GlobalAdShare Review: Legit or Scam?

GlobalAdShare Review: 

Here is a quick overview of Globaladshare. I’d like to simply show you some earnings along with how it works and what you can gain from signing under me.

 Product Overview

Product Name: GlobalAdShare 
GlobalAdShare Scam or LegitWebsite:
Price: Free ; $15/monthly Upgrade
G.A.S Adpack Prices:
2 Standard adpacks 2 x $10 $20
2 Premium adpacks 2 x $20 $40
1 2×2 adpack 1 x $12 $12
1 Turbo adpack 1 x $10 $10
1 Mini adpack 1 x $5 $5
1 Mega adpack 1 x $10 $10
GlobalAdShare's Total Maximum Spending Per Day Capped at $107.
Product Owner: Amir & Admin

Product Rank: 75/100

Is GlobalAdShare Still Paying and Making Withdrawals?


Despite some of late complexities involved with GlobalAdShare as of lately, I have updated this review to let you all know GlobalAdShare is now back to successfully paying out to members. The system had gone through some inevitable changes to keep up the cyclers and positions moving forward. After having temporarily closed down for two weeks are back up and in business! :)


  • Globaladshares revenue sharing platform, allows people across the world to make a secondary income.

    Globaladshare scam or legit review

    That is $3,709,923, as of August 9th, 2014!

  • Globaladshare is a revenue sharing, powerful matrix,  cycler combination.
  • Globaladshare splits 100% of all profits between joined members.
  • Globaladshare thrives upon sustainable practices.
  • Globaladshare reputation is second to none with a customer service that can truly be relied upon at any time or day.
  • Since Globaladshares review of September 2013, the company has grown at an astounding rate, currently achieving 30,000 members to date. I have joined along for the journey since the start, when there were no more than 2,000 members, and am making a considerable amount of income to date.



Globaladshare sign up now

As a Globaladshare member buy one $5 mini adpack everyday, allowing them to reach 150% maturity, essentially the equivalence to $7.50.

As soon as you gain enough Globaladshare matrix funds, upgrade and buy your first $10 standard adpack (using your account balance), allowing them to reach maturity of 150%, the equivalent to $15.

Now that you have purchased the necessary amount of adpacks by this time, you can go ahead and purchase as many adpacks as you wish per day, or decide to make a withdrawal. However, the longer you hold-off on making a withdrawal, the more money you’re likely to attain, and the more money you will make.

Additionally, you only need a minimal amount of money to start. As time goes on, your GlobalAdShare account balance will grow, thus allowing you to purchase more adpacks from your own account balance, as supposed to any additional out of pocket expenses!


G.A.S. Payment Proof & Earnings In The Back Office!

GlobalAdShare Earnings Update (Aug. 30th, 2014)

GlobalAdShare Earnings Update (Aug. 30th, 2014)




Total GlobalAdShare Investment = $150 (from Nov. 4th, 2013)

Here Is the amount of money gained (updated Aug. 30th, 2014):


Globaladshare Scam Or Legit - Reputation

Globaladshare Scam? – Reputation Looks Legit!


What I Personally Love About GlobalAdShare

The Good:

  • Ability to earn unlimited amount of GAS income, with initial base investment of as small as $5. The more I spend initially, the more I receive in both the short and long-run.  
  • No need or reason to sponsor or promote in order to earn, like 99% of other online earning programs out there.
  • Globaladshare practices are 100% legal, and guaranteed profitable
  • Globaladshares use of PayPal, making withdrawals easy.
  • GlobalAdShare has one of the highest online reputations in it’s niche industry as a result of:
    • Fast withdrawals (within 24-hours).
    • Excellent Support.
    • The minimal required amount of effort required to earn.
  • A+ Support
  • All withdrawals are immediately transferred to a PayPal account, hence GAS does not make payments by check, nor direct deposit, as a result of the nature of the program, and number of payments being withdrawn and transferred on an everyday basis.
  • Payza is also accepted.


The Bad:

  • 25% of the money you earn must always remain in the G.A.S system. (This is a result of company policy and is part of the technical algorithm that is put in place in order to keep the GAS system sustainable. Hence, you may only withdraw 75% of total earnings. The other 25% can then be used to purchase additional GAS adshares. The more GAS adshares you purchase, the more money you will earn.)

GlobalAdShare Advertising Services 

  • Globaladshare earnings are processed from a consistency of constant selling of advertising services and adpacks, which have a minimum 150% ROI (Return On Investment). 
  • GlobalAdShare is the first of its kind to introduce a matrix system, a cycler sharing system, and a revenue system all into one, making it a highly-sustainable business model for any average person to earn off of!
  • Utilizes a highly-unique and simple Online earning Interface. 
    • In other words, everything is taken care of for you. Simply login once or twice a day to check your earnings.
    • Either withdraw, or buy more adpacks. It’s up to you, what you’d like to do with your money!

Everything complex with GlobalAdShare, has already been taken out of the equation. It has been put into one unique source code, and that’s it. Nothing more to be done. You just let it run on its own, and enjoy this new income-producing opportunity 

Who Can Utilize Globaladshare?


  • People looking for additional income to spend as an above average consumer.
  • People who don’t have enough time on their hands and need or want more income.
  • Essentially, people looking for the internet’s most profound and easiest way of making some kind of income.

For those who wish to expand beyond GlobalAdShare, Build Websites, and effectively learn to Promote any affiliate program with ease, leading to eventual HIGHER success must check out my review here!


Globaladshare Glossary/Globaladshare Terminology

  • GlobalAdShare Active Ad Packs: Are G.A.S. Adpacks that have not yet reached its full ROI (150%, 200%, 400%- dependant on the pack).
  • GlobalAdShare Expired Ad Packs: Are G.A.S. Adpacks that have reached its full ROI, and is no longer sharing in the 100% revenue profit sharing process.
  • GlobalAdShare Lifetime Earnings: The total amount earned thus far from Adpacks, commissions, sponsors, and other cash pool bonuses.
  • GlobalAdShare Cash Purchases: The total amount of money that’s been spent on adpacks, whether using account balance, or paypal.
  • GlobalAdShare Cash Withdrawals: The Total Amount of money withdrawn to your PayPal or Payza account.
  • GlobalAdShare Cash Transferred: The total amount of Money you’ve transferred to other globaladshare member accounts.
  • GlobalAdShare Cash Received: Money received from the other member’s transfer.
  • Your Current available balance, used either to withdraw or make additional adpack purchases. This is the most important number in your account (besides # of active shares) as it shows how much you earned for the day, for doing practically nothing. Hence, G.A.S IS AWESOME.


Globaladshare withdrawals/ Globaladshare earnings


GlobalAdShare PayPal Withdrawals

My first 20 or so Globaladshare withdrawals and earnings to PayPal!


For those interested in promoting GlobalAdShare there are a bundle of GlobalAdShare tools you can use for your convenience:

To me I find promoting an important aspect as it can contribute a fairly good deal to your income in due time.

Globaladshare Referral Earnings- Sponsor bonuses & Commissions.

Globaladshare Referral Earnings: Sponsor Bonuses & Commissions.


Globaladshare Review: Overview



GlobalaAdShare Scam or Legit?

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12 thoughts on “GlobalAdShare Review: Legit or Scam?

  1. Debobrata Phukon

    Whether GAS has been runing now (after the collapse of last quarter of 2014)?

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi Debobrata, yes I believe Global Ad Share is actually still running. It’s one of the very few HYIP programs that I know hasn’t closed down. But the earnings have decreased quite a bit. When I first joined back in 2013-2014 I was making withdrawals consistently, almost every other day I believe. Now it has come down to a withdrawal once a month or so.. This was to be expected though!

  2. Mac Mcphilbin

    What a joke GlobalAadShare is , they complain that the reason they can’t pay on time is because they cant cope with all the withdrawals , there are to many members , then they have the nerve to send you an email telling you they are opening another program.

    If they can’t cope with this one , why open another one ?

      1. Mac Mcphilbin

        Hi Peter ,

        That’s amazing i am a premium member……lol

        If your on there my friend look out for me , my user name is macstop

        I have been a member a little over a month and a have 20 referrals and

        8 x $1 sign ups and 3 fully paid members as well , so i am in profit already.

        By the way i love your website man :)

        Talk soon ,


        P.S. i found this site by googling ” as Globaladshare stopped paying “

  3. alex

    I think they are a scam payment pending 20 days now something fishy aboult this site

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi Alex,

      Yeah I’m starting to think you should be careful with GlobalAdShare. I’ve always received payments on time, until recently.

      Make sure that you send in a support ticket Alex. As soon as you do, I guarantee the GlobalAdShare Admin will be depositing your payment asap.

      If you don’t mind, please stop by and let me know the outcome, so I can make some updates to my review.

      Many Thanks,


  4. Mike Gaudreau

    A few GAS vets have followed me into SYL. They also find it great so far. I just joined WA after one year. I decided to concentrate where I got 6 paid referrals in one month and a half and am now growing a downline team with my best members. GAS and now SYL profits help pay for ads.

    Nice to meet you.

    You have a nice site.

  5. Peter G. Post author

    Thanks for the recommendation Mike. I’d be glad to give it a test-ride. Although, I’m fairly certain it is in no way as reliable nor trustworthy as it is with GlobalAdShare!! Hence, I’d rather place all my investments in there instead.

    I will however take a look at it. If you’d like, feel free to join with me in Wealthy Affiliate. I’m sure we could make some great strides and progress together. By utilizing Wealthy Affiliate, you can have all your promotions set in one place.

    You can sign up as a completely free member for as long as you like, along with having your own free website.


  6. Mike Gaudreau

    Right on. I have made over two hundred dollars since April. Reinvest when you can also. Cashouts take a day. Legit for sure. You should look at I have made seventy cents a day per adpack which is outperforming GAS. NO CYCLING though, just revenue share. So recovering five dollar investment and profit should will happen in a little over a week.


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