GPT Planet Review: Is This Site Worth Your Time?

By | January 20, 2016

Name: GPT PlanetGPTPlanet Review


Type: Paid to Click

Rank: 80/100 – Legit!


What Is It?

GPT Planet is a place where both its advertisers and users can get paid to do simple tasks. Hence, the name “GPT.” If you haven’t heard of a “Get Paid To” site, it’s just like any other Paid To Click websites, such as Clixsense and Neobux. Advertisers pay to advertise on the site, and in exchange, they pay its members to view these advertisements. This is part of the reason why advertising on these types of sites aren’t all that effective.

Nevertheless, you can get paid up to $.01 for each advertisement, but the majority of these ads will usually only pay a fraction of a penny. The most you can likely earn from simply clicking on these ads ranges anywhere from $5 to $15 in a month. But, there is another way to earn more from a site like GPT Planet.


Direct Referrals

The best way for you or anyone to begin earning with a site like GPT Planet is by obtaining direct referrals. Otherwise, the site is not a worth a second of you’re time. Clicking on ads that pay out only a fraction of a penny isn’t going to do you any good, which is why GPT Planet has actually incorporated a commission plan allowing you to get paid up to 100% in commissions off each action that they take to help speed up your earnings.



Another way to better benefit off a site like GPT Planet is through advertising. The site actually has quite a number of ways to advertise for a very reasonable price. The only downside to this is that not only can these costs add up, but it can be quite ineffective. If you’re looking to promote another similar PTC however, this can be a decent way to get new sign-ups and referrals.


Types of Advertising:

  • Paid To Click Ads – Small ads ranging in price depending on how long you want your advertisement viewed. They can range anywhere from 10 seconds to 1 minute. The longer you choose, the more money required.
  • Fixed Advertising – A fixed advertisement will show your offer also within the Paid To Click Ads area. The only difference here is your basically buying a position where the advertisement doesn’t disappear until the amount of credits you purchase is up.
  • Login Ads – Advertisements you usually see as soon as you login into the site and usually the first thing that other members will see.
  • Paid To Sign Up Offers – Very beneficial and effective way of advertising and getting more leads for your business. Only downside is that it costs more than advertising with Paid To Click and that a lot of users also only do it to get paid in exchange.
  • Featured Text Ads – Ineffective way of advertising, but mostly cheaper than other options and with more credits. Despite being affordable however, featured text ads are mainly ignored for the most part and depending on your message, isn’t all that beneficial. If you’ll notice on the homepage, you might currently see that there are actually no featured text ads at the moment, and usually for good reason.
  • Banner Ads – An alternative to text ads, but instead of other members seeing a message, they see your banner. Not an effective way of advertising in my opinion unless, you’re looking to buy 100,000’s of credits for more viewers to see your banner.
  • Featured Link Ads – Very similar to featured text ads and similar in price. Main difference here is that instead of your ad being showed with a particular number of credits, it’s usually shown over a certain time period. For example, 1 to 6 months.
  • Other Special Packages – Offers on a variety of advertising packages.

When it comes to advertising on a PTC or GPT website, it can really be a hit or miss. It all depends on what you’re promoting and how often you’re doing it. For the most part, having a big budget is usually necessary to gain anything worthwhile and you really need to test to see how well your offer is converting. If it’s converting and you’re making a good return on investment, then it can definitely be worth investing into over the long-run.

In regards to viewing advertisements as a member however, I don’t recommend wasting any time in doing this. For the most part, paid to click sites like GPT Planet can seem misleading in making you think that you can actually earn some kind of income doing this. For the most part though, you’re not likely going to make even a quarter for your efforts during the day. Pretty outrageous, I know. But you’ll immediately see that’s the case when you’re clicking on these ads every 10 or 30 seconds.

Alternatively, getting direct referrals to a site like GPT Planet is another area that directly benefit you in both the short and long-term. The biggest disadvantage however, is the fact that the commissions still tend to be small given the small transactions usually made with sites like these. If you’re looking into affiliate marketing, I definitely recommend it.. Just not with sites like these where the commissions are too small and aren’t worth the effort putting into.

Needless to say, GPT Planet is legitimate and has been around since 2010. They are still paying out and honoring their members. Making withdrawals is as simple as using a PayPal or Payza account and you only need a $1 minimum in your account, which is nice. The forum is also a nice addition as you can get involved in seeing how to make more money online and even see other individual payment proofs and what the payouts are like.

If you’re looking for a better alternative to make an online income, make sure to click the link below. Otherwise, thank you for checking out this GPT Planet Scam Review!


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