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In recent years, the number of individuals trying to sell their online expertise through the use of freelancing websites, has been one of the most over-populated crowds on the net, and for good reason: it is legitimate & highly lucrative, if and when done right! Otherwise, forget it.

I’ve actually tried this out myself once before, but didn’t exactly end up pursuing this potentially highly lucrative career. Main reason being, the professional skills and talents involved. Hence, I figured that people could easily outbid me on any job.

It was only a couple months later, I find out how wrong I was, after attaining my first gig, through the use of my (less-than-decent) content!

Greatest lesson learned: those who get hired, in-terms of the top of all freelancers (who can make up to $300/hr., on a given project), have learned the importance of “showing” versus simply telling, their qualifications. Hence, I intend on providing you the best way possible to rise as a consistently qualified freelancer, in the fastest way you can even imagine!

One BIG AWESOME fact people don’t realize is the never-ending number of potential candidates who are more than willing you to offer a job; from anywhere to one small simple task, to a year long programming project.

In this post, I will go over with you how the majority of freelancers go about starting their online expertise venture’s (As I did) in comparison to how the best of freelancers are able to find job after job, and not as a sole result of their amazing skills and talents, but as to how they properly promote their expertise, while finding the right clients to contact.

In essence, any person who has enough free-time on their hands, and are looking for a great secondary income, believe freelancing to be one of the best ways to go!

So, lets get started..


So, now, what exactly am I referring to in terms of research…

What I mean, is to simply make a LIST; a list involved of potential employers always look on the look out for freelancer’s to pay to do their work. In our case what we’ll want to do is find those people looking for the specific skill(s), that you as a freelancer can produce and make some excellent results!

Now after making this list, what you need to do, is look into similar and/or relevant hired freelancers with the same set of skills as yourself. Now you have yourself a WEALTH of information to look into. See how these relevant freelancers started on their venture. Read their different profiles, overall experiences, skill-sets, and anything else that shows them to be a qualified freelancing candidate!

Now let me say this once, and only once: you do not want to copy any freelancer’s profile and skills. What you can and should do, is take notes on these freelancer’s qualifications, as well as the clients who end up hiring them. This should most-definitely boost your capability as a qualified freelancer.


If you truly want to success in the freelancing field, the next piece of advice involves contacting other successful freelancers. Send out some simple e-mails, asking them, how they got started, what got them to where they are today.

However, you may want to start by telling them how much you admire his or her profile/work they’ve done. You are then more-likely than not, going to get their attention of the spot. This will alone help you in getting some very secretive advice by highly-experienced freelancers who are making big money, by simply writing content, articles, creating graphics, etc. The number of jobs are truly endless!

Hence, when you do contact them, tell them about your first experience and how it went, or tell them, how much you would appreciate some honest advice in helping them get some key tips as a beginning freelancer. The more-experienced freelancer, should furthermore, not care so much about helping you out with information, since they’re either most-likely working on a project already, or usually don’t have so much trouble in getting online work, as they’ve truly built up a nice reputation over the past months, or years even!


Whether you may know it or not, we are in a time, where thousands upong thousands of websites are being built everyday; by local brick & mortar businesses, by college students, by young bloggers, and most-importantly, by the large populated revenue-earning niche-website creating fanatics! Nonetheless, knowing how to even create a simple WordPress Website Framework, can be or actually IS, the #1 online desirable skill. As soon as you know how to create an excellent looking website, with complete ease, and even the additional desired search engine optimizing knowledge, well not even the sky is the limit for you at this point.

With the mere ability of creating a website, similar to the one your on now, with the essential knowledge of proper menu/category/pages/post/plugin/commenting/wp tool creation, you are now one of the top 10% desired freelancer.

While so many focus their efforts on simple: article creation, graphic design, content creation… The TRUE ABILITY in creating a website that shows you have knowledge, NOT ONLY in wordpress creation and design,

but you have now placed yourself in a league of professional aptitude; a place where you can offer any of these skills in a jiff, by “SHOW, and not tell!”

The Real Question! How are you supposed to learn all that in such an incredibly short amount of time?

And while there is no better question or concern, there is an even more perfect answer, in regards to the most greatest solution, of all time :)

Hope this post has helped! If so make your way on over, to start any professional online opportunity, imaginable on the web.

Please leave a comment below. Anymore advice, tips, even experiences would truly add to the volubility of this post, and the helpfulness that is constantly attempting to provide!


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