How To Get Traffic On a $0 Marketing Budget

By | January 10, 2017


We all know that traffic is a core concept to online marketing. Without steady traffic, there is no way of getting our message across. It is the one thing we all need as marketers to succeed. But getting traffic is much easier said than done. While there are a plethora of ways to get traffic, they all require plenty amount of work, strategy, and research.

This post will cover some of the best ways I found of getting good amounts of traffic to your site and does not exclude a strategy, simply because it doesn’t require SEO. They include everything from social media to ranking organically. Without further or due, here are my top traffic tips for getting traffic on a $0 marketing budget.

Traffic Strategy #1. Choose your keywords, and write your heart out.

Otherwise known as SEO, one of the best methods for getting a steady stream of traffic to your sites is with SEO. This involves using a keyword research tool like Jaaxy, where you can appropriately measure both your keywords and competition. Once you’ve found some keywords you think you have a chance at ranking for, then you can begin to implement those within your topics.

More importantly, getting traffic with SEO has evolved beyond just keywords. It’s important you build up trust and authority with search engines by posting consistently, as well as following other guidelines like becoming an expert on your topic and doing due diligence in both your research & writing.

Traffic Strategy #2. Using a social media channel like Pinterest.

Using different social media channels can boost your levels traffic to all new heights. But similar to SEO and organic traffic, there are rules and methods you need to follow. I’ve really only mainly experimented with Pinterest and the ability to achieve over 100,000 visitors to my site in 1.5 months was a huge achievement for me.

There were drawbacks to this traffic however, as you can read more on here. Nevertheless, social media is a widely used method for obtaining traffic to your sites, especially if and when you find your SEO efforts aren’t working all that well.

Traffic Strategy #3. Commenting on other blogs.

Placing valuable comments on other blogs that allow you to link back to your site can bring you heavy traffic in the long-run. But the important thing here is to do it consistently. It’s also important you choose blogs that are relevant to your niche and you can consistently return to leave high-quality comments. The more popular that blog or website is, the much better your chances are of receiving more traffic back to your site.

Traffic Strategy #4. Use discussion forums like Quora or Reddit.

Quora is another great way of getting highly targeted traffic to your site on a $0 marketing budget. It takes a lot of time to get going, but the end-results are well-worth it. In order to be successful with Quora, you really to need make yourself available in the community by providing long, lengthy, and valuable responses on important questions people need answers to. Similar to commenting on other blogs, it’s also important you stay within your field or niche.

Otherwise, linking back to your website in a response won’t be very relevant and won’t result in the kind of success you’ve been looking for. Reddit is another great place to get website traffic. The important thing here is to focus on providing high quality content and not spamming the discussion forums with value-less comments. The only drawback I found with using Reddit is that the traffic can be very short-lived.

Traffic Strategy #5. Create a YouTube Channel

If you love getting on video, talking, and producing, more than you love writing, than maybe YouTube is your best bet. This is actually the one traffic strategy on this list I have not tried, but with all the “vlogger” success out there, why not give it a shot. Similar to blogging, you’d also be practicing best SEO efforts, by using proper keywords and meta descriptions. Most importantly though, you’ll want to make sure that the videos you are producing are things people want to see.

Whether that video is for enjoyment, learning, or relaxation, it’s important you make sure your videos are of the highest possible quality. When creating a channel, make sure to have a niche in mind with an audience you’re looking to target. Another benefit to having a “vlog” is that you can use that to link back to your blog as well.. So it’s really a win-win strategy for those willing to get in front of the cam!


Traffic Strategy Overview

While there are 100’s of other ways to get traffic, these are the ones I’ve primarily used and found work best for me. The one thing that each of these traffic strategies use is that they require work. There really is no free or cheap way of getting that high-quality, targeted traffic than by offering value, insight, and help to others. If you love creating and posting images, than I would definitely recommend getting a head-start on Pinterest for the massive traffic potential. If you enjoy forums and discussion on niche related topics, than you may want to give Quora or Reddit a go.

Just make sure that whatever you do, you do consistently and you should reap the rewards. Last but not least, my favorite way of getting traffic is through SEO, but that’s simply because I enjoy creating and writing my own blog posts. If you’re willing to spend a bit of money, then you could always shoot for some PPC traffic using Google Adwords or Bing. But my biggest advice with that is to be careful and never over-spend. Make sure you have a budget in place in case things don’t work out. Lastly, my suggestion for you is to find what you love doing most and go with that!

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