How To Increase Your Website’s Referral Traffic

By | May 17, 2017

How To Increase Referral Traffic

Increasing Referral Traffic In 3-Months Or Less

One of the best things you can do to a site that is established and filled with amazing content is to drive more referral traffic to your blog. The reason why referral traffic is so amazingly beneficial is because of how highly targeted the traffic is.

When you get more referral traffic to your website, you’ll find that not only will your website’s bounce rate decrease, but more sales, conversions, sharing of content, and continuous exposure to your website also occurs.

The benefits of driving referral traffic are therefore multi-fold and can even provide SEO benefits for your website. An increase in referral traffic typically means that you’re active and involved within your niche and community, allowing both your website and name to become much more established in the online world.

Similar in many ways to social traffic, referral traffic allows you to “borrow” or drive traffic from other highly relevant establishments when done correctly. Think of how often you click on a link in another article when looking for a solution to a problem.

Typically, you tend to spend a lot of time on that website in order to find out and absorb more similar information. Many of the times, you’ll find that these links can provide you with even more value and information than the site you visited previously.

Unlike social traffic however, referral traffic tends to result in much higher engagement, higher average time spent on site, and a lower bounce rate overall. So is it worth spending a few days or several out of the months to place your focus on something other than your organic and direct traffic?

Absolutely, and the best part about obtaining referral traffic is that anybody can begin to do it and reap the benefits much earlier than you think.

While some strategies for obtaining referral traffic are surely more difficult than others, a few simple but highly effective methods do exist in 2017 and are definitely worth looking into.

So let’s take a look at what you can begin doing today to grow your blog, website, and online presence on a more exponential scale. Do these steps consistently and you could plan on seeing a consistent increase in your referral traffic in just 3-months or less!


1. Leaving Comments On Your Favorite Blogs

Blog Commenting - Referral Traffic

My favorite way to begin driving referral traffic is by commenting on blogs. Yes, trying to find those all-star, high traffic blogs can be a bit tiresome.. For example, many websites don’t approve or allow comments on their blog posts. Others tend to use plugins like Disqus or Facebook, making it a little more difficult to leave a link back to your blog.

Other times, you’ll just find that there isn’t a whole lot of interaction going on at all. But keep looking because you are sure to find blogs worth going back to over and over just for getting your name out there and making yourself known among the niche community.

In this latest post, I speak about four great methods for finding blogs to comment on within your niche. In addition, I always make sure to make an excel sheet or Google Doc. to keep track of all the comments I’ve blogged on. That way I can always go back to see which comments have been approved and which haven’t.


2. Guest Blogging On Relevant & Authoritative Sites

Guest Blogging - Referral Traffic

Another way you can begin driving referral traffic is by guest blogging. There are an endless number of guides that show you the proper etiquette when it comes to guest blogging and how to do it effectively.

You can think of guest blogging almost as though you’ve been invited to speak at a professional conference. That’s exactly what it’s like but you’re doing it in the online space. It’s another way of getting your name out there and establishing your authority.

Ultimately your goal here is to publish a great piece of content and begin submitting it to highly relevant websites you think might be interested in posting it on their blog.

In return, you’ll get a place at the bottom of your post with a gravatar and link back to your blog, which can result in a ton of relevant referral traffic coming to check out your website. The most important aspect to guest blogging is ensuring you provide valuable and lengthy content to that website’s readers.


3. Sharing Content Across Social Media Channels

Google Plus - Referral Traffic

You might be wondering how social sharing could have anything to do with referral traffic. But, if you look at it from the perspective of gaining more exposure, then it makes sense why sharing on social media can also boost referral traffic. Due to the fact, you are getting your content out there in front of new faces, your links could be gaining more exposure and traction across the web.

So in essence, not only does sharing on social media help, but anything in which you are providing value that allows your link to spread can result in a referral traffic boost. If you’re still on the edge whether or not you should be sharing content on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, etc., just go ahead and do it.

All it takes is one or two posts on the right platform for you to increase exposure to a whole new level. If you think of the sheer increase in numbers of mobile users, sharing anything on social media can happen in the fraction of a second, so always make sure to encourage others to share. If it helps them and they trust you, they’ll have more than enough reason to share.

It only took a few Pinterest images for example for another site of mine to begin receiving nearly 8,000 new visitors a day, so never underestimate the power of social media and always treat your website like your spreading a piece of trending news that everyone has to read about.

In addition to sharing on social media, don’t forget to add your social buttons so your visitors have a very easy and accessible way to share your content when they get to it. I’ve just started using a plugin called Social Warfare and absolutely love it. Here are 100 more ways to help your blog posts and websites get shared and go viral!

4. Properly Positioning Your Website For Growth

Website Growth - Referral Traffic

This is the most important piece of all! The absolute best thing you can do besides actively blog commenting, sharing, and writing a guest post every now and then is to ensure your website is in a position for growth and exposure.

That means that in order for the exposure of your website to grow you need to continually and consistently build great content for readers. But you already knew that, correct? In addition, you want to ensure your website is easily navigable and that your on-page SEO is on point!

This results in both sharing and linking which will put you and your website in a position for growth both now and in the future. Both people and bloggers don’t want to share or link to a piece of content that does not offer anything, so it’s important you aim your content at helping people.

In other words, ask yourself before writing any piece of content, “how can I contribute my share of knowledge to the online world today?” If you look at it as though you are contributing and helping a different kind of world, gaining website exposure shouldn’t be an issue.

One easy fix to writing helpful and valuable content is to write it for yourself. If your own piece of content is teaching and helping you personally, then chances are that content is also helping someone else!

One trick to creating helpful content is to write it for yourself. If it helps you, chances are it'll also help someone else!Click To Tweet

Hope today’s piece of content helped some of you bloggers and affiliate marketers out there in gaining that valuable web exposure. Feel free to get heard down below by leaving any comment or question that’s on your mind. Have a great day!

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