Global Home Business Opportunity: Scam Or Legit?

By | March 5, 2015

Name: Global Home Business Systems


Type: MLM – Herbalife Representative

Rank: 23/100

Have you noticed all the recent classified ads that are based upon the Global Home Business Opportunity?

I have, and is why I’ve decided to take some time today to go in-depth with this review. Soon we shall find out what Global Home Business really is and the overall legitimacy of this program.

What Is Global Home Business Systems?

It is an MLM based system that was created in order to represent a whole other MLM opportunity, called Herbalife.

In case you didn’t know, Herbalife is one of today’s largest pyramid scheme’s on the internet, which makes sales in the vitamin and weight loss niche.

How Does Global Home Business Opportunity Work?

The way it works, is you sign-up with the system, which then immediately places you into Herbalife along within the downline of the sponsor you signed up under.

Moreover, the company’s main website probably makes some of the most over-sensed, non-realistic, exaggerated claims, advertising the false fact they created:

“40 New Millionaires Already Created! And We’re Just Getting Started…”

False Global Home Business Claims:

Reading this immediately gives me a great sense of skepticism along with the knowledge of knowing better to stay far away from this company as I can. In-fact it’s a result of such over-exaggerated claims I made it my biggest priority today to provide you with a review of this falsified system, which by the way, was actually not utilized by just a year ago, but

In addition the company claims:

-> “Over $890 million in sales globally”

-> “Paid out $400 million in commissions”

-> “Helped create more than 40 new millionaires”

While this actually may be true, the mere fact is that 40 of those new millionaires made by representatives of Herbalife make over 90% of those entire sales globally, and make the majority of all commissions.

That essentially is the only beauty of joining Herbalife and other typical MLM schemes. By becoming a top member or leader of the company, you essentially are able to utilize the majority of the resources to your benefit, and over a minimum of 5 years of time, you have the potential ability to earn a full-time income.

Nonetheless, I do not recommend it, for several reasons:

#1- It’s very hard and stressful to promote.

#2 – It’s no different than any other direct selling company.

#3 – You must be willing to go out of your way and work 40 hours minimum per week without earning any compensation for years.

Nevertheless, it is a long-term opportunity as you can see, and nothing is guaranteed with Global Home Business.

In addition, you should also beware that you’ll be paying a hefty fee up-front, along with promoting a pyramid scheme as you start to network with others.

What Do You Get?

Global Home Business Opportunity offers you:

#1 – A useless replicated website to try and operate your personal business with.

#2 – Overpriced monthly Hosting Fee.

The reason you’ll find this website to be 100% useless is a result of duplicated content.

The mere fact this is all your up-front fee is getting you, should make one think twice before joining this so-called business “opportunity!”

As a result you will find a lack of traffic from the search engines, along with paying a lot more fee’s than any profit in return.

The average ROI is therefore, very low, because of too many Herbalife fee’s that will need to be payed upfront including:

#1 – Membership Fee’s.

#2 – Monthly Volume of Retail Products – On Auto-ship.

#3 – Other MLM Fee’s.

To conclude, the Global Home Business opportunity is not in anyway as automated as you may have heard.

The company does not produce millionaires out of thin air and lastly, is a scheming type opportunity that will require more patience and perseverance than you can imagine, to begin “winning” big with such a company.

Global Home Business Overview

Verdict: Scam!
Rank: 23/100

To see more on my #1 recommended alternative, feel free to read my review here!


Thanks for reading!

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One thought on “Global Home Business Opportunity: Scam Or Legit?

  1. Bruno Duarte

    Im not quite sure to call it a scam, that is, if they are representatives of Herbalife. This MLM Company has been on the tops for several years and do keep a lot of ppl employed, unfortunately, not everyone makes well with MLM business, so it makes it easy to call it a scam.

    I have friends that have been successful and still are making a good leaving with mlm and everyone following with the right training can accomplish it as well….but yes, not every mlm company is a good as it appears, so a good background check is always a thumb rule :)


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