How To Purchase a Domain Name Using GoDaddy

By | October 19, 2014


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Domain Purchasing Introduction (With GoDaddy!)

As most of us know, one of the most exciting parts when starting our first website is when purchasing the actual domain name for our website. Essentially this domain can become a very valuable asset, over time. Metaphorically, it’s as we’ve purchased a bit of real estate and land for ourselves, just at a much cheaper cost, and with so many more increasingly endless possibilities.

Moreover, the many ways we can use to both develop and use our website, is rarely ever limited.

– They can be used to describe our very deep-hearted passions and interests.

– They can be used as an additional asset to our own local brick and mortar company.

– They can be used even for simple things like events!

Fact: The possibilities are endless, which is what makes the internet such a beautiful place, but only and “most only when” we are aware of what exactly we are doing.

Hence, when we are aware of what we are looking to accomplish, and achieve, we now have something similar to a plan, or simple blueprint in our mind that simplifies the processes to be taken place.. It does not need to be highly-complex, but even having a simple understanding of where and how to get started as we purchase our domain and begin to build upon it is very helpful!

In this review we’ll be looking at why GoDaddy is a #1 choice in terms of domain purchasing mainly.

So, please do bare with me here that the purchasing of our domains, and hosting of our website are two very different aspects of the website building process.

Nevertheless, GoDaddy is an excellent starting point and we’ll see which, why, and how to begin using the proper services, ensuring we only purchase the necessary service we need, having simply accomplished this first task and then moving on to the next!

We will further learn on how to complete this process easily, effectively, and best of all, most affordably.

While there are many places to purchase your domain name, the company that stands out the most, is GoDaddy. Reason being the company has built long-term trust with its buyers. They very rarely work to upsell or bother you after the initial transaction has been officially complete.

Example: While many domain selling companies have grown in just the past few years, GoDaddy simply refrains from bothering us with their many other types of services they offer, hosting being the second biggest.

While I do not recommend to host your domain with GoDaddy, I certainly have found that the purchasing process in terms of domain names with GoDaddy as simply the best: an easy, fast, and very smooth and affordable transaction.

Basic steps on how to purchase a domain name for you website:

Step #1:

Choosing the actual name of your website and business domain:

This is often an overlooked step, but a vitally important and significant one to your business nonetheless.

When trying to choose the name of your domain, you want to make sure it will be as relevant as possible to the business, website, or blog your promoting, especially if based on a specific niche.

Some tips when choosing the name of your domain are:

– Make sure its concise – You don’t want to have a 4-worded domain name that no one is going to remember.

– In terms of domain extensions, always make sure to only go with .com . Many people make the mistake of using domain extensions that have never been heard of, or even .net or .org, which in the eyes of Google, is not particularily good for ranking!

Unless you have a qualifying reason to name it after a certain extension, stick with the .com, for the best and fastest rankings. The more you stick to what’s ordinary and natural, the better off you will be.

– Careful when using special characters in your domain, such as too many hyphens. If you do use hyphens, make sure to stick to one and that it makes sense with the overall name of your website.

– Spellng! Last but not least, many people when they don’t find the domain name they’re looking for, will simply take a letter or two off the domain name. Not a good idea.

Reason being is that Google’s algorithm can actually better understand what your website is about simply by scanning the name of your domain.

So if it ends up finding a word it does not understand, could cause some minor glitches in how your website is ranked and viewed by both the search engines and viewers.

Step #2:

Creating your GoDaddy Account:

Regardless of whether you have found the right name for your domain, its time to make an account with GoDaddy. When purchasing your domain, make sure to not buy any extra services, unless you really think you need them. Besides WhoIS GoDaddy protection, the other additional services are basically there as sort of a “penny-pinch” way to gain an extra couple bucks or two.

Step #3:

Registering Your Domain on a Hosting Account:

Now that you have purchased your domain name, you’re going to want to get a hosting account.

I recommend going with someone reputable such as hostgator. Don’t mess around with free hosting accounts as that will likely jeopardize the domain you bought, while also limiting the many available features allowed by any normal hosting company.

In terms of choosing which Content Management System to use, always go with WordPress!

Not only is it by far the most popular and trending platform in the world, but lets you choose from thousands of exclusive and premier themes that other limited services such as Weebly, Webs, etc. do not!

WordPress is a definite must-have and will be the most important aspect to your website when moving forward. If you are designing the website yourself, feel free to learn more on how to setup your brand new website and domain from scratch using Wealthy Affiliate; a free course that offers you the luxury in learning how to implement all the necessary steps in getting your website ranked 1st on Google, while easily teaching you how to design a simple, yet highly customizable, fully-featured website.

In addition, Wealthy Affiliate offers free hosting if you decide to upgrade your account to monthly premium for only $19!

Highly recommended option.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions for me, please leave them below!


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