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By | August 11, 2014

As most marketer’s know, Google’s SEO Penguin update has been the cause of some┬ádramatic affects on the rankings of certain websites. Many are looking for a way to recover from the devastation caused by the Google Penguin update and although there most-certainly is a way, there’s a chance you may not like what I have to say next. But, if it’s a way to get back all your traffic, and more, why let yourself get beat-down and defeated over a simple update, that ultimately, should have been considered by webmaster’s in the first place.

Hence, the very reason for why people who are consistently seeing more traffic, more success, and more revenue come their way, are those who go against the grain. It’s the same people who over and over again, reiterate this one piece of fact, marketer’s find so easy and simple to ignore, as it seems to be the ultimate way out from putting in a bit of work each and everyday. What exactly am I talking about? WRITING YOUR OWN CONTENT!

You see it’s no different than a 6th grade, highschooler, or even college student getting punished for what is called, plagiarism. What is plagiarism? The copying of other people’s work, that is not for the taking, when wanting to see success. Hence, the ONLY people who never complain over their ranking status, or sudden bursts of traffic as they suddenly see their website becoming more authoritative as a result of some update, are the people who genuinely, and effortly write out their content, once a day, three times a day, maybe even more!

It’s important to understand as well that such content writers never, and I mean never, use backlinking techniques! I mean, who knows after all, what kind of websites your backlinking to?! What if it’s an automated system, despite its genuine look, that gets totally crushed by Google Penguin, well guess what? Your website is just as likely to get penalized as well, just for having that mere association!

Another factor is the fact you may have some of your own automation going on within your website.. Well needless to say, Google’s algorithms will not only outsmart you, or in better words, your little implanted automation system, but will have already taken all the control you ever had from your website away from you. It’s time you know something very, very important: Google has the intelligence of 7 billion people combined. To think for a second, you can be using SEO automated systems and sources to get you ranked, will only backfire harder than you can possibly imagine!

Nevertheless, I’m still wondering to this day why people go through this insane and crazy hassle of avoiding writing a simple keyword-rich post or two a day, and doing it the right way, to see a smooth gradual incline in traffic, through simple patience and persistency.

What, is it a sense of fear? Fear that your content will never be too good enough? Fear that you’ll never rank in the first place? Or.. maybe it’s the impatience factor.

At the same time I must state my feelings to most of those who’ve been affected, and knowingly deserved it. I’m not sorry! People work their butts off, more than you know, and while we may finally overcome the stress of online marketing by rather focusing on persistency and hard-work, over ways and methods of finding the secretively easy way out, it is our mere determination that differs between the colors of our hats.

For those truly interested in starting a website, or online business, guaranteed to rank within the next few months, please head over here.

Also feel free to leave any comments, questions, concerns, debates, issues, dilemmas.. BELOW!

Thanks a lot,

Peter G. (aka Affiliate-Man)


2 thoughts on “Google SEO Penguin Recovery

  1. F.White

    It occurs to me that this suggestion to regularly update daily/weekly goes against everything we have ever known about being “found” on search engines, Google’s or anyone’s. It can take weeks stat for a site to be”discovered”, let alone updated for a search engine every day. I don’t understand what you are recommending. Changing content every day seems totally against common sense. And why if you have already written code rich content do you have to change it every day?

    1. Peter G. Post author

      I never mentioned changing content what so ever Mr. White!!

      Apologies if I confused you. But that was not the point of this article.

      The point was to show and tell so many bloggers and marketer’s out there, why using
      certain low-regarded SEO techniques can cause a change with everything in terms of one’s
      ranking content and website.

      So many try to surpass the normal, genuine method of creating unique content on a very
      daily basis, as an alternative to reaching higher SERP ranks more quickly. Hence, my
      point was not to change your content on a daily basis, as the solution.

      If you read the article more closely, you would have seen that my one and only recommendation
      is to simply release more and more keyword rich articles and content!

      (nothing more, nothing less)

      I hope that clears up my message for your Mr. White.. I am with you, I have no reason to see
      why one would want or need to go back and completely change what they’ve written, when more
      important tasks or duties are at hand each and everyday, that is the creation of a whole new
      piece of written content.


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