My Review Of The Clickbank Pirate Scam!

By | January 26, 2015

clickbank pirate scam reviewProduct: Clickbank Pirate
Owner: David Blaze
Type: Affiliate Marketing
Price: $67 One-Time Fee
Rank: 27/100

With Clickbank being one of the first platforms I was introduced to as an online marketer, I feel it only fair to share my information and knowledge on this product, Clickbank Pirate.

I understand, like most people out there, getting started online that one of your major priorities and/or goals is to really get going with Clickbank.. To start raking in those commissions on autopilot.. And most-importantly, to have and set-up your very own system that can consistently bring you more and more cash from products being purchased on Clickbank.

Question is, can Clickbank Pirate facilitate your ability in doing so? Does product provide the “secret” answers to your hidden Clickbank gold mine? If you’re looking for these specific answers, then this is a review you’ll want to continue to read.

First of all…

What Is Clickbank Pirate?

Clickbank Pirate is a product that is familiar among most members of the affiliate marketing world. Like most products however, claiming to make you loads of cash, Clickbank Pirate while using the same boring old claims, happens to offer nothing unique nor special from the occasional clickbank type product.

You’re first thoughts and/or impressions on this product possibly deal with the fact you’re offered an easy way of making Clickbank affiliate commissions, without any unique website nor presence in place. In-fact Clickbank Pirate goes all the way to claim that they’ll do all the selling for you through their “unique turnkey system.”

So, how can Clickbank Pirate be of any help if it’s not teaching you correctly, how to attain the necessary targeted traffic to make any sales to begin with?

What Does Clickbank Pirate Offer?

After having purchased Clickbank Pirate, you’ll be receiving:

#1 – A set of squeeze pages – Yep. Those same boring ones we see on everyday traffic exchanges and the like.. These squeeze pages provide you with a simple form for your visitors to enter in their e-mail address.

#2 – A pre-made WordPress Website.

#3 – P.L.R Articles – Also better known as, Private Label Rights articles. If you’re not sure what this is, I’ve written a thorough review on what they are here. I’ll additionally be covering it within this article as well.

Clickbank Pirate Claims:

One of the most outrageous claims being made by Clickbank Pirate is the fact they are offering you this easy way out to avoid you from putting in any effort or work by simply telling you they’ll do all the selling for you.

Well, if that would truly be the case, why offer you such a product in the first place?

Good thinking, huh!

Basically, it’s as though their motto is “you buy this product from us, and we’ll make $1,000’s of in Clickbank sales for you.”

If you don’t see the logic in this by now, you’re mind is on the right track!

What About The Offered Turnkey Products?

Oh the term Turnkey, I can’t stand it. Want to know why? Because its fake, no product can nor has ever in the history of this world offered a system, that you can simply buy, and in-turn begin spitting out money for you. It’s like saying hey, I’m going out real quick to go purchase the nearest ATM!

So now we’ve thoroughly covered this term Turnkey! But why would a product like Clickbank Pirate and so many others use this term in the selling of its product?

Because essentially, people are attracted to an easy system that can make easy and big money. Too bad that’s not a real thing. The closest thinig I’ve personally seen myself come to this is with Wealthy Affiliate – a product I highly recommend! If you really want to make sales as a Clickbank Affiliate, then Wealthy Affiliate is the best way to go.

Why Clickbank Pirates a Scam?

Because, just like its name, this product is nothing but piracy – thieves just waiting to take your money and offer you some kind of e-book, pre-written PLR articles, and the most simplistic basic WordPress Website you can imagine. The complaints over Clickbank Pirate are so many in number that this product has truly lost all chance of potential legitimacy.

Before we go, let me briefly mention a bit more about how the product works:

For the price of $67 you are offered a pre-made website with pre-written PLR articles with no traffic to turn to or rely upon. The use of pre-written PLR articles that is given to you, is simply something I have yet to understand.

These are articles that are basically written and sold to a wide number of bloggers to help them increase traffic and/or to lure in more interest.

These articles are simply no good for use as they are simultaneously being used by 100’s of other Clickbank Pirate affiliates as well. Hence, Google will automatically have no choice but to put your new website where it can’t be seen by any unique traffic or visitors, thus resulting in.. 0 sales.

What Is The Key To Making Money On Clickbank?

In order to really be able to make money on Clickbank you must have a WordPress website, simply to get you started. However, you must look at this as your simple foundation. What really will make you stand-out as a Clickbank affiliate is your own unique content! Content that is original and only written by you and will conclusively become appreciate by Google and search engines.

The End-Result?

An increasing number of everyday traffic (now that’s what I like to call, Turnkey!). But, rather than buying and allowing some system such as Clickbank Pirate to control the ultimate losing outcome by offering you all the no good pre-made necessities, you now hold all the cards in your hand.

To go about doing so, the very first thing you will need, before your most basic WordPress website is the proper guidance, mentorship, and step-by-step tutorials.. the same exact ones that have been proven to work for many, many years (10+ to be exact)!

Where To Find The Best Clickbank Affiliate Training?

Here’s an excellent comparison table to give you a better perspective on the following two products side-by-side. Yes, while one will offer you the right and most truthful steps to going about it the right way and the other offering you the “easy way out,” it’s easy to see why one is highly legitimate and the other has been known as a scam for close to a whole year now.. Check Out This Comparison!

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