Home Web Income Profit System Scam: Unethical Use Of Affiliate Link Posting

By | December 10, 2014
Product: Home Web Profit & My Home Income Profits
Website: homewebprofit.com
Owner: Anne Williams/Kelly Richards
Rank: Not Legit - Scam!

Home Web Profit & My Home Income Profits Scam Review

Home Web Profit also better known as Web Profits From Home is an online company developed by Anne Williams.

Home Web Profits use of sly advertising techniques such as placements of falsely intende logos like:

– “ABC”home web profit system scam

– “MNBC”

– “CNN”

They are used to merely persuade consumers with the potential legitimacy of this product.

On the contrary, this product is far from legitimate as it gets, and is surprising to see a lady such as Anne Williams go this far to guaranteeing people incomes from home, in which her products can in no way live up to!


Use Of Link Posting

One of my most recent reviews dived into the subject of affiliate link posting. What it basically is, a highly unethical tactic of simply placing affiliate links all over the internet.

People who create such products and charge a premium fee to members tend to find themselves so desperate to “getting rich,” that they persuade members through awful techniques, such as being used here in Web Profits From Home.


No Refund Guarantee

Another thing you will want to know is the simple fact that most people who buy into such worthless online scams almost 100% of the time never get back their money.

The simple fact that Home Web Profits does not work and is intended to scam others gives sense as to why they take any consumers money and simply run off.


My Home Income Profits Scam By Kelly Richards

Figured I’d hit two birds with one stone and write a quick concise overview on My Home Income Profits, another company developed by Kelly Richards. It seems as though Home Web Profits has been possibly pursued by authorities and may have possibly shut-down.

Nonetheless, I found the importance in reviewing both of these products as one, since they simply use the same earning techniquesmy home income profit system scam, that is by utilization of Link Posting. This is nothing but another replicated clone of Home Web Profits and comes to show the complete irrelevancy these two companies have with being able to earn a real income online.

Moreover, whether or not My Home Income Profits is owned by the same people behind Home Web Profits, shouldn’t really matter.

As we now know the truth behind these types of Link Posting scams used to take your money and give nothing else in return, either by falsely over-hyped advertising, e-mail spamming, or any other way of getting your undivided attention.

Unlike Home Web Profits however, My Home Income Profits goes all the way in telling you that there is more wealth for the taking than imaginable – a highly false claim!

In addition, while Home Web Profits has proven to try and persuade its legitimacy through the false means of “trademark” advertising, My Home Income Profits takes another route by simply over-exaggerating the amount of money you can make with their product.


My Home Income Profits – Guaranteed Loss Of Money!

Whatever you do, please stay as far away as you can from both these products. Ignore whatever they have to tell you and listen to your instincts.

There is no reason as to why this product would share some “false pretentious money-making secret” with you if that were to be the case. Wouldn’t they simply keep it to themselves and go on doing what they know to be best?

Clearly not, thus easily solving our case here that both:

My Home Income Profits and Home Web Profits are complete fraudulent online scams looking to take away your money and nothing more.


So Now What?

Great question! Here is a much better online earning alternative I couldn’t recommend more! In-fact I believe you’ll be grateful after reading the following review to see what’s in store for you.

Affiliate-Sale believes that you deserve better, if not the best, and would like to make you aware that the ability to make consistent online earnings is more than possible. You just have to find the right products and services to help you among your online marketing journey!


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5 thoughts on “Home Web Income Profit System Scam: Unethical Use Of Affiliate Link Posting

  1. Cathy

    Hi Peter,

    I am writing an article on the appropriate use of affiliate links when I come across your post. These two sites proved some of the facts that I have researched. While they smell of scams, they should also know that posting affiliate links all over the site will be condemned by most of the search engines algorithm in times to come. Once they move down the SERPs, they’ll have to figure out a ‘better way’ to profit from their so-called home based business.

    Good luck on that!

    1. Peter G.

      Hey Cathy,

      That’s great to hear your already getting ready to publish a new post. I think you’ve picked a wonderful topic to write about and am relieved to hear that this led you to my website!

      Even better, is the relevancy you’ve found between what you plan on writing with the information I’ve posted about affiliate link spamming. What you say is very true, not only will they be penalized by search engines, but even by social media, forums, and discussions, such as Quora for example.

      Nevertheless, I just want to clear up that both these systems along with Home Web Income Profits System do not rely upon affiliates even having their own website or blog. On the contrary, the systems that they use are geared to train members in teaching them how to simply spam affiliate links wherever they can.. Be that Facebook, twitter, etc., not only is it pointless, but is proving that the financial outcome is slim to none.

      I’m glad you found some good use in this post. Best of luck in your new post Cathy and am excited to read your own take on how to appropriately use affiliate links!


  2. John

    Products with names like “Ann Williams” and “Kelly Richards” are usually scams. In most cases, they are a made up name, with the real owner hiding behind it. What we have here, is another big fat scam!

    1. Peter G.

      No doubt about it John! Its astounding to see the number of Link Posting scams attempting to pose as legitimate opportunities. It is no wonder the people and owners behind them create the most false and fake personas simply to hide themselves in case they get caught.

      Eventually every type of these products will get shut-down, sooner or later. What a shame the amount of money these guys steal from everyday regular people.


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