Guaranteed Wealth Software Review: Risky Scam Exposed!

By | November 2, 2014
Product Name: Guaranteed Wealth System
Owner: By Victor Lambert
Type: Binary Options Software System
Overall Rank: Scam!

What Is Guaranteed Wealth System,

By Victor Lambert?

This is basically another ordinary binary options software system offered primarily to users looking to make income with binary option trading. Upon first sight of this system and website, one can immediately tell that the company’s simple use of false promises along the lines of: Make Over $10K a Week! is something I’ve found should be a cause for concern and to take a deeper look into what is actually being offered to us here.


The Guaranteed Wealth System Sales Page:

Upon first arrival, one of the first things you might notice is the company’s use of a scrolling feature down below.

The featured information has nothing to do nor does it seemingly have any concern with what the product is actually offering. It doesn’t give us an idea of what is being offered to us. All it leaves us with is a desire to attain the same outcome. That is to be able to find a way to somehow outsmart the binary option trading system by potential use of softwares similar to these.

Everyday I am finding more and more binary option software systems coming out, with the same old basic promises, and the usual resulting complaints.

As an affiliate marketer, I find the more I review these company’s and help my visitors better understand what their true motives and intentions are, the better I can help them in not only refraining from these types of scam company’s for good, but even better finding an opportunity that provides almost 0 risk whatsoever; an opportunity that can allow binary traders develop their own websites and online businesses, making money by teaching new everyday interested option traders, by making use of their knowledge.


Why You Can’t Trust The Guaranteed Wealth Software System!

1st Red Flag: As we were shown previously, the scrolling on the bottom of the page, showing you only previous winning amounts with just a randomn name and amount (usually shown amounts above $10,000), and not even a single loss, should be the first reason you’d want to stay far away from a product, simply proving not even they can trust their own system.

2nd Red Flag: They seem to rely on a wrongful binary option tactic, many systems are now presently using, simply to steal people’s own hard-earned money. That is use of complete automation!

The claim that a system can make you money by automating all the 50/50 split decisions for you, doesn’t guarantee you any winnings. All this useless software is doing, is taking away your ability to make a decision, and providing you with a greater chance of resulting loss… Given the fact, there is not a single unique aspect of the Guaranteed Wealth Software System!

3rd Red Flag: It’s true! The people behind Guaranteed Wealth Software didn’t hire a bunch of engineers to build a legitimate Binary Options System…

Plus if it worked, even just slightly better than taking a randomn guess, why would such a system be available for others?

It wouldn’t.

Most-Likely Binary Option Trading Outcome:

Vincent Lambert created Guaranteed Wealth Software system either out of two primary reasons (99% of Binary Option System Scam Results):

1 – Pure, selfish greed.

2 – To make up for his own Binary Options Loss, by relying upon those desperate enough to find any software or system to make money on automation for them!

Guaranteed Wealth Software Scam Review: False Claims Exposed!

1 – Yes, the system may do all the simple work for you, but that is it! Because the work is so simple, unless your only motive with this product is to let a system use your own money for you, doing all the binary buying and selling, completely randomnly, then maybe this is for you.. Or maybe you should about investing into something way more legitimate!

2 – Its use of certain “signals” means absolutely nothing! We have seen this over and over again with these systems.

3 – There is nothing “guaranteed.” This is such a big red flag, that it eventually tends to become the only useful advertising tactic of all in getting people to buy into the system. As a binary option trader, it might be in your best interest, to use your cleverness by also knowing as well, within the binary option trading world, no wins are ever guaranteed!

The claim that first time users can make a profit utilizing Guaranteed Wealth Software is true, but same goes with the same amount being lost for good!

Guaranteed Wealth Software Review: What They Fail To Tell You?

The chances of winning and losing money is no different than you gambling your money away. While at it, you might as well save your money by investing the money on your own, rather than on a system as useful as a keyboard or a simple pen.. Nothing more!

Thanks for reading, and I truly hope this concise review on Guaranteed Wealth System may truly sway you from wasting any and all your money away. The final verdict is that the Guaranteed Wealth Software is a scam in its finest.

Verdict = Scam
Overall Rank = 0/100

What Now… The Better Guaranteed Wealth Software Alternative!

5 thoughts on “Guaranteed Wealth Software Review: Risky Scam Exposed!

  1. Andrew

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge about the Guaranteed Wealth Opportunity. This really helped make my final decision, and am interested in Wealthy Affiliate’s opportunity. You have a very trustworthy review on it. Anyway thank you very much Peter!

  2. Neil

    Hello, Peter.

    Thanks very much for exposing the guaranteed wealth software scam. Anything that creates red flags, sets off alwarm bells and with red lights flashing, should always be avoided at all costs.

    There are far many scams out there for my liking and it’s becoming more and more difficult to decide what to trust these days. I’m just glad and very thankful that I found Wealthy Affiliate because it sure is one of it’s kind. I’m still yet to find any other platform that can compete with Wealthy Affiliate.

    Thanks for the heads up on the guaranteed wealth software :)


    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi Neil,

      Thanks again for commenting!

      I love the loyalty involved with Wealthy Affiliate.. It truly is astounding!

      I hope people learn whats truly best for them and begin to understand truly legitimate opportunities versus scams like this “guaranteed wealth software!”

      Thanks again Neil,


  3. charles42

    Peter, thanks for sharing this nice review. But in my analysis, The system: Binary Matrix Pro ( ) is basically free to use.. only costing an extra single penny per signal, and comes with a verified seal of approval. One of the most important reasons to trust this SSP is that the trading account is verified by, an independent third party company whose mission is to verify the existence of trading accounts for ssp’s and other service providers. So the choice is yours. ( )

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Sorry Charles, but I have to disagree with you. Even if what you say is true, I’m not a fan of Binary trading whatsoever. Too many people are going broke using these types of systems. In addition, that extra penny will add up and for complete unnecessary reasons. If I had my own account, I would never allow a 3rd party system gain automatic access to it!! That’s crazy. Your system additionally makes of 1200 signals per day, maybe even per hour. Surely, these pennies will add up regardless of what you’re attempting to promote.


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