Global Online Franchise Review: Scam Or Legit?

By | March 5, 2015

Name: Global Online Franchise


Owners: Alec and Karl Herring

Type: Affiliate Marketing

Rank: 0/100!

Global Online Franchise Review –   What Is It?

Global Online Franchise is a product created by two people known as Alec and Karl Herring.

However, the majority tend to think that these are made up names, and it is really the infamous scheming artist known as Paul Birdsall who is behind this online marketing scam.

Nevertheless, while Global Online Franchise is a website that provides a potential and immediate solution to creating an online income, the operating business is nothing more than a simple one-page method of making money off you.

How It Works?

Global Online Franchise, while you may think it is legitimate upon first sight, utilizes nothing more than today’s average use of a simple Cost Per Action form.

How Much To Join?

In order t o join Global Online Franchise, you are required to pay a hefty starting price of $19.99!

What Is Cost Per Action?

Better known as CPA, Cost Per Actions are a method of making money online and have been used over the past few years in allowing people to earn a substantial sum of income.

The troubling part when using CPA however, has to do with a lack of traffic.

Therefore, in order to make money with a CPA built model, you would need a few things including:

#1- a website

#2- traffic

#3- a converting offer

Therefore, Global Online Franchise acts as a fake kind of online business persuading you into entering your own personal information to join what is really you handing over information to some random advertising company online so that they can begin to send off various types of promotions using your phone number, e-mail, and even your home address.

Fake Consumer Testimonials:

I’m not sure if you have noticed or not, but Global Online Franchise additionally utilizes a number of fake consumer testimonials, which are simply used to lure in your attention.

Other False Claims:

In addition to the above mentioned facts, Global Online Franchise almost makes guarantees you can begin to earn up to $25 to $35 in commissions by joining the opportunity.

In reality however, you’re not really joining any opportunity! What you’re actually doing is simply providing your personal information for the company that is behind this scam to utilize at a later date.

Therefore, there is no opportunity to open an online franchise or business and is all a very schemey tactic in order to obtain your information!

Global Online Franchise Overview

Verdict: Scam!

Rank: 0/100

As you can tell, Global Online Franchise is really not a business or opportunity at all, and has been created solely for the purpose of being a middleman between everyday traffic and the bigger companies to obtain personal information for money.

Thus, I recommend not going anywhere near this company and instead explore some other more viable and legitimate products that can truly help you start your own online business.

To see one of the best options for doing so, click here for my #1 Recommendation!

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