Hit Click Flow PTC Review

By | December 19, 2016

Name: Hit Click FlowHit Click Flow PTC Review

Website: hitclickflow.com

Type: PTC/Paid To Click

Price: Free to join with option to upgrade

Rank: 50/100 – Not Recommended.


What Is It?

Hit Click Flow is one of this years popular PTC website, introducing a method or two to help you effortlessly earn money. With use of an Ads Wall, Offerwall, and AdGrid, anyone can simply sign up with Hit Click Flow and start clicking on various advertisements.

Viewing these ads can in-turn reward you with an extra cent into your Hit Click Flow account. The issue with Hit Click Flow is that earnings are so minimal and that the opportunity to earn is much more limited on this site than other more popular PTC’s.


Upgrade Options

When you initially sign-up with Hit Click Flow, you are a free standard member that allows you to basically perform all of the same functions as the premium and ultimate memberships. The only differences are that the higher memberships allow you to earn more off each viewed advertisement.

They also have a higher max capacity for the number of referrals you can bring on-board. One of the main issues I found with the upgraded memberships was that the Ultimate was simply over-priced. This is seen all the time in PTCs.

For example, while the standard membership is a completely basic and free membership, the Ultimate membership will cost you nearly $700 a year. The only time you’ll want to upgrade to the Ultimate membership is when you really need to bring an unlimited amount of direct referrals to the site.

Having an Ultimate membership otherwise, will put you at risk of losing money. I would also only recommend upgrading to a Premium membership if you need to raise the Standard 200 direct referral limit to the 300 limit.


Here’s a breakdown of the prices:

#1. Standard – Free basic membership that allows you to refer up to 200 Hit Click Flow members.

#2. Premium – $75/yearly membership that allows you to refer up to 300 Hit Click Flow members.

#3. Ultimate – $699/yearly membership that allows you to refer an unlimited number of Hit Click Flow members.

In addition to the number of direct referrals you can bring on board, you’ll also see a huge list of the things affected by your membership. But I honestly, would not bother looking at these, as these aspects are nowhere near as important. For example, earning an extra $.001 by clicking an ad isn’t going to make much of a difference in your earnings or be able to justify upgrading on membership to another.

The other one big aspect that is affected between Hit Click Flow memberships are details related to rented referrals. This is something I definitely advise staying away from, since it almost always results in a loss.

Basically what this means is you pay the site to rent referrals hoping for a better return on investment, resulting from how many ads they click per day. But what I’ve found is that the majority of rented referrals tend to stop clicking after some time, resulting in a loss of earnings. This is something I wish I was told before I ever started using a PTC.



How can you earn with Hit Click Flow? Well for one, you can start clicking on ads. But why this isn’t a good idea is simple.. The earnings are just too low! Hit Click Flows PTC Wall has two types of ads you can click on in exchange for earnings. The first is a 5 second Fixed Ad, paying $.001 per viewed ad.

The second is a 30 second Standard Ad, paying out $.01 per viewed ad. I must admit though that these earnings are actually quite better than many PTCs out there that will only pay a fraction of this amount. The only issue here is that the number of ads available to view are very limited here and still, the earnings don’t add up to much.

There is however, another way you can earn with Hit Click Flow, which is by becoming the advertiser. This would mean purchasing an advertising package to advertise an offer or website to other individuals on the site. You could do this via their AdGrip advertising panel, Login Ads panel, or PTC advertising panel.



I personally found Hit Click Flows PTC website to be very basic. There weren’t a ton of opportunities per se, to earn a lot of income and there were only a few type of ads you can click on in exchange for earnings. More important is the fact the site does not accept PayPal, which could be an inconvenience to many of its members.

While it’s nice to see they have an active forum going and available support, as well as individuals who are actually getting paid out, I didn’t enjoy the low number of ads on the site.

If you’re looking for a super simple site to maybe converse with others and click on a few ads here and there, then maybe Hit Click Flow is for you. But if you’re attempting to make some kind of viable income from Hit Click Flow, I definitely wouldn’t set your expectations too high!


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