Home Cash Academy Review: Scam Or Legit?

By | December 9, 2014

Home Cash Academy Review:

Scam Or Legit?

Product: Home Cash Academy

Website: home-cash-academy com

Owner: Jenny Lee

Price: $49 Registration Fee

Overall Rank: Scam!

What Is Home Cash Academy –

Is It Legit?

 home cash academy scam or legit?

Home Cash Academy is apparently an online income earning opportunity that can be visited at Home-Cash-Academy.com and created by Jenny Lee claiming that just about anyone can make money using this product by following her simple instructions.

Nonetheless, Home Cash Academy is more of an online training program and course than anything else. What Home Cash Academy teaches is how to properly earn by posting “affiliate” links. The program nonetheless makes it sound so much easier than the true business really is.

As an affiliate marketer, I can first-handedly say that making commissions by posting links all over the internet is not only a highly unreliable method of earning money, but is possibly the most inefficient way of all.

This comes to the easy conclusion that Jenny Lee has simply used her time to compose a potentially attractive sounding opportunity to online marketing newbies. If it was that simply to make money, everyone would be doing it.

Given the fact affiliate marketing is a $4 Billion annual income producing opportunity, should show you that affiliate marketing takes MUCH more than the simple known act of Link Posting.

Something that’s been banned by a wide number of forums, including Craigslist itself. In order for you to make a sale if it were to work, would require a person to randomly come upon your link and make a purchase. Think of the chances you or someone you know would do that.

Affiliate marketing works by providing quality information and content; something Wealthy Affiliate specializes in doing, helping a countless number of online marketers earn full-time livings since 2005!!

Why Home Cash Academy Is a Scam:

1 – It provides highly unrealistic, tried, and proven tactics that DO NOT work!

2 – Jenny Lee takes the easy way out by providing a very seemingly easy route to creating falsely misconstrued instructions for her own well-being rather than actually doing something she believes in.

3 – This is seen as highly unethical; ask all the social media engines themselves! LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest have all banned links that could be going back to Amazon referral links… Hmm.. Haven’t thought of that you say? That’s right, even Pinterest. One of the newest, largest, most consumer targeted social media avenues has prevented this highly unethical act of Link Posting!

#1 Recommended Alternative – Wealthy Affiliate!

Home Cash Academy Consumer Complaints:

Some of the latest consumer complaints I’ve been hearing about this product are that the owners, Jenny Lee included will go back on any money back guarantees. Hence, as soon as you buy into her Home Cash Academy scam, don’t expect a penny back!

Also, careful if they do provide you any sort of discounts, as they are highly misleading, false, and are likely to cause you in paying the full $49 price. Lastly, there has not been any successful reports with Home Cash Academy.

Thus, I highly recommend avoiding this scam course at all costs!

Verdict: Scam!

Overall Rank: 0/100

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So You Want To Earn As An

Affiliate Marketer?

Let Me Help You!

Step 1: Open Your Own Website.

Step 2: Create Unique Content.

Step 3: Drive Traffic – Organic or Referral, both work!

Step 4: Properly Monetize by Creating Your Sales Funnel.

Done. Begin earning affiliate income!

Sounds hard?

I know. It really is.

There are a lot of technicalities in between the steps that get in the way, which is why I highly recommend this Home Cash Academy:

#1 Recommended Alternative – Wealthy Affiliate!

I hope it does wonders. Well, it will. So enjoy and thanks for reading my Home Cash Academy review. Wish you all the best!

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