3 Ways To Find Niche Products To Sell Using Affiliate Programs

By | December 6, 2015

There are 100’s and even 1000’s of affiliate marketing products to promote in a given niche. But not all niches are equal and for some, it can be a difficult task knowing where and how to find the best products to promote.

Take a niche like ballet or dancing for example, there isn’t exactly a huge variety of products to promote, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find them. Thanks to the huge number of affiliate marketing networks, affiliate marketing products can be found for just about any niche if researched correctly.

Let’s go back to the ballet niche for example. While I’m sure you can find some products to promote on Amazon like books on how to be a better dancer or the best ballet outfits, you can certainly expand on your product line by using the right affiliate marketing networks.

To get started let’s head onto Google and begin searching for affiliate marketing networks. But in case our niche is very defined or specific, there is a very easy way to get started finding the right products.

Ballet Niche Example:

What you want to do is start by searching your niche followed by affiliate marketing networks.

It should look something like “ballet + affiliate marketing networks.

Then we should see an entire page of results showing the various affiliate marketing networks we can use to start promoting products within our niche site. Not only does this help us better monetize our site, but can even help by giving us more content to offer our targeted audience. Here are the page 1 results for ballet + affiliate marketing networks:

How to find affiliate marketing products to promote in our niche

Here we’ve found a few great listings for our “ballet niche,” but I especially like our first result titled The Ballet Bible Affiliate Program that you can promote by signing up for Click2Sell. It’s a $47 product paying out 60% in commissions and you only need a PayPal account to get started. The next listing is by offer vault (another great affiliate network) offering a ballet product for $29 teaching fundamental dancing skills.

Let’s say however, I’m not happy with the number of listings or products within this niche. Well the next I can do is remove the word marketing and just type in “ballet + affiliate networks.” By doing so I’ve found a network that is only dedicated to selling dancing products and are looking for new dancing type niches to join. Now this is a network I’d probably be looking to get involved with.


How to find affiliate marketing products to promote in our niche


Here is another good looking affiliate network I’ve found for our ballet niche:


How to find affiliate marketing products to promote in our niche

As you can see there are niche products you can promote for just about any niche possible. The most important deciding factor for you is what kind of products you want to promote. There are both digital and physical products you can promote, but I always recommend using a combination of both, but it’s really up to you. While Amazon is a great source and tool for finding the best niche products to promote, you can always use these affiliate networks to start selling some high commission digital products that will probably end up selling very well.

Other Affiliate Networks You Can Use

Have you heard of Clickbank? Well this just so happens to be one of the largest affiliate networks out there selling digital and informational products, containing everything from betting advice to better parenting. The list is just endless and I’m positive you can find a few products here for your niche.

How To Find The Best Products to Promote on Clickbank

Now if you do decide to use a network like Clickbank, there are a few things you should be aware of as you begin browsing through the category section. Once you’ve found a category that is relative to your niche, it’s important to sort these products by highest gravity. Gravity means that these are the best selling products on Clickbank and could make all the difference in your affiliate marketing efforts.

How to find best products to promote on clickbank

So just because the price of one product might be higher than another, doesn’t always mean it will be the best one for you to promote. Other factors you want to look out for is the Avg Re-bill Total and Percentage. A lot of these products include recurring monthly commissions, which is why I’m a big fan of Clickbank. Sell a product once, and make the commissions a thousand times over by making a commission every following month.

Other Great Methods To Monetize Your Content

But, selling digital and physical products through your website isn’t the only available method for you to make a commission. Have you heard of CPA networks? Well this stands for Cost Per Action and basically it means that every time someone takes a certain action such as, filling out a form, handing their e-mail address, or even using a free trial, you get paid on a per action basis. This is a great form of monetization since the majority of these tasks are very simple and it can be easy to get your visitors to take a simple action versus having to buy a product.

So let’s say we’re in the betting niche. Here is how we would go about finding a CPA network to begin monetizing our website. Search for Betting + CPA Networks and we should find a list of networks we can start to use. The cool thing about this is that you can find hundreds or even thousands of offers depending on your niche and each one of these offers tells you the action that needs to be taken in order for you to convert. The thing I like about these CPA offers is the fact that some will pay up to $100’s for a sale, while others will pay $10 or $20 for a simple e-mail! Target the right audience, and these CPA offers can literally become a goldmine for you.

Finding The Best Products To Promote For Your Niche

Finding products to promote for your affiliate marketing website shouldn’t be a difficult task. By using the simple methods listed above, you can find a number of products to promote. From everything from physical products to digital and informational products, there is something for everyone here.

If you’re considering using CPA offers as an alternative to monetizing your content, that might not be such a bad idea. In-fact you can still sell some high-end products with this method, while offering lower end commissions by having people sign up for trials and even giving their e-mail address. Two of the best CPA networks I would recommend using for this are PeerFly and OfferVault.

Just take note that this method of monetization is a bit more limited and might not be as fitting to every niche out there. In that case, start using as many physical products on Amazon that you see fit combined with a nice mixture of some digital and informational products that can be found on networks like Clickbank. In the end, you should have a fully monetized site with plenty of products people will find interesting within your niche!

Last but not least, always make sure to check out other niche websites to see what else is being promoted and other ideas you can use for your own website. You can also always try Google Adsense, but I find it isn’t always the best option. You need plenty of traffic and visitors in order to make anything worthwhile. Give one of the methods above a shot, and if you have any specific questions on what to do with your niche or still need to products you want to promote, just ask below!


2 thoughts on “3 Ways To Find Niche Products To Sell Using Affiliate Programs

  1. Trevor

    Agreed that price isn’t the best measure of whether or not a product is worth promoting.

    One of the best products I promote is a fraction of the price of the supposed market leader but more than makes up for the lower commission with higher sales.

    Give your readers a good “reason why” to justify the price.

    And of course if you can find a recurring billing product that’s icing on the cake :)

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Couldn’t agree more Trevor. If you can find a product in your niche that is high in-demand and offers a recurring bill on a monthly basis, then there isn’t much more you can ask for :)


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