How To Build A Website For Free To Rank From Scratch!

By | November 12, 2014


How To Build A Website For Free To Rank From Scratch!

In todays post, I figured it time to spice things up a bit. By that I mean straying away from the everyday daily post review on scam products versus legitimate products. The reason for that is one I find to be very special, as it will both teach, show, and allow you how to start your own online business from scratch.

That’s right!

In the following review we’re going to cover the steps it takes for you, whether your desire is to be an online marketer, affiliate marketer, MLM’er, network marketer, an offline business, or just an everyday simple blogger looking to increase your visibility and presence.

Thankfully, the internet has allowed for an increase in worldwide communication, while Google has allowed the exchange of everyday information to be taken place faster than any rate elsewhere. It has become the answer to every question, the solution to every problem, and even better, our everyday go-to resource to finding exactly what we need.

Hence, the fact that online marketing is expected to rise in an all-time high $4.6 billion dollars in profit by 2016!

Talk about one heck of an amazing “internet economical condition”… But yet, we all find ourselves in a bit of a struggle. At one point or another, whether we are brand new to creating our online presence, or are as good as a Vietnam veterinary expert, we all find something standing in the way when it comes to furthering our success and ability to help one another.

Thanks for hanging in there.. It was a long introduction.

But isn’t that the most beautifully precious gift, we as online marketers, as bloggers, as webmaster, as whomever we are.. have! I find the natural ability in speaking so freely to the world and having our voice heard is second to none.. Almost better than any monetary gain! The reason remains, that we can continue on doing so, for years and years to come.

The Marathon To Ranking #1 On Google

Nevertheless, many a times, actually MOST of the time, do we not have such hurdles to overcome, simply just to tie on our laces in preparation of this metaphorical… marathon? Are we not continually racing and striving to better ourselves, our businesses, and better yet, our individual or corporate businesses.. So that we may be noticed the very second we cross the finishing line?

I call this a marathon because just like Google, its where the search engines decide in ranking our content that gives us the true value of our presence. If you find yourself or your business ranked 1st post, on the 1st page of Google, in-front of all your highly-specific competitors, can you only imagine, the happiness you would feel?

I, for one, am entirely aware of that glorious balcony view.. Therefore as we go through the following presentation, please.. pay close attention, while keeping in mind, very few attain the luxury of landing upon such hidden secrets that will be readily revealed in order to get your blog, your offline business, or 5000+ employee corporation, taking over the search engines.. in its absolute entirety.



How To Build A Website With Wordpress For Free.

I’m assuming many of you have a website or blog already in place.. If so awesome! You then have something you can work on daily; whether it be a side-project, or a primary income earner, as the significance in believing in yourself as we go through the following processes can not be underestimated.

If you DO NOT have your own website or blog… Bad, bad, bad!  I mean, how could you do that.. to me? Nah, I’m only messing with you. (Quick Tip: Don’t take my jokes as an unprofessional means to gaining your attention). After all, with the internet, we have the world in our own palms.

So with an open mind, lets finish off step number 1 here. What do you say?

By the count of… 60 seconds, come up with a beautiful name of a website. This can be WHATEVER you want it to be. With this website we are going to:

A) Build it!

B) Bring traffic to it!

C) Monetize it! 

So, choose something you have a passion in. If you hate skiing, then you must be a snowboarder! What a great niche to build your first website upon.. By the way, whoever claims in telling you this is a total waste of time, simply look at all the wonderful information I am writing for you, then ask yourself, why wouldn’t I want to build myself a free website that can earn me money? (Duh..) :)

Okay now that your 60 seconds are up, and have made your decision, type in a few variations of your website name below until it has found one. (Make sure you come right back.. We’re not finished!) – This here will create your website (for $99.99!).. Cool, right?

Only Kidding!

It literally is free and yours for the taking.. In-fact, I may even be paying a buck for you. Don’t worry,

I’ll fork this bill for you, as long as you continue to follow my advice!

Step Number 2:

How To Build A Website To Rank For Free

Have you heard of the term “Keywords? They are absolutely 100% CRUCIAL to success. It’s the MAKE or BREAK to your website! That is why I personally use, recommend, and can vouch for the personal effectiveness of Jaaxy!

Those who have heard the term however, are probably most-likely using either the incorrect tools or insufficient ones that don’t tell you your competition, while handing you the RIGHT dependable keywords to help you in building up your business.

Lets truly simplify things here and make thing everything easy and smooth for us.. Because honestly, they just SHOULD be!

Anyway, I took it upon myself to make sure I knew all the specifics involved with what we call today as Keyword Research. You see without this proper due diligence, your website, your blog may sadly lose all its potential leverage, and ability to ranking first on Google. That’s what I call.. sad! On the contrary, people might tell you “Oh its too hard to rank first on google, no way should you go ahead to try and do all this..” Don’t listen to them, why? Well when done correctly (or better yet my way), it’s not hard. Point is, information you have been fed is likely to have been highly misconstrued and over-complified.

At first, I admit, I was frightened. But not until I finally fully educated myself and found my ability to rank this website first for a various number of terms. Sure, not all of them. But that’s because I’m in a COMPETITIVE NICHE! I chose to do so but honestly, it makes no difference for me. Because by BLOGGING, and writing content as I am now, people can find your website easily, when you use long-tailed keywords through out your post consistently by the simple, powerful use of Jaaxy. Hence, the importance of blogging. If there is one thing you must take from this, is that content with (low-competitive) keywords will equal your success…. shhh – that’s the big secret!

Step Number 3:

Putting The Pieces Together Using Jaaxy Keyword Tool (v2.0!)

Now that we know the high-importance placed on our two terms: Blogging + Keywords, we can rank high on Google. But, we must use the proper necessary tools, one of those, being a keyword research tool for SEO. Essentially, this will be the only “off-site SEO” we’ll really ever need to know. Everything else in terms of SEO is not only overboard confusing, but very unnecessary. Hence, the hype and the information overload placed on this SEO can honestly.. almost be titled as bull.. Then again, I see why so many websites place such emphasis upon SEO:

1 – To help people who have wrongly used niche websites re-gain lost traffic as a result of senseless “backlinking” type acts.

2 – Simply for authoritative marketing websites to gain large amounts of traffic. Yeah sure, let them have all the cool awesome SEO content traffic. Whats all the fuss over!

Then What Happens Is?

This importance of SEO goes… SO VIRAL! It’s like Ahhh… Pay no mind.

We’re not like them, we don’t need some fast-track, seemingly over-intelligent route to ranking our websites. All we need are our.. what again?

1 – KEYWORDS & 2 – BLOGGING (consistently writing content with a recommended dose of 2-3x’s per week!)

Now Let’s Go Find Our Keywords.. “For SEO”!

You’re probably asking which keyword tool do I use, and how do I use them. To be quite frank, you’ve asked the best two possible questions, and I thank thee for that! Lets make this easy.

Scenario A. (Like shooting a blank in the sky!)

We can always use Google. But (yes always a but), can we always RELY on Google…?

For example if I go ahead and search “how to shoot a blank in the sky,” there’s a million different possibilities to that answer. Hence, the question is vague, its general, and chances are, we’re not going to find the exact answer we look for on the first page we click.

You’ll see where I’m getting at.

To use Google for keyword research purposes, here is what you’ll want to do… Search a keyword using in between the phrase. The result that will come up are the exact number of competitors you’re up against. The reason I don’t prefer this method is because 1 – takes too long & 2 – its going to be difficult to find proper keywords in bulk when going against your competition.

Right now we have 2 primary goals:


1- Find a keyword with the highest traffic

2- Find a keyword with the lowest competition

As you can (maybe) see, its somewhat contradictory. Chances are 99% of the time keywords with the highest traffic have the highest competition. On the contrary, keywords with the lowest amount of traffic have the lowest amount of competition… Meaning: The keywords we are likely hoping to rank for are most-likely taken by 100’s of other competing websites. Our end-result being..? Keywords that aren’t being searched for very often! Even worse, is when bloggers erroneously use External Google’s keyword search tool (I know I have!), improperly evaluating competition, as it becomes nearly impossible. Nonetheless, finding those diamond traffic gaining keywords is simply 100x’s harder than….

Scenario B: (B for Better!)

In that case, moving on to option #2 (a much better scenario that will get us ranking in google QUICKLY!):


Because by using the proper tools, we can magically predict, where we’ll be ranking and the kind of traffic we’ll be looking at. Many of the times, it can be an ALL or NOTHING approach.. Hence, the significance, in finding the RIGHT keywords. Many a times they’ll be long, 3 to 4 words, but have hundreds even thousands of searches per month!! Imagine your website or your blog ranked #1 and the kind of traffic and presence your business will have with the right keywords in place.

So now that you have your free website, or one of your own already, lets go ahead and work some of our magic here. Notice how I’ve simplified the process using the widget underneath. This will help me, help you, in locating the right keywords for the premise of your websites content.

So let us say your website is on playstation 4.. is it? Awesome! I’ve been wanting to test that out for quite awhile now. I want to know ALL about it, the games, everything. Are you even going to provide video game reviews, and maybe good places online where I can buy it for cheap? Yeah?! Wow, you’re awesome. I’m going to make sure to bookmark your website and come back frequently…. that is, as long as I can find it FIRST! So, our last step here – Simply search a relevant 2-3 word keyword phrase, and simply evaluate the list of keywords you attain in return.



Higher SEO Power = Better ; Red Light/Signal = DON’T USE! Green Light/Signal = DEF. USE! ; QSR is important = the number of competitors. Jaaxy’s red/green light signals however already take note in calculating the ultimate value of your keyword. Also know you can save all your amazing new keywords into separate lists for later use for different blog posts.

That’s it!

By utilizing our tool called Jaaxy, we not only have just 1 mere resource to glance over at everyday!

Instead we have a tool that is shouting out for ALL – Newbie, Beginning, Intermediate, Novice, Expert, Professional…  Experienced Marketers. This is the all-in-one suite that we need. This is the type of tool you see located on the upper left hand corner of your Safari bookmark browser  because its that awesome. This is the only tool you need along with WordPress (and/or Express) to START creating consistent highly-ranked content.

Jaaxy + WordPress =

Metaphorically equivalent to the newest and best iPhone apps (for marketers)! ;)

Now that we have everything all setup, and running, with the 3-steps above you cannot go wrong with your online marketing techniques… You might be the worlds biggest online marketing newb, but thankfully for this post, you are now creating the blog and website of a lifetime!

Last Tip:

With this page still being Under Construction, please make your way over to my #1 recommended affiliate program. This will help further your experience as an online marketer, and GREATLY improve upon your ability to “Monetize” your website. By that I mean creating content that sells, metaphorically & literally! ;)

As always… Leave any questions, comments, concerns, thank you notes, etc. below!


Peter G.


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11 thoughts on “How To Build A Website For Free To Rank From Scratch!

  1. Luz

    Wow, I’m very surprised! Your post is so informative, sistematized and well written that, even though I am a newbie, I haven’t had problems to understand how to get started online and, most importantly, how to get your website ranked. From now on I won’t forget that creating quality content and finding the right keywords are crucial. Thanks for your help! :-)

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hey Luz!

      I really appreciate it. Although, something tells me I could have written my post just a little bit better. Anyway as long as its proving to provide value and is helping as many people online, well then I’m happy as long as you are! :)


  2. Jackie Masteron

    Really good article! Search Engine Optimization is easily the most powerful traffic source available, but it’s REALLY got a strong learning curve and takes some time to develop. Sometimes I’d prefer to have it outsourced, depending on the keywords i’m targeting.

    Apart from SEO, my main source of free traffic comes from Facebook. For me, it’s a lot quicker to get started since the traffic is pretty much instant. Facebook is the most popular website on the world, so it’s pretty easy to generate a couple thousand targeted visitors using various strategies. If you want to check out a cool article on how I do it, you can here:

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Wow that’s interesting Jackie! Nice meeting you by the way. I must say Facebook has not been an integral part of my SEO and marketing strategy. I’ve found myself delving as of lately more into mediums such as Pinterest, Google Plus, Twitter, and LinkedIn. For me, those four seemingly do very well, and truly help in allowing Google to “find a reason” to rank my posts and content quite high. Without utilizing these I know my website wouldn’t be as successful as it is today!

      That’s not to say Facebook is a bad place to start at all. I agree it could definitely be one of the best, especially if you’re creating a page specific to your very website, then I believe it could be immensely useful! Maybe in the future I can see that becoming apart of the bigger picture and plan here.

      As for today, my focus is truly based on building out more SEO-friendly content.. Posts that gain the necessary comments and engagement to keep on building the rank of! I must say though that without Wealthy Affiliate I would never have found myself in such a truly grateful place to begin with :)

  3. Muriel

    Hi Pete,
    I loved reading your blog post as there’s a lot of useful information in it. Great job! I also like it how you allow your visitors to test things out for themselves right here on your website. When they use the jaaxy widget, do they have to register for a free account?

  4. kathy

    A comprehensive and well written article. You’ve packed a lot of good info in there, I enjoyed reading it. :)

  5. Neil

    Hi, Peter

    There’s planrty of awesome here for people to feast there eyes on when it comes to learning how to build a free website and especially how to get it ranked in Google.

    I think there is plenty of comeptition out there, but as long as people keep pumping out quality content and choosing low hanging fruit keywords, then anyone and everyone can be successful online…

    Just like you and I ;)

    A lot of newbies will benefit from this article.

    Cheers, dude!


    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hey Neil,

      Thanks a lot W.A. brother :)

      That means a lot. I love our Wealthy Affiliate family. I’ve found it time to really start paying it forward and help those looking for the best possible way to get started online. Without W.A., there’s no way I could have ever ranked so tremendously well within Google!

      I agree that there is truly, an insane amount of competition out there on the internet, but as long as we focus on our own intentions and results, our ability to separate ourself from the herd only makes our online blogging efforts that much more successful!

      Thanks for the compliment Neil. I’ve learned SO MUCH in just these past few months and am so grateful to learn the importance of consistency in writing content with very minimal affiliate links.

      Not only does this lead to greater user engagement, but much higher long-term success.




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