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By | October 30, 2014
Product Overview: Jaaxy 2.0: Top-Ranked Google Keywords Search Tool- key to finding low-competive keywords
Addt'l Features: Full Tutorials & Downloadable PDF's
Owner: Kyle & Carson (Reputable Owners of Wealthy Affiliate)
Overall Rank: 99/100

Google Keywords Search Tool Introduction:

Jaaxy 2.0 – Content + Keywords = Rank!

In this post I’ll be going over one of my favorite Google keywords search tool, better known as the newly updated Jaaxy 2.0. The answer to the question we’ll be covering is why many people first turn to various Google search tools for keywords, only to find out later their websites, content, and blogs, aren’t ranking!

Many marketers have become so overly reliant upon Google keywords search tool as the #1 sole metric in getting their websites and content ranked. Hence, there is a highly misinformed online marketing crowd out there, causing ranking confusion, and an underestimation in the importance of true and significant valuable content!

Today I’ll be showing you the simplest solution to getting all your online marketing content ranked.

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What many people have become so unaware of these days, is the high-probability of unyielding traffic results, even after using highly accurate keywords simply for the sake of MORE traffic, while ultimately receiving none; a result of using too highly-competitive keywords combined with unengaging content.

Yes the importance of receiving comments, of sharing on Google Plus, and even just a small Tweet every now and then, can do WONDERS in the eyes of Google – And trust me, when I say, my fan base isn’t all that great! All I know is eventually followers will come to appreciate unique and most importantly trustworthy content.

While there is nothing wrong in attaining more traffic, not doing so properly, and not finding a worthwhile keyword search tool, that can help you along the way, will be less effective when trying to give your content the most possible visibility.

Nevertheless, I’ve written the following review to help guide you along the way.

What are Keywords?

Keywords can simply be described as the second best thing to the actual written content itself.

Keywords usually become the ground basis, or better the ultimate foundation when we start to choose in how we go about writing our content, our next blog post, and as much helpful information we can relay to our readers.

The one problem that remains is because of the mere formation of the actual keywords we choose, may cause a complete turn-around in how we initially intended to portray our content. Have you either witnessed or experienced this? I’m sure as an experienced webmaster, content writer, or blogger, maybe you have, at one point!

Lets Take For Example:

Keyword #1: “How To Write The Best Blog Post”

# Searches = 1,000/month ; # Competition = 500 posts ; Ultimate Rank Evaluation = Poor Ranking

Keyword #2: “How To Write Good Post”

# Searches = 10,000/month ; # competition = 10 posts ; Ultimate Rank Evaluation = Excellent Ranking

Notice the difference?

Keyword #2 (just an example) is much more desirable to use, in terms of traffic results! That is a result of the high # of searches per month, and extremely low competition.

But say you’re much more interested in using the first keyword for your blog post. That is you want a keyword that is most relevant to the content you’ll be writing, and better yet, makes sense to the readers!

As we all should know, being searchers on google ourselves, we can relate to this predicament where we end up typing something more similar and more concise, like in our second keyword example. Hence, the reason to why it gets 10 times the number of searches, and 50 times less competition… So, now what?


Where Jaaxy 2.0 Comes In:


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Jaaxy = High-Authority Blogs + Daily Traffic!

Within Jaaxy, you’re going to learn the many reasons to why some blogs gain consistently high-authority traffic over the long-run, and the main reasons to the contridictory fact that while keywords are becoming a less important metric for Google than the actual content, is now a result and cause for the ever increasing importance in finding low competitive keywords that make sense when writing your content.

The result: High Organic Traffic.

Something that no other program, product, nor service, out there, but Jaaxy 2.0 now has the founding ability to do!

Moreover, Jaaxy will prove itself to be the best #1 solution to any little keyword ranking problem and why combining both reliable keywords + quality content is all you’ll ever need in creating a top-notch website.

Benefits of Using Jaaxy 2.0

1) Your ability to finding 1,000’s of newfound low competition, highly trafficking keywords, you can use to your advantage, while combining the many related keywords to help triple the amount of traffic received.

2) Most important of all, is your ability to no longer having to sacrifice writing the content you originally had intended writing upon, by using hundreds of potential and similar keyword “work arounds” that make sense!

But first, lets see why regardless of how or what you intend on writing out content about, why the importance of the actual content (“the plot of the movie”) itself always beats the keywords (“movie title”)!

Why Keywords Are NOW Second To The Actual Written Content:

One reason, and only one, exists to why keywords are now second and will always forever remain second to the actual written content. That is, because Google is today’s ultimate decision-factor, now depending on complete and total algorithmic changes and processes when deciding to rank one website, or post, above the next.

And of course, our priority goal should be to always get our content at the very top of the search engines. We want our content to be SEEN, not buried in the bushes; not a needle in the haystack!

Therefore, we need a strong and reliable source of a rich-keyword producing platform that can provide us our foundation for 1000’s of highly-relative, similar, and extremely low-competitive keywords. Ones that are unable to be provided by Google’s Keyword Search Tool, nor any other!

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Nonetheless, the result of panda and penguin, and who knows what version comes next, has been one of the largest causations in getting online marketers to continually use and find unethical means and ways around this.

Thus, causing a dramatic short-term win, followed by an even over-dramatic drop in ranking, traffic, and everything else they might have hoped for.

Follow the many unethical ways, and the chances of your blog never seeing daylight is always a possibility, and one that I would never want to put to chance.

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