How To Get Tons Of Pinterest Followers In No Time!

By | March 15, 2016

Introduction To Pinterest

Getting a lot of Pinterest followers actually isn’t very hard and is especially beneficial for those of you who own a small business or website online. By doing so, you can get a ton of visibility and exposure online by following these simple 4 steps I’ve used to get over 1,000 Pinterest followers in less then a week. But first, lets outline the amazing benefits that are involved with growing your own Pinterest following.


How To Get More Pinterest Followers Fast


3 Amazing Benefits Of Getting More Pinterest Followers:

  • #1. Gains more visibility and exposure to your online business – By growing your Pinterest account and following, eventually you’re going to inevitably find you’re now gaining more re-pins, shares, and likes. These can all do wonders for your online business especially if just one of those photos happens to take off and go viral. Here is an example of a pin I did that ended up getting 174 re-pins and is still getting pinned to this day. Although the image had nothing to do with my actual site, I still ended up linking it to bringing me to benefits number 2 and 3.
  • #2. Gains new links pointing back to your site – Although, I’m not the biggest advocate of going out there to get backlinks, there’s nothing wrong when they come in naturally. Every time you end up re-sharing or even liking another pin, your website link in your profile becomes even stronger. This happens even when you post new content on Pinterest or even like another image due to the growing visibility of your profile. And because all these new people had ended up sharing and liking my pin, I ended up getting 174 new links pointing back to my site, which I assumed had already given me a nice boost in my organic rankings.
  • #3. Allows your website traffic to grow both organically and socially – Being active on Pinterest, growing your following, and making sure to pin at-least 2-3 times per day is going to grow your traffic in a huge way. Eventually you’ll start seeing more traffic starting to trickle in both organically and socially for a long-time to come and this is only going to grow even more with time.

Without further or due, here are the 4 simple steps you need to begin growing your Pinterest following.


4 Steps To Grow Your Pinterest Following Fast

Step #1Create your Pinterest account and make sure to fill out your profile completely. You’ll want to add your website in the description as well as making sure to link your Google Plus and Twitter accounts as well. This will all help you build more link juice to your profiles and thus, your website.


Filling Out Twitter Profile


Step #2 – Now it’s time to create your Pinterest boards. Use a catchy name or headline for each one so they get more follows. From there, you’ll want to begin pinning some images (preferably images or videos from your website). Once you’ve done that, add a small description to each image and you’ll be all set.


  • How To Pin Your Images On Pinterest: If you don’t know how to pin images, it’s very easy. All you need to do is click on the big plus sign on your upper right. You’ll have the option to then enter in your website link, which will then pull all the images from that specific post. Pick the image you want to pin and the board you want to pin it too, and that’s all there is to it.


How To Pin Images On Pinterest

Step #3 – Once you have 5 – 10 boards in place, it’s time to start growing your massive Pinterest following. To start doing this, what you want to do is use the search function within Pinterest. From there, type in keywords related to your niche.


  • How To Find New Followers On Pinterest: For example, since I’m in the make money niche, I would want to search for a keyword related to that topic. I would then go to the section called “Pinners,” to see other pinners within the niche. That way I can then click and see who is following them. The strategy behind this idea is to follow the same people following them since they’re most-likely to follow me back and actually be interested in my content.


Step #4 – Ready for the last step? All you need to do is follow everyone. Rinse, wash, and repeat. You’ll find that a good portion of these people will simply follow you back just to return the favor. I find that for every 100 or so people I follow, I get about 20 followers in return. Another thing to note however, is Pinterest puts a limit on how many followers you can get per hour. So for example, you can only follow 300 individuals or so each hour, which isn’t bad at all.


  • Getting More Pinterest Likes & Shares: Now that you’ve started to gain followers, the most optimal strategy to keep your Pinterest account growing is to create about 3 new boards per week. Pin a ton of content from your website, but no more than 10 pins an hour. Also re-pin 10 different pins on your boards per day. Follow this strategy, and you’ll see more re-pin, shares, and likes begin to grow organically. Enjoy!



There you have it. Those are the four very easy and simple to use steps to massively grow your Pinterest following fast. So whether you have a niche website, a local business, or online service, Pinterest can help you in ways that are unimaginable. The important thing to take here is knowing how to go about it correctly. If you follow these steps, you can manage a Pinterest account that gets hundreds of new followers every few days.

The result is that by sharing your pins with them, you are a lot more likely to get more visibility through re-pins, shares, and likes as well as greater website authority over-time. This will all work in the favor of your brand and website through more organic and social media traffic and even SEO purposes that will benefit you both in the short and long-run of your online business.

Thanks for checking out this post on how to grow your Pinterest following easily and effectively. If this post helped you, please do me a favor, and leave a comment down below!


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