How To Monetize Your Website Or Blog To Make Money

By | April 23, 2015

How To Monetize Your Website Or Blog To Make Money

 Just recently I was contemplating a new niche website, on wild animals!

I’ve really grown an interest on the subject and would love to go on an African Safari some day. Even better, I could actually open up an online business based around a niche I really love.



But, one big factor seemed to stand in the way – Potential Profitability! 

With any niche website, you must consider all the factors before tackling a new project. Once and only once you’ve determined how exactly your going to monetize your new content, is it really worth going at it from start to finish.

Potential monetization ideas I thought about had ranged anywhere from becoming a travel affiliate and helping people plan new trips to the African Safari to travel gear. Although, I haven’t exactly figured out my competition, and actual opportunity as a whole, it just started to seem too far-fetched of a project.

Blogging On Your Passions

Nonetheless, this just comes to show, that blogging can take form in a number of interesting ways, and can be used to capitalized on one’s own interests, hobbies, or passions – if the profitability is there!

In this post, I will reveal to you a number of effective strategies to begin monetizing your website or blog.

If you have been considering the creation of new content, information, and a website as your own online business, then I truly commend you for it.

To me, it is a very respectable endeavor that can be achieved, no matter who you are! 

Effective Content Monetization

Potential Effective Monetization Strategies – The Bad & Good.

First lets go over the wide range of content monetization strategies, and go over which one’s are the most suitable to your niche, and resultantly profitable. 

#1 – Google Adsense 

Unlike affiliate marketing, Google Adsense provides an alternative to many individuals who are either unfamiliar with affiliate marketing, or simply can’t find any other way of monetizing their content.

Nonetheless, Google Adsense is really only profitable if you can manage to obtain returning visitors, as well as a high number of traffic.

Grade = D

Its even been said you would need almost 100,000 daily visitors just to pull off a six figure year salary.. That’s a lot of visitors! 

#2 – Amazon 

One of my favorite methods to monetizing content is Amazon.

Despite the seemingly low 10% commission rate, the company makes up for it by giving you a commission on each and every purchased product.

This is hugely advantageous to bloggers and Amazon affiliates who are committed and have established both a sustainable and authoritative type blog. This ensues a strong relationship between Amazon and its affiliate.

Unlike those who may only go half in, Amazon is able to pay out high commissions to those who bring in its majority of referrals and have established a more dominant foundation.

Grade = A

In addition to this, Amazon does a great job at providing an extensive amount of features and tools, and all the needed information for any person to begin blogging in his or her niche!

#3 – Third Party Affiliate Networks

Clickbank, Clicksure, JVZoo etc.

It seems like every passing year, there is a new third party affiliate network like Clickbank.

Growing in number, as well as popularity, I find them only second to Amazon. Although, they are not the “smoking gun” to affiliates that Amazon is, they do provide both heftier and recurring commissions, which is greatly beneficial.

At the same time, there is a lack of monitoring products.

Ranging from the most measly of scams to some of the most legitimate products, its use can easily give a blogger a potentially bad reputation. Unfortunately, many online marketers will remain to go this route as a result of its highly paid commissions. 

Grade = C+

#4 – Cost-Per-Action

Another content monetization technique is Cost-Per-Action, or CPA. The way this works is you get paid for every taken action. So say for example, you’re a blogger, you can get paid if your lead or referral fills out an e-mail registration form, to registering their information with a company, to buying whole products and services.

Personally I found this income-earning model to go best hand-in-hand with the following types of niche websites and blogs: 

  • Gaming
  • Movies/Music
  • Credit Scores
  • Dating
  • Gambling/Betting 

Although, similar in nature to affiliate marketing, I find there are a number of drawbacks when using the CPA model.

Firstly, you’ll find that even when using a certain Cost per action offer that is converting very well with your traffic and consumers that it can get taken off the table at any moment. It is then your responsibility to go out and find a new offer to replace that. 

Reason for that is this: Many of these offers are controlled by bigger “Fortune 500 type” companies, that will only seasonally promote certain offers for the most optimal conversion rates. Thus, using a once profitable cost per action offer may not sustain over the next. 

Second, you might find the payout to be lower. Actually, it can really go either way. If used effectively, you can make a staggering annual income. On the contrary, if your traffic doesn’t seem to convert, or isn’t relating well to that CPA offer, you could be looking at making only a few measly dollars per day. Ultimately, it will all depend on how you intend on using these offers, and how well they coincide with your traffic.

Grade = B

#5 – Wealthy Affiliate!

Now I know, you might be asking what is Wealthy Affiliate and why is it here? For very good reason actually. Maybe you have heard of it. Today Wealthy Affiliate grows at a staggering rate, holding over 300,000 affiliate marketing members!

As a result, there have been a wide variety of niche websites by its various consumers, that have become immensely profitable.

Wealthy Affiliate is what gives leverage to the above affiliate networks – Amazon, Clickbank, and yes, Google Adsense, and allows you to capitalize on each and every one of these earning methods.

In my opinion, Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best ways to go when getting started with affiliate marketing, especially when learning what the best content monetization strategies and practices are. It holds very up-to-date training, and even has its own affiliate program you can use to leverage on your own website or blog. 

To conclude, here its Wealthy Affiliate that takes the cake!

Grade = A+ 

Thanks for reading this content monetization blog post. I hope its helped in some way. If you have any comments, or questions, please feel free to leave them below!

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