HomeJobStop Review: Scam Or Legit?

By | March 22, 2015

Name: HomeJobStop

Website: www.homejobstop.com

Price: $12 to $24

Rank: 5/100

What Is HomeJobStop?

Home Job Stop is a website and service focused on helping online individuals try and find work-from-home jobs. The problem with their service however, consists of a lack of customer support, and attempting to provide jobs that seem at all legitimate. As a result the number of consumer complaints remain widespread,and the testimonials make one agree to believe that their service is really nothing more than the typical online scam.

Thus, the reason for this review is to give you better insight on the legitimacy of this so-called potential job based opportunity.

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It is also a result of a large number of unnoticed consumer complaints dealing with HomeJobStop scamming too many individuals. I personally find it is fairly unsurprising given the number of todays scams and to see a service like this one go around making members pay for fake job postings, use of fake positive consumer reviews as a way to unethically make some money.

How Much Is It To Join HomeJobStop?

The website furthermore, requires you pay a membership fee of $12 to $24, giving you access to their “entire job database.”

Despite the companies advantages listing jobs from all sorts of categories, HomeJobStop has received a large number of complaints from consumers.

HomeJobStop Job Bank Includes:

– Clerical

– Engineering

– Programming

– Finance

– Creative Art and Design

– Human Resources

– Writing

– Medical Transcription

– Customer Service

– Sales & Marketing

As you can see, the majority of HomeJobStop job bank includes job categories that seem to be very professional in nature, and usually, would result in the individual working a career instead of looking for some kind of “engineering” work online. Many of these consist real and actual salaries, not to mention the years of his or her degree, the amount of education, and all the money spent, to get a solid background in just about any one of these potential jobs. To be able to find an “online engineering job,” in my opinion, is not a very sensible idea!

Moreover, HomeJobStop.com is only available to United State residents, though there are few positions open to Canada as well. But, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, as you already know!

HomeJobStop Reputation

The reputation of this service seems to have done will in terms of its standing reputation with BBB.

Although, BBB should not to be trusted and are known to better and improve certain company reviews for a one-time simple monetary exchange.

It was hard for me to believe at first too, but after some in-depth research I confirmed that this is indeed the truth.

HomeJobStop Consumer Complaints

In regards to consumer complaints concerning HomeJobStop, they just seem to be endless!

These genuine consumer complaints claim that HomeJobStop is a complete rip off, waste of time, and money.

In my opinion, the aggregate of these consumer complaints puts Home Job Stop in such a horrible light claiming the service to operate simply in order to collect membership fees.

Hence, the majority of these home-based-job postings are expired, fake, and/or not even existent!!

HomeJobStop Overview

To have to pay for some unprofessional potential home-based-opportunity is outrageous. HomeJobStop seems to take great advantage of this home-based audience looking for some simple work. As a result of it’s extremely cheap service, I very much hope that the majority of online individuals will be able to find this review first, before making any rash decision.

The fact they are posting fake and expired job listings on the website makes this opportunity absolutely senseless. With the number of home-based scams today, I am in no way surprised!

Verdict: Scam.
Rank: 0/100

For a legitimate home-based opportunity, please see my #1 recommendation.

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