GuruClix PTC Review – Why I Don’t Recommend It!

By | November 30, 2016

Product: GuruClixGuruClix PTC Review

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Type: PTC – Paid To Click

Price: Free To Join

Rating: 50/100 – Not Recommended.


What Is GuruClix?

GuruClix is a paid to click website that pays you to view advertisements and complete tasks and offers. Unlike a survey site that pays you to complete a survey, GuruClix pays you to view an ad for a set amount of time. You can also choose to advertise instead for a very low cost. That’s probably one of the best things GuruClix has going for them. When it comes to becoming a member however, sites like GuruClix tend to pay out very small amounts.

More importantly is the fact the site does not accept PayPal. While some PTC’s do use PayPal as a payment processing option, GuruClix is only limited to Payza, Perfect Money, and Bitcoin. Nonetheless, GuruClix is an up and coming PTC site with over 25,000 members. In this following review, we’ll go over whether GuruClix is worth your time spent.


PTC Advertisements.& Earnings

Let’s start by going over the potential earnings that are involved with GuruClix. If we take a quick look at the PTC wall, we’ll be able to view all the advertisements we can possibly click on. We have the Fixed Advertisements, where each click amounts to $.0002 to $.001. Then we have the Standard Advertisements, which pay $.01 per viewed advertisement.

Lastly, we have Mini Advertisements that pay $$.0005 and Nano Advertisements, which pay $.0002. As you can tell, these earnings do not amount to much and it is especially concerning to see that these advertisements need to be viewed for a minimum of 15 seconds. Making money with a PTC like GuruClix is thus, a very hard endeavor.


Advertisers Vs. Members

On the other hand of the spectrum, we have the advertisers. These are the individuals taking advantage of the very low cost service to be able to advertise on GuruClix. A quick look at the advertising services show that most of these advertisements start as low as $1.00 and can get you up to 100’s or 1,000’s of clicks to your offer. This might be a more advantageous way of using a PTC site like GuruClix.

When it comes to advertising on GuruClix, you have a variety of options to choose from. From placing a featured text link ad at the bottom of the site to purchasing a fixed advertisement on their PTC wall for an allotted amount of time, there is no limit to how you can choose to advertise. In order to use GuruClix to your advantage as an advertiser, it’s almost important to test out an ad to see how it performs. If a certain ad isn’t converting as well, that’s something you definitely wouldn’t want to continue doing.


Drawbacks Of Using GuruClix

Here are some quick drawbacks I found when attempting to use GuruClix.

#1. Low Earnings – This is typical of any PTC site you join. Earnings tend to be very low when viewing these advertisements for obvious reasons. More importantly is the lack of the OfferWalls we tend to see on other PTC sites that pay you to complete a variety of tasks and offers daily.

#2. Use Of Rented Referrals – This is something I highly advise against. You don’t want to get into the cycle of renting referrals because it tends to result in the majority of them no longer using the service. In my experience, this tends to be a waste of time and money, no matter the strategy you try and use.

#3. Dashboard – I found that using GuruClix was not as aesthetically pleasing as most other PTC sites. This tends to be one of the best features of using a PTC.

#4. Upgrade Options – Lastly, I found the upgrade options within GuruClix to be way too overpriced, charging up to $801 for a yearly membership. I not only highly advise staying away from this, but the rest of their upgrade options as well. While it might allow you to earn a tad bit more from your viewed ads, it may not justify the cost of having to pay extra.


Advantages Of Using GuruClix

#1. Cheap Advertising – It’s hard to say whether their cheap advertising will be effective for your offer or not. But if one thing is certain, it’s great to be able to test out your offer at a very low cost. By consistently tweaking your ad, you may be able to earn more by promoting an offer.

#2. Fast Earnings – One noticeable benefit of using a PTC is the fact you can make a few dollars pretty easily and quickly. Important thing to note here is that it definitely is not a worthwhile means of earning an income in the long-run. It’s also just as important that you make sure to avoid various upgrades and ploys to making you think you’ll earn extra by paying more, such as the rented referral system.


GuruClix Overview – Is It Worth Your Time?

In my opinion, using GuruClix is more than likely not worth spending your time on, but I can’t blame you. PTC’s was one of the first kind of websites I got involved in for making extra cash. I realized however, that using PTC’s in the long-run was not a viable option for me. You may find yourself running out of luck with the site sooner than later, regardless of the many options you have for using the site.

Sometimes, the advertising itself isn’t all that effective, which makes sense given the tremendous of ads found on the site. One of the good things about PTC’s is you can’t lose out on that much, unless you were to randomly decide on upgrading for $800, which I find to be outright crazy. In my opinion, there are a lot of better sites out there you can and should utilize your time with. Click below to see what I mean :)

Have any questions regarding GuruClix or PTC’s in general? Leave your comments down below!

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