GPS Funnel System Scam: Are Profits Really Guaranteed?

By | December 17, 2015

Name: GPS Funnel SystemGPS Funnel Scam: Are Profits Really Guaranteed?


Price: $25 minimum + upsell into NWC

Rank: 5/100 – Scam!


What Is GPS Funnel System?

Have you been wondering whether or not the GPS Funnel System is a scam? I know I have and especially with all the hype around this product, I thought it would be worth a second glance. My first skepticism of the Guaranteed Profit System all began soon after I heard they were giving out free guaranteed sign-ups. I’ve seen many products make similar promises in the past, only to never deliver in the end. Would the GPS Funnel System be one of those, or maybe turn out to be worst than I expected?

GPS Funnel System Memberships

The cost of GPS Funel System is a $25 monthly fee, which does not include the cost of also joining National Wealth Center. To begin earning affiliate commissions from NWC, you’ll need to pay a $20, $50, or $100 monthly subscription.

A Guaranteed Profit System Upsell!

The second skepticism I had was the fact they’d tell me I’d be joining the National Wealth Center. Initially I thought that the GPS Funnel System was its own business in its own right with its own products to sell. But oddly enough, there weren’t any products to go along with this business. In a way, it was kind of like Feeder Matrix or GoBig7, except for one major difference. One of the biggest actions the GPS system wanted me to take was to sign-up into this business called the National Wealth Center.

What Is The National Wealth Center?

The National Wealth Center is an MLM networking business opportunity that takes a whole lot of leads to see any success within this kind of business. The company is made up of various informational products that are very expensive; products that are used by National Wealth Center members to make a commission by reselling them to other individuals.GPS Funnel Scam: Are Profits Really Guaranteed?

These products include:

  • Fitness advantage – $250
  • Wealth advantage – $1,000
  • Network Marketing – $3,500
  • The Vault – $7,500

I would probably go onto say that The National Wealth Center looks to be like an MLM marketing scam as well… What kind of informational products go for $7,500?? Must be some real gold inside that one.

Free GPS Rotator System

Anyway lets get back to one of the main attractions here within the GPS Funnel System; that is, their free GPS rotator system. This is a system that essentially is used collectively by everyone so that everyone can get more leads. Basically what will happen is you’ll end up getting those first 4 direct referrals, but after that the rotator system will come to a halt. More importantly is the fact that this “GPS rotator system” is merely used to continually funnel people into The National Wealth Center and get them to become the latest MLM marketing members and there’s a very good reason why.

The Truth About GPS Funnel System

Ok, here is what’s really going on behind the GPS Funnel System. The GPS Funnel System was not designed to make anyone money and was not designed as one of the latest and greatest online marketing products. This was literally designed out of mere greed and to deceive people into joining as an affiliate of the National Wealth Center.

As an MLM marketing member, all of their success comes down to their downlines and how many products he or she is able to sell within that opportunity. That is where all their residual income comes into play. So if you were to take a closer look into the GPS Funnel System the only thing that’s going on here is that the owner is attempting to upsell as many individuals as he or she can into National Wealth Center. Thus, allowing him or her to continually build his downline and sell products almost effortlessly. He is doing this by his literal attempt at guaranteeing you both sign-ups and $89,600 per month.

Quick look at the disclaimer (which nobody ever reads): “As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn money.” Of course, that can be found at the last sentence. What this goes to show is that none of the words being stated on the capture page itself really matters. The only words of truth here are in this products disclaimer.

What else is being said..? “This site is not a business and is just a free team bonus capture page marketing funnel only for our team members to promote our multiple opportunities.” Meaning that, the GPS Funnel System doesn’t payout anything. It is not a business, but merely a sales funnel into starting a new business within the National Wealth Center opportunity!

GPS Funnel System Scam: Are Profits Really Guaranteed?

Guaranteed Profit System Overview: It’s a Scam!

If you’re looking to join the GPS Funnel System, do not, I repeat do not join this for the “Free GPS Rotator System.” That is nothing more than a bunch of bologna. If you’re looking to join the GPS Funnel System because you’ve heard good things about the National Wealth Center and are looking to associate and network yourself with other business members in that community, by all means go ahead.

But, the GPS Funnel System is as the name simply implies, an upsell and sales funnel into the National Wealth Center. Its mere attempt at guaranteeing you $80,000 a month in monthly income is their sly method of doing anything they can to lure you into their own lucrative downline.

You have to understand that the owner of the GPS Funnel System is now able to build up his own massive downline with this GPS product. With everyone attempting to promote the GPS Funnel System under him as the sponsor, everyone who joins essentially goes right into his downline. It’s a win-lose situation as the only way you can build your downline in-turn is if your were to join NWC and begin to build up your own massive downline!


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