How To Resell SEO Services Using Craigslist

By | September 27, 2014

Introduction To Reselling SEO and Brand Reputation Services

Many people today have seemingly been leaning towards reselling SEO services to offline clients in order to better profit in their online endeavors. While most fail at this attempt, a many few have been able to accomplish this highly rewarding task. Much of the failure stems out of the mere ability in finding the right clients, not knowing where to look, nor how to attain and grab the attention of a company or sole individual.

So why is reselling SEO services becoming increasingly popular?

Well, as a successful online business owner, there’s no need for you to have to do any of the “grunt work” per say in order to reap the rewards of a highly beneficial and profitable ordeal. The mere ability to land a client who is in need of proper online SEO web work can lead to a very successful and profitable future. Essentially by the time you’ve read through this entire post, you will understand more on how to start reselling SEO services at no upfront cost to you.

However, with everything in life, there always seems to be that one road block or two that causes you to completely re-evaluate your online profiting attempts. The attractiveness in the reselling of SEO services is a result of solely landing the client, and then have your newfound SEO business take care of the rest – that is your clients work, in which you found, and recommended over to. In a way, its actually similar to affiliate marketing. The real difference only being you going on a hunt to find a person in need of SEO and then taking care of his needs through the services of an outside contractor. Hence, the profits can become wildly immense, as there are loads of reputable SEO clients willing to help you at a very affordable price, which can then be sold at a higher premium to your client, as long as he accepts.


What You Can Sell as an Online Reseller

There are a variety of things you’ll find able to resell online, in terms of highly necessary services that are becoming more of an increasing commodity than ever these days. The ability however, to find and interact with a one-on-one person as yourself can be a highly advantageous regarding your competitive edge. Thus, allowing for a much easier, and smoother sell.

A few very profitable online reselling services you can sell include the following:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization – both on-page and off-page)
  • Tailored Web Design Services (Many individuals and start-up companies are looking for more than a highly premium designed website. Personal example: My own father, the owner of a highly successful and local convenience store needed a website done for brand purposes. He had no problem paying a grand upfront after being shown a simple example of what his company’s website would look like. As a local business however, he was looking to have professionally done photographs and pictures done. The nearby company decided to provide this for him -> The reason for this example is to give you a better feel or understanding of how profitable and simple it is to be able to resell these services just by finding the right people, and handing them off over to an SEO company to finish off the grunt work! This also comes to show that people such as my father are much too occupied to be focusing on developing his very own SEO optimized and branded website. These are the type of people and the specificities you should be taking in regard when you decide to become an online reseller)
  • Reputation Management, also similar to Brand Management, is HUGE! Not just for companies, but individuals as well. Things such as news stories, articles, and simple bad-mouthing of companies, and just as bad, and individual person is growing more than ever these days. This has the power to ruin someone’s career, reputation, and so-forth. Simply imagine, by searching these type of people out, and offering highly-legitimate services, the immense trust and loyalty you would gain. Thus leading to great profits for your services!


Where To Go About Reselling SEO and Brand Reputation Services

I believe the easiest and best way of going about this would be by visiting Craigslist. Why Craigslist?

Well, if you think about it, Craigslist not only provides job opportunities, but more importantly the ability to sell a variety of unique services, among others.

Additionally, Craigslist can give you a highly-competitive boost in regards to finding local offline businesses who don’t necessarily have the time to even look out for the best SEO and/or web design services.

In-fact many of the times, local services let the ringing of SEO and web design services linger around and through out their minds without taking actual action. As the son of a highly occupied offline business man, I know this first-handedly. To be honest, it wasn’t until the very creation of this website itself, until my father sought out a web-designing firm to take care of his needs, which I found to be pretty motivating to myself – story for another day!

Anyway, I came across this screenshot the other day on craigslist when researching for some simple Quantcast SEO measurement facts on Google. This is what I found, and it occurred to me then that writing a post relating to the use of reseller services and craigslist would be a match made in heaven, as I also had come to recall, seeing many people succeed in utilizing this very exact strategy many months ago.

How To Resell SEO Services Using Craigslist

How To Resell SEO Services Using Craigslist

How To Go About Reselling SEO, Web Design, and Reputation Services

In order to find and increase your chances of finding the right offline clients, its important to first know how you should likely go about posting appropriate SEO resell ads on Craigslist. The first step is in knowing which service offer categories you’ll want to be posting under. I recommend trying either one of these two:

1) Creative Services: Can be best used to land clients interested in simple web design and the like.

2) Computer Services Category: Can be best used to land clients in regards to reselling SEO services, and most-likely brand reputation as well.

Interested in learning more about very simple SEO and web design techniques you can use to easily profit from – Check out my favorite community and group training here!


How To Post SEO Reseller Ads On Craigslist 

The next step we need to take is in the creation of proper advertising. In order to properly sell your services, you will most-definitely need to consistently post and promote your ads on craigslist. With this being your main and primary duty to landing the client, you shouldn’t have to find this much of a tedious task, as its basically all you really need to do!

Here is an example, you may feel free to utilize under the craigslist category services we discussed above:

Reselling SEO services on Craigslist


How To Best Deliver Your Reseller Services

Once you’ve received your first few responses, whether by e-mail or phone, be sure to answer promptly and effectively.

Some typical, general type of questions you’ll probably want to ask would be along the lines of:

SEO services..? Web Design..? Reputation Management..? Because these 3 tend to be in a very tight knitted niche of services, it is likely they’ll be looking for 2 or 3 of these services, and you’ll want to be sure and prepared that the reselling services your offering, are being offered by what I hope is a very reputable company! Nonetheless, if for example, the company simply is looking for SEO website optimization, make sure to get their info as soon as you can. This includes their URL and most especially, the keywords they want to rank for! These are what reputable SEO companies look for with their everyday clients.

If it’s along the lines of reputation management, you’ll likely want to ask them what exactly the problem is, and respond to them with a pre-implemented solution. For example, it could be an article or a bad review on the internet they need taken care of. Reputation management however, is something to be cautious with, as it not only may cost a pretty penny, but more importantly does not always guarantee the results the individual or company looks for. In most-cases however, the reseller company you “work for,” should be able to get that website or page ranking anywhere else but on the first page or two of Google!

The next step, or rather last, would be to obviously negotiate a price that could work between the both of you. In most cases you’ll likely be questioned for either a guarantee or a website of your own, for obvious purposes of your own reputation.

Here is an excellent solution to help you solve this minor glitch, or should we say road block! By joining W.A., you will learn all about building your own reputable online business. They even provide a a fully free starter membership that can be upgraded at anytime, for only $19 a month. I would highly recommend going this route!

Well, it was a pleasure speaking to you! I hope this helped you as much as possible, and all the luck in the world to making more and better profits in all your awesome online endeavors.

Your Friend!




2 thoughts on “How To Resell SEO Services Using Craigslist

  1. Neil

    Hi, Peter

    I always knew that Craigslist was one of the biggest classified ad sites around but I never really thought about selling SEO services on the site. Thanks for this post and you’ve now given me a few ideas…

    Craigslist here I come ;)


    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi Neil,

      Can I just say one thing..? I really love your website. It seems we got somewhat of a similar design going on here huh?! ;)

      After all, we are in the same amazing niche! Anyway, I am so happy to see you beat the “rat race” in commenting first on this post.

      I thought it would receive a bit more shares than it has, but it’s all good! With you being an advanced marketer, I knew you would
      find something to gain from this Neil. To be completely honest, it’s been awhile since I found myself logging into Craigslist and
      creating posts. But this is truly a great method, and one I’ve seen first-handedly work!

      Happy to be able to influence some good mindful ideas.. Just remember, Craigslist does not give in to spam! Haha, I know that you
      wouldn’t dare to anyway. Have fun bro :)



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