Home Job Group Review: Scam Or Legit?

By | February 10, 2015

Product: Home Job Grouphome job group scam review

Website: homejobgroup com

Price: $14.95 per month, or $99.95 one-time

Rank: Scam – 5/100

What Is Home Job Group?


Home Job Group is a simple membership-based product that’s been promoting a service that claims to potentially help individuals obtain a job.

How it works is fairly simple and straight-forward. It is the opportunity’s legitimacy however, which I’ve found very questionable.

Although, Home Job Group isn’t the first of its kind to appear on the internet, the mere fact you are obligated to pay an initial fee for a job listing is simply unorthodox.

The Price To Join Home Job Group?


Home Job Group apparently offers three different payments and allows you to choose by joining under a regular $14.95 monthly fee, or a mere one-time payment of $99.95 to gain access to its list of hiring companies.

Home Job Group Is Just The Middleman!


Nevertheless, it’s very clear that Home Job Group is nothing but the middleman between the plenty of potential work from home opportunities out there and its consumers.home job group scam review

The fact the owner(s) behond Home Job Group have remained anonymous up until now should be giving you every right to feel skeptical when attempting to join this opportunity. Hence, you’ve made a good decision to arrive upon this Home Job Group review before making your final decision.

The Type Of Home Jobs Offered?


In addition to your one-time $99 payment, Home Job Group clearly states you have absolutely no guarantee of finding a job that may work out for you.

Regardless of whether there are companies attempting to hire data entry, or customer service reps, there is also a much greater likelihood of you possibly even getting scammed by the companies on there home job group scam reviewthemselves.

In some cases, Home Job Group consumer reviews have complained around various forums on the internet involving problems where:

Problem #1 – Individuals have lost their money completely, and even when asking for a refund, the Home Job Group company in-turn have lacked any response.

Problem #2 – Some of the job postings required payment in return to join survey opportunities, which in-turn, had taken personal information from them without any compensation in return.

Problem #3 – Home Job Group has claimed that some of their job postings offer salaries up to $2,000 per week. However, there has been no proof of this being true and given the type of job postings (e.g. virtual assistant, data entry, and other random various jobs)

Why Home Job Group Is a Scam!


While some or actually most of individuals out there have found it difficult to properly assess Home Job Group as a legitimate service or not, makes it all the more reason why I should personally tell you this is truly a scam, and nothing but.

Even if there is any legitimacy to it in the first point, you will find no beneficial aspects when it comes to you! You’d be much better off doing the research yourself or going onto Craigslist.

The opportunities being offered by Home Job Group are more than likely an unethical means to gaining more profits for themselves by offering the type of work from home jobs that can already be found everywhere you look.. These type of jobs are more-likely to be MLM based, taking surveys, and anything that does not require Home Job Group to go out and find the perfect job fit for you within your area.

Home Job Group Scam Overview

Needless to say, while they may offer a few freelancing opportunities, it’s important to realize that these jobs will only be offered on a one-time basis. In addition, your chances of attaining a job, or hearing any response in return is slim to none.

Verdict: Scam!

Online Scams

According to my research, I’ve found people attempting to apply to 100’s of various online job opportunities within their database, only to attain nothing in return.

Thus, I found Home Job Group as a completely flawed opportunity that I recommend staying far away from!

Now What? A Home Job Group Alternative!

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