a member of Global Data Entry, you’ll be required to pay a one-time upfront $49.95 fee. The membership fee is allegedly set at an initial price of $99.95, but comes with a 50% discount rate.

Why Global Data Entry Is a Scam?

In order to conclude why Global Data Entry has been running as a scam since prior to 2013 is not only a result of the many over-exaggerated claims, but more importantly, the fact there really are not any “data entry” jobs out on the internet. Even if there were, they are not going to pay you $300 for every job.

If anything, the pay will be extremely small, with a larger than usual workload. The mere fact they try and convince you of having access to over 40,000 companies is also false, and an outrageous claim.

These so-called companies are in fact nothing more than your typical affiliate program, which pays the Global Data Entry company for each individual who resultantly signs up.

So Now What?

Well, there are so many better ways to making money online then falling for this crap. So many people get fooled into these data entry scams, and I honestly can’t tell you why.

It’s very important to brush up on your knowledge when it comes to making money online, and the legitimate ways of doing so. The best way I have found is by affiliate marketing. This allows you to become the third party for a variety of companies out there, which pay you for each referred sale.

Although there is a lot of learning involved, the earning potential is massive and increase exponentially. Thus, it is important to have not just the right mentors and coaching, but even the right tools and resources when going about this. One of the best products of all-time I have found is Wealthy Affiliate.

Thank you for reading this Global Data Entry Scam Review. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please leave them below!

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