GoBig7 Review – Another Ponzi Scheme In The Making?

By | August 31, 2015

Name: GoBig7GoBig7 Team Build Scam Review

Website: www.gobig7.com

Price: $7

Rank: 20/100 – Scam.


What Is It?

GoBig7 is one of the latest online marketing products to hit the web claiming to help individuals make $19,659.60 by simply sponsoring just 2 people (who actually fill the matrix below them). They make it sound like filling this matrix isn’t very hard and that they’ll even go ahead and sponsor your first 2 people for you. I believe that is what’s causing a lot of the potential positive reaction towards a product like GoBig7. But the reality is, sponsoring 2 people is just the very start of a long road ahead.

How Much Is It?

One of the benefits of GoBig7 is the fact they don’t charge you a lot of money and there aren’t any upsells. So this can be a nice way for someone new to this all getting started in learning how to recruit others. On the other hand, this is a “matrix” product so really the only thing you’re trying to do here is recruiting others just to make a small commission. It’s $7 per month to get started which only really gives you two things… A team page to promote and “rock bottom price” advertising. Really, what you’re paying for is an opportunity to make money online.

How GoBig7 Works?

GoBig7 encourages as much possible team build effort by offering you a 100% matching bonus for each member you recruit into the program and pays the monthly fee. The money being made here is by recruiting people into the program itself so really it’s like an MLM without much of a product.

What you’ll begin to realize with GoBig7 is if you want to get “wealthy,” you’ll probably want to join something else! Most people in these types of programs don’t end up making a lot of money at all, and for good reason.

#1 – Low pricing and commissions.

#2 – Need your team to recruit 1,000’s of individuals to see much of anything.

In-fact, I’ve seen programs like GoBig7 in the past where people had recruited up to 10,000 or so members and making less than $1,000 per month. Imagine all that work and for so little. On the other hand, it doesn’t surprise me one bit. If you take a look at GoBig7 they really don’t offer much value or much of anything at all.

As a result the small $.30 cent commissions could take you a long time to build up. To make just $1,000 in commissions, you would need to recruit over 4,000 members.. That’s a ton!

GoBig7 Team Build Scam Review

There have been many similar opportunities online such as Penny Matrix and Feeder Matrix, which really consist of the same thing and have been online for years now. In-fact Penny Matrix actually claims the same exact thing! Earning $19,659.60 by sponsoring just two people. What most people find with these are how difficult it can be to recruit others into an opportunity without a whole lot of direction and the fact you need a ton of people in order to make this work, especially given the low commissions made.


  • Easy To Get Involved With.
  • Low-Risk.
  • Small Price To Pay.


  • Lacks Training.
  • Must Recruit 24/7.
  • Must Have a Large & Solid Team.

Is GoBig7 a Scam?

It depends how you look at it.. But just the structure of the matrix system and false $20k per month advertising can be very misleading. They claim that the 2 referrals is all you need to get started and from there, it’s just minimal work. But I must disagree. To make an opportunity like GoBig7 work, you’re going to need to put in as much effort as you possibly could with a proper strategy in place. Most people will join opportunities like GoBig7 because of the chance their missing out, but you’re not! Remember, you’re making only .30 cents for each referral and need 1,000’s before you can even make a $1,000 income. Even then it’s important to note, I’ve seen products like this come and go in the dozens!

They Key To Online Success!

The key to making a solid income online is not by recruiting 1,000’s of individuals just to make some 30 cent commissions. It doesn’t add up or make any sense. If you look at the owners behind products like GoBig7, they are the ones making the other $6.70 while they leave you with just about nothing. And in my opinion, GoBig7 is nothing more than a big fat ponzi scheme that is as far from a legitimate opportunity as it can get.

Making an online income consists of steps and a proper plan in place. Once you execute these steps, you’ll understand that any amount of money can be made. Just like GoBig7, your business is a numbers game. The more people who get exposed to your business, the more money you make. Whether you’re promoting high ticket items off Amazon, or your own MLM/affiliate marketing opportunity, this is the one online marketing product I recommend above all!

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2 thoughts on “GoBig7 Review – Another Ponzi Scheme In The Making?

  1. Julien

    Good day,

    I’m happy that you don’t say it’s the opportunity of your life, it’s so good for owners gobig 7. But one thing you must agree with is they don’t sell packs with utopia ROI. If you calculate you pay 7 monthly, you have a 14 floor referral, in your 7€ you pay 14 *0,3 dollar on the 14 floor up to you, it make 4,2. 7-4,2=2,8 profit for gobig 7. It is viable.

    I say this because I wanted to make an article gobig 7 the big disaster but finally I was in a deadlock. So if you have more element, especially that the company is not legal (probably in my opinion, I m just not able to prove it like beonpush and so with are more easy due to the ROI), it should be great.

    Thanks you for your analysis (sorry I’m French, it is probably full of mistakes)

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Lol, yeah sorry Julien. I couldn’t really understand what you were saying. But I do agree with your point that at least they don’t sell adpacks and it’s not another hyip. You’re also right that the GoBig7 owners are the ones benefiting the most out of this opportunity. Thanks for your input, I really appreciate it!


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