How To Make Money Without a College Degree

By | April 29, 2016

I know how difficult of a task it can be just to make money out in the real world, even with a college degree. Finding that5 Major Differences Between Affiliate Marketing and MLM right job isn’t always easy and it can really take away from your own time and freedom. I would know as I used to be an accountant at a big firm in Boston and one thing I couldn’t stand was the mere daily routine.

As soon as I woke up, I’d go to work, and as soon as I’d make it back home, I’d go straight to bed with maybe an hour or two in between. It was tiring and time-consuming, but fortunately I was soon able to find a way to make my own income from home on my own time. I know it sounds a bit cliche making money from home, online, or whatever, but I’m telling you this strategy allows me to earn more of an income than I would have if I stuck in that same old accounting job.

This is something I now do on a full-time basis and let’s just say, life got a little better now that I work my own hours, make my own income, and have no boss but myself. I’m going to show you this little technique that literally saved my life financially and one that you are more than free to implement on your own.

For the record, this must be the best way to work for anyone out there that isn’t satisfied with their job, working experience, and/or are ready to go into business for themselves. If I could have started this ten years ago, I would have and maybe it’s something I’ll come to regret.

But it’s not like I knew about it until I began doing my own research. This strategy is called affiliate marketing and is where big online retailers such as Amazon will pay you a commission for any and everytime someone clicks on your own affiliate link and makes a purchase on the site.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of these sites out there and getting accepted into these programs is fairly easy. The hardest part (which isn’t even hard..) is getting traffic and clicks on your links that ultimately will end up resulting in sales. I personally learned the strategies involved through an amazing marketing company called Wealthy Affiliate.

But here is what you would need in a gist:

#1. Niche – A niche is a narrowly defined topic that is used to attract a certain audience. The more targeted your audience, the better your website will ultimately be. Niche examples can be anything from fishing, camping, basketball, to whatever your interests may be.

Here is an example of a niche site I recently made selling drones.. Thus, the purpose of this website is to drive traffic from over to Amazon.

Start an amazon business - Affiliate marketing

My main focus or niche however, has been with affiliate-sale, teaching others like yourselves the absolute best way of making money online with or without a job. I could have gone with anything, but this niche works just fine for me.

#2. Website & Domain – Your prime piece of real estate that you’ll be using to drive targeted traffic towards.

#3. Content Marketing Strategy – The most important aspect is that the website contains content! This can then be used to link to Amazon or whichever online market place you decide on. The more content you write and the more content your website has, the more success you are setting yourself up for allowing you to drive an endless amount of traffic from your site to Amazon. Here is an awesome example of a blog that’s close to making nearly $100k each and every month, and is a goal I personally hope to reach someday!

Today, I don’t know what I’d do if I hadn’t started my own online marketing business. Would I have survived in that old accounting job? I’m honestly not sure. One thing I am sure of is how immensely grateful I am for finding the opportunity of a lifetime.Wordpress and affiliate marketing

Maybe the freedom does feel a bit too excessive at times, but in the end, that’s a good thing. Becoming an affiliate marketer is one of the best and most affordable investments I’ve made in my own personal life and if you’re wondering how to follow in my own footsteps, then all you need to do, is simply take the same steps I’ve taken. So, if you’re wondering how to make money without a college degree, there you have it!

To re-iterate, this includes choosing a niche, creating your website, creating content, and then driving traffic and monetizing your content. I know it might sound like a lot, but once you get the hang of it, it all becomes very routine, natural, and you simply just learn to rinse, wash, and repeat the process on a day to day basis. If this is something you’re truly interested in pursuing I’d recommend checking out WA’s training course. I’ll also be there to help if and whenever you need it.

Which niche are you interested in pursuing? Let me know in the comments section below, and I’ll be more than glad to help where I can! :)

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