Google Sniper George Brown Scam Review 2.0

By | September 14, 2014
Product: Google Sniper George Brown Scam Review 2.0
Product Owner: George Brown
Product Website:
Overall Rank: 85/100


What Is Google Sniper 2.0 by George Brown?


The second release of Google Sniper version by George Brown. Google Sniper by Clickbank helps affiliates produce consistent online income. Since the first version of Google Sniper, this has turned out to be one of the largest sold affiliate products on the web.



Question is, what’s the real worth of Google Sniper 2.0, and is this updated release worth your time and money?

Google Sniper 2.0 helps online marketing users to setup their own affiliate marketing websites and get them ranked highly within Google Search. The basis of Google Sniper 2.0 focuses on setting up niche-detailed websites by writing keyword rich articles. Google Sniper 2.0 focuses on SEO backlinking techniques – that is outgoing links to other authoritative websites and blogs.

Although backlinks can be somewhat looked down upon as a result of your backlinks quality, this method remains to be one of the most highly utilized SEO tactics within the online marketing world. However, little do most online marketer’s know, backlinks though powerful in the short-term, can not only provide useless in the long-term, but also is not as effective as many other highly proper ranking methods taught at the #1 affiliate university in the online world!


What Additional Google Sniper 2.0 Products Must a User Have Upon Using the System?

In addition to the Google Sniper 2.0 System a person is required to register:

1. Domain Name(s) – More specifically E.M.D (Exact Matched Domains – to the specific related keyword a person intends on ranking for, which could essentially take months upon months, to begin ranking, regardless of the number of backlinks)

2. Reliable Hosting for the Domain.


Additional Lessons By Google Sniper 2.0?

  • Choosing a Good and Profitable Niche.
  • Proper Keyword Research.
  • Where and How To Outsource Certain Criterias Such as Freelancing Writer’s.
  • List of Good Affiliate Programs & Products to Implement.
  • How To Make Money With Ebay & Amazon Utilizing Your Niche-based website.


Reasons Why I Like Google Sniper 2.0 by George Brown:

1) There are no Google Sniper upsells – Proof that George Brown is not trying to sell you out on a scam-type product.

2) What you pay for, is what you get.

3) Good for both Newbies and Experienced marketer’s alike, especially those who need help in beginning their online marketing career.

4) Easy-To-Follow Video Tutorials.

Reasons Why I Dislike About Google Sniper 2.0 by George Brown:

1) The price is fairly steep for what you get – In other words, you can find the training on your own if dedicated enough by watching appropriate youtube video’s, and doing the research on your own.

2) Doesn’t guarantee success.

3) With a focus on Google Sniper SEO made solely on backlinking, shows to me there is less focus on the consumer or visitor actually visiting your website.

Hence, though there are always better opportunities to find elsewhere, I still find the most important facet of any system, is one that utilizes an all-in-one effective SEO technique focusing on value to your consumer, while also giving you a profitable business to run in the long-run.

4) Minimal focus on engaging content creation, which is in effect the life of a person’s website.

Is Google Sniper 2.0 Worth It? 

Click Here!

Moreover, simple creation of small niche websites may most-likely not be enough of an incentive to keep a person motivated months at a time, as they await for their content getting ranked using these specific Google Sniper techniques.

Nonetheless, I was surprised by the value given by Google Sniper 2.0, given the fact most products marketed on Clickbank aren’t exactly trustworthy, nor top-notch.

In addition, I find the biggest Google Sniper disadvantage of all, is the absence of mentorship, 24/7 support, and a community to turn to. If you think thoroughly through your decisions, you should know through your research, especially as an online marketer, the thousands of alternative’s out there!


A Google Sniper Alternative!

Because of the many alternative’s, it’s always important to do your due diligence before jumping into any sort of purchase where you’ve heard merely good reviews, but have never experienced them for yourself.

Rather than simply placing a clickbank affiliate link for this product for those who land upon this review, I much rather prefer to lead you into the right direction. Yes, Google Sniper 2.0 does not seem like a scam. But the next concern or question is, if it will provide your consumer value while making you a good profit? If not, who will you be able to turn to.

Below I’ve placed the one affiliate product that’s helped me and countless others, who’ve always started with the free starter membership to simply experience the training, community, and potential long-run lucrative of running your own business, among countless thousands of others!

Here you have the opportunity to scratch the hassle required of doing all the work of buying your own domain and proper hosting, along with proper web design on your own, as this gets all taken care of, with your 2 free websites as seen below, your free keyword tool, and the most comprehensive, up to date, training and tools as rated the #1 affiliate community in the world. In the end, the choice is up to you, all dependent upon your goals and what works best for you! 


Additionally, you’ll get the chance to talk to the owners Kyle and Carson themselves, who are constantly working and helping people 1-on-1 within the platform day and night, making new updates and changes. With this program and community, success though dependent on your efforts, can be guaranteed by following the training word for word!

Nonetheless, I thank you for your time and attention, and I hope to see you within the Wealthy Affiliate platform, as this has become my only #1 trustworthy recommendation to all clients, visitors, and aspiring entrepreneur as yourself. This has become nothing but a true living miracle, financially, and in helping me build a long-lasting sustainable business. My only wish for you, is to follow me and my recommendation, and to gain your trust!

Join as a free starter member just to see what I mean.

Work your way up the ranks, help others, and make a full-time income (and then some!) 


11 thoughts on “Google Sniper George Brown Scam Review 2.0

  1. Patrick Rego

    Hi Pete,

    I am from Bangalore, India. I just tried to sign up for a free starter account just to try my hand at this before I should take a bigger risk. Sadly, I get a message that free starter accounts are not available from India. It is really unfortunate that WA does not want to do this business from Indian member. I like most Indians may not be in a position to afford this to start with. Any solution?


    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi Patrick,

      I am sorry to hear that! It is unfortunate and had no idea until you brought it up. I do not think for a second it has anything to do with Wealthy Affiliate wanting no part with India. That wouldn’t make sense, because I know that India is not the only country it does not accept, and believe it has to do with too many individuals abusing the free starter account system. So, do not take it personally if that is the case.

      Nevertheless, I believe your best bet is to go Premium, because in all honesty, the free starter membership is really only used to get you more up and running as a Premium member. It is actually pointless to join as a free starter member for life, without going Premium.

      Last, this is the one online marketing platform I’ve come to know and find as the most legitimate online income earning opportunity and platform. Everything else I tried ended up scamming me somehow or providing completely useless information. Therefore if you are serious about making an online income, Wealthy Affiliate premium is surely the way to go.

      You are additionally given a nice savings on your first month with a 59% discount, which comes down to just $19! That’s not a lot of money to spend if you ask me, when compared with your income potential down the road.

      Feel free to register with my link here and I will be happy to help you every step of the way Patrick.

      Thanks for your inquiry!


  2. Stiven Shamrok

    It actually was the-bomb-dot-com again in the day, however oh how things have modified on-line and consequently the “Sniper” method is much less effect at present that it was.
    And although George has up to date the knowledge, the changes in Googles algorhithm modifications faster than he can keep up which renders his course ineffective.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Yes Stiven, I actually couldn’t agree with you more on that statement. Methods that worked back in the day, which made things simpler no longer work, which has caused not only the older versions of Google Sniper, but even gsniper 3.0 as a product I’d advise against!

      Appreciate the input Stiven.

  3. nancy disam

    I have experience in GOOGLE SNIPER two month. I am used GOOGLE SNIPER and Binary Auto Traders. I think GOOGLE SNIPER seems to be very critical & many times give fake signals. Every signal of GOOGLE SNIPER is very complex. So I leave GOOGLE SNIPER & Using Binary Auto Traders. Because GOOGLE SNIPER doesn’t provide right time signal to buy or sell. My friend introduces Binary Auto Traders. He suggests me how to use Binary Auto Traders & quickly earn by Binary Auto Traders. Then I check out the review of The Binary Auto Traders & bought Binary Auto Traders. Now I earn better profit then before. Binary Auto Traders give me success almost 88% winning strategy.

  4. Kobus Louw

    Hi Peter! Awesome review! Thank you very much. I used to use Google Sniper but after Google Hummingbird it just didn’t work well anymore! I am now with WA and very happy! Keep up the good work!

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi there Kobus! Really appreciate the kind words and comments you’ve left on my website. I am happy to have provided this information for you along with my insight, and am even more grateful for finding you choosing Wealthy Affiliate as your top pick! It certainly is by far the best, yes even better than Google Sniper. Nothing comes in handy more than the consistency of mentorship, tutorial, community support and help! Talk to you soon Kobus :)

  5. Stephaine

    Hello there, You’ve done a fantastic job. I will certainly digg it and personally suggest to my friends.
    I’m sure they’ll be benefited from this site.

  6. Evelyn

    I’ve never tried Google Sniper, but when I looked into it, I agree what you’re saying. Some of their training is a little outdated. I just found that it was something that wasn’t right for me. Great info!

    1. Peter G. Post author

      I agree!

      Not to mention a bit pricey.

      Looks like Google Sniper 2 is just another average product promising online riches..

      Oh well!


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