How To Find Affiliate Marketing Niche Ideas For Your Website

By | December 4, 2015

How To Find Affiliate Marketing Niche Ideas For Your Website

When starting any new niche website, we want to make sure that our efforts are going to be profitable, right? Of course, we’re not just building a website merely to sell products. The art of blogging and affiliate marketing really comes down to more than that. It’s about informing and helping out our targeted audiences and that’s when the sales come in.

But one thing I’ve always found is so many individuals don’t end up capitalizing on their niche like they should be. Did you know that there are potentially thousand dollar priced items within your niche.. Maybe they’re not directly related, or maybe they are. If you think outside the box however, and think of ways to include these external links out to these Amazon products, you could end up making a whole lot more than you bargained for.

In this post I’d like to show you how you can find a highly profitable affiliate niche for your website. Finding a profitable niche doesn’t always happen right away, but with the right approach to your research, you can come across an entire goldmine of profitable niches.

How To Find Affiliate Marketing Niche Ideas For Your Website Using Amazon

What I like to use and what I always find easiest when browsing for a new niche is Amazon. Not only do you have an entire selection of products you can look through, but can use the number of reviews to gauge what people are looking for. And remember, the more targeted your niche, the better. However, the biggest indicator I use to find any profitable niche are the price of the items in any given category.

If we can just find the highest and best-priced items on Amazon, then we most-certainly have a profitable affiliate marketing niche in our hands. But before I get into listing some of the highest priced niches I’ve been able to find on Amazon, let me just go over how you can do this with almost no effort. It’s a very simple yet unique process I recommend using everytime you’re looking for a new niche to start your affiliate marketing business.

First of all, let’s head over to and start by using any random category you see. I would recommend choosing a category you think might be more profitable then others. For starters I chose the “health care” category and clicked on the first sub-category I saw.

Step 1: Show Results for Health Care –> Alternative Medication

As you can imagine, the health care niche is huge and alternative medication is probably one of the more demanding sub-categories. In addition, there are almost 50,000 products within this sub-niche alone.

Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niche

Step 2: Choosing a Category

There are a number of categories we can choose here, but for starters I simply clicked on the first one I saw, which is “Light Therapy.” Sounds like a more modern and trending niche doesn’t it?

Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niche

Some other interesting sub-categories that are probably worth looking into are probably sound therapy and magnetic therapy as well.

Step 3: Now let’s sort these products by price from High To Low.

Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niche


Profitable Affiliate Niche Idea #1: Health Care/Back Pain Niche + Light Therapy Device

There we have it and as you can see we’ve already found an ” Infrabed Infrared Light Therapy Bed” that goes for $26,950. If I was in this niche however, here is a great product I would definitely be looking to promote. It has 15 customer reviews, goes for $5,499, and is used as an anti-inflammatory treatment for muscle, joint, and back pain.

Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niche

Now this looks like an excellent product to promote within this niche and sounds a lot better then promoting all those $50 or $100 products that might not make you nearly as much as making these high-end sales. Not to mention that the product has so many benefits and is probably something more people than you might think are looking for.

Profitable Affiliate Niche Idea #2 – Cooking & Caviar

For example, let’s say you have a recipe, cooking, or site even teaching others how to grill. Well did you know that jars of caviar can go for $10,000 on Amazon and they actually sell! Now imagine introducing this concept of using caviar as an additional ingredient or topping on one of your homemade recipes.

Profitable Caviar Niche

Jar of Caviars Being Sold for $6,000+ on Amazon!

Well maybe, you don’t sell the $10,000 bottle of caviar, but do sell your alternative $500 recommendation. Not to mention, think of the number of clicks you’ll get to Amazon just from the individuals who are so curious to see what this $10,000 bottle of caviar is about. It’s a win-win situation and the more creative you are in your research and your thought process, the more success you’ll have as an affiliate marketer – guaranteed!

Profitable Affiliate Niche Idea #3 – Build Your Dream Home Niche + Electric Generators

Now this might sound like a very detailed description of a niche, but am using it just as an example to show how you can go about including a highly profitable product within your niche. There are plenty of newly wed couples out there looking to build their dream home and they want advice.

Electric generators are something that can be used, talked about, and promoted even within the survival niche, local businesses, or people who are starting their own brick and mortar business. Here’s a niche where we can find an endless number of extremely high-priced models ranging anywhere from $3,000 to $20,000. Why not recommend these to individuals looking to start a new home or business?

Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niche

Profitable Affiliate Niche Idea #4: Sports Niche + Collectibles

The sports niche by itself is already a very profitable niche. But why not add some card collectibles to the mix? Now the example below might be a bit over-exaggerated, but if you do a quick search on Amazon a lot of these collectible cards (that are in high-demand mind you) are sold in the 1,000’s of dollars. There are most-definitely some hardcore baseball fanatics out there, so resonate with them and you are sure to make some high commissions.

Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niche

Now who would have thought you could make a living by selling off baseball card collectibles?!

Profitable Affiliate Niche Idea #5: Home Decoration Niche + Furniture/Upholstery

Maybe you have a niche related to home decoration, upholstery, or maybe even college living. Well if you look closely on Amazon, you can find some very nice and some other overly expensive furniture items. Take this Asfour Crystal Tut Ankh Amon Chair for example, priced at “only” $140,000 with 13 user reviews. Now if I was a millionaire, I’d probably look at investing into one of these. Wouldn’t you? :)

Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niche

Let me also just say, that any niche can be a profitable one regardless of whether there are high-priced items or not. This very easy to use technique however, can be used to simplify and break down the kind of niche you want to choose and is especially great for PPC marketing as well. It is also great if you’re looking to find more products you want to talk about within your niche or are even looking to expand your niche website.

These are just a few of some highly profitable niche business ideas I personally found browsing around Amazon. Now that you’re aware of my unique strategy to finding profitable affiliate marketing niches, I’m sure you might have some of your own. But, feel free to use any one of these listed on the site.

I’m sure there are plenty more profitable niches to be found by using Amazon. But last thing I want to mention is to make sure you choose a niche that is not only profitable but you have a passion in and a fondness for. Don’t just go forward and choose something because of the high potential commissions within that niche. Starting a niche website is really like starting your own business.

So if you have an interest in something particular I suggest heading over to Amazon and browsing around for some profitable items then building your website based around that product. Now if you need help, advice, or even the most solid step-by-step tutorial to building out the framework of your website, check out WA. They also give some great ideas on ways you can find your own profitable niche to begin capitalizing on those profits!

Thanks for checking out today’s blog post. If you have any niche ideas of your own or any questions you’d like me to answer, feel more than free to leave the below.

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