How To Start An Affiliate Website The Simple Way

By | September 8, 2014

In this quick and easy tutorial I am going to show you how anyone can start an affiliate website using this very easy to use Content Management System, more specifically known as WordPress, and Siterubix easy-to-use software. Starting an affiliate website can be a highly lucrative endeavour over the long-run.

Getting Started as an Affiliate Marketing Blogger:

The most important aspect when creating your affiliate website has less to do with the actual attractiveness and more to do with the content that you implement. More people are inclined towards finding content that they need. Having the internet as the perfect place to do so, gives you the chance to stand out as the person who can gather the necessary information to deliver to your everyday readers.

By delivering this type of content people need rather than want, you are able to target people willing to buy any number of recommended products. If you’re more interested in starting a website off the cuff, I recommend utilizing Siterubix. This is also the precise method I used that helped me first get started in building up my own affiliate niche website.

I liked it very much because not only is it free, but you can create up to two free websites, and get to experience first-handedly what the WordPress dashboard experience feels like. I must admit there is a fair learning curve when it comes to using WordPress, but once you get it down, it becomes as handy as being able to do simple math calculations.

Eventually, you’ll find WordPress becoming very second nature, and more importantly, very handy and beneficial when it comes to your intentions in fulfilling a popular need or desire as an affiliate/online marketer.

attracting more and more visitors with the more valuable content I was able to find myself write.

The more content we build, the more we will begin to realize the significance of content people need over content people want. Hence, when building a website, it’s important to create something simplistic, easily navigable, and with a purpose!

Siterubix content management system offers you just that with its already built in themes and freely offered lessons and tutorials:

Contrary to popular belief, and today’s most latest fads, you really don’t exactly need to have a visually attractive website to be some kind of start in todays affiliate marketing industry. In-fact it’s almost the opposite.

People are able to much more relate with your words and intelligent research and information you have to offer on a daily basis, over the type of fonts, or color of text you are using. Nonetheless, using a professional sense while blogging has becoming increasingly important as people are relying on using the means of internet to attain their information over any other source: that goes for T.V. ads, magazines, even newspapers! Hence, the reason for why this “blogging profession” has become more increasingly aware now as an actual means to fulfill a need, and attain income by doing so, over the actual hobby it once was. Because of this, companies of all sorts have implemented what’s called affiliate programs, which is metaphorically just as similar to say a direct sales position, but relies most-primarily upon your ability to connect with your customer, or rather visitor, through the basis of your words and visual images! 

Believe it or not… the only thing you need to start a successful affiliate website, is with intriguing and helpful content! This does not go without saying making affiliate income is as easy as a, b, c.. Of course we’re always going to have competitors, regardless of our designated niche. Take for example this website your upon now, and imagine how many similar websites there are to this. Therefore, I must make sure I can offer relevant information, but simply based and targeted upon various low-competitive keywords. The ability to offer your by simply offering your own recommendations and product reviews, in may case, that is by differentiating online scams, from the more legitimate product, can do wonders if you were to decide to start up something similar of the sorts!

As in-depth as it may sound, it can actually become a fairly easy process. That is after the first few hauls you’ll find when realizing all the information to take in regarding finding your niche, picking keywords others aren’t ranking for, and delivering your content. After that it becomes all a matter of simply waiting for Google’s very search engine traffic to come in. The biggest benefit of this part, is that with increasing engaging and uniquely written content, the more Google will value you over other competitive website’s. As well as, the older your website grows, the more Google will regard you as becoming very significant in your niche, which is essentially what’s going to bring you in your traffic and revenue. Hence, the hardest part in starting an affiliate website is simply getting your content noticed and indexed within Google for people to find.

Factor’s such as SEO, keyword research, proper interlinking, and more, have become more and more vital to your affiliate website success. After all what is the use of a website that can only be found in the 200th page of Google’s search engine. It is true that 84% of online users will never flip after the second page!

These factor’s are nevertheless, consistently being taught in this live based community. The ability to freely chat with others, discuss solutions to problems, and get quick answers to your questions is what allowed myself to get this far in my fairly recent and short endeavour!

How-To Start An Affiliate Website

In addition, I have included one of the most vital and important tools you as an affiliate marketer will inevitably need to rank in Google (become well-acquainted as this will soon become one of your best online pals!):

Here Are Two Options To Start Your Own Affiliate Website

Option #1: Learn everything you need by joining as a free member at Wealthy Affiliate (recommended).

Option #2: Follow the video tutorials below and purchase your domain and hosting (By choosing option 1, you avoid much of the hassle, by utilizing free hosting, website, keyword tools, and training in every aspect concerning affiliate marketing, hence the name, Wealthy Affiliate).

Whichever option you choose is completely up to you!

Nevertheless, here is option #2, including a must-see playlist of seven highly-recommended tutorials to getting you on your way. Sit back, relax, and enjoy as you find yourself become increasingly ready to immerse yourself in starting your affiliate website!

22 thoughts on “How To Start An Affiliate Website The Simple Way

  1. Michel

    This is a great article on affiliate marketing and you have included some great tips.

    For someone new online I would definitely recommend WA. As you say they have great training, hosting and ongoing support, which you definitely need if you are starting out.

    I have been a member for six months and have learnt so much.

  2. Shane

    Hi! This is a very informational website! Usually I find myself skimming and looking for captivating things on the page, but your mind is what had me captivated. I was so into reading your train of thought, with as informational, but simple as it was, it was great for a recap for me :) Thank you so much for the tutorials!

    1. Peter G. Post author

      That’s very thoughtful of you Shane. Thank you. If you ever need some help with affiliate marketing, just let me know! :)

  3. Billy Hunter

    Hi Peter,
    I appreciate the time and effort it must of taken to make a quality article. You nail the nail on the head with creating an affiliate website. I like your format too. It was easy to read and got the point through. Really nice job. Wealthy Affiliate must be the place to go for affiliate marketing for sure!

  4. Bryan

    Thanks for this great how-to guide on building an affiliate website. The waters are vast and deep when it comes to internet marketing, so this is a great resource for people just getting into the field.

    I appreciate the fact that you try to keep things simple enough for those who aren’t yet adept in the industry. Keep it up.


    1. Peter G. Post author

      Thank you Bryan. If you ever have any questions, just let me know. I agree, there is almost an endless amount of information to learn when it comes to affiliate marketing, which is why I created affiliate-sale!

  5. Chris

    My mate is actually an affiliate for beauty products from Amazon – she’s got to the point where she now runs her own (successful) blog for a living and loves it!
    I’m very interested in following her lead – and this platform looks as though it might be something I can handle. How did you find the process as a newcomer?

    1. Peter G. Post author

      I love hearing success stories like that Chris. It only motivates me to work harder and do more with my site. As a newcomer, I found the process through WA and from there just kept chugging away at the training and learned as much as I can. Putting everything into action is what led to the development of my first affiliate marketing site :)

  6. Vera

    There have been some changes in doing affiliate marketing in the past years and you show quite well what’s important to do to make it work nowadays.

    I can only confirm the importance of well created unique and helpful content in this business. If you focus on the problems your audience has and deliver great sources of help for the rest of your success is just a matter of time.

    Great article, thanks!

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Thanks for the quality comment Vera. Trying to issue and address the problems of our target audience is definitely a valuable skill we can all have as bloggers. Well said!

  7. Riaz Shah

    Hey Peter,

    This is a great article on how to start an affiliate website. It took me 6 months of struggling and finding my way online before I decided to test out affiliate marketing and boy, do I ever regret not going after affiliate marketing from the start. I’m starting over as an affiliate marketer and I find your website very helpful. Out of curiosity, how long did it take you to get your first sale after you started your website?

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Thanks for the complement Riaz and glad you’re taking affiliate marketing for another test drive. It’s totally worth it. It took me 3 months to begin making sales on a consistent basis and by month 6 is when I started making my own full-time income. Huge milestone as you can imagine and couldn’t have done it without all the help and support at Wealthy Affiliate!

  8. Paul

    Thanks for walking us through the basics of starting up an affiliate website. I happen to be a member at Wealthy Affiliate (your first option) and I can attest to the fact that it’s the real deal. With a large friendly community there for you every step of the way, you are taught the ins and outs of starting and running an affiliate website and, more importantly, you’re taught how to succeed online. It would be hard for me to be satisfied with any other resource at this point. I think that anyone interested in making money online should give Wealthy Affiliate a chance.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Couldn’t agree more Paul. I would have never known nor understood even the basic process of setting up my websites if not for Wealthy Affiliate. The training literally just pulls you right in and the community is one of the most helpful I’ve been involved with. It’s been over a year since I’ve written this post and since joining WA. All I can say is that I don’t think I’d trade it for anything else. By far the most amazing experience I’ve had in the past 2 years!

  9. Robert

    HI Peter,
    I can’t even begin to tell you how original and great this idea is! Great job on this, I’m sure your audience appreciates it very much, because I know I do!

    Good luck to you.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Thanks Robert!

      I agree, affiliate marketing tops all. Its nice to see someone else agree :)

  10. kathija

    Dear bro,

    I am Banu 40 years old homemaker who struggle to earn money from many websites do you have?I confused about your recommedation WA or Clickbank?Like many affiliates I joined Clickbank before 6 years but nothing to get even one sale . so I concentrate with PTC sites.You know PTC earnings is very low.Do you suggest me Clickbank or WA?

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi Banu,

      I completely understand the reason for your struggles. Getting started online is certainly no easy task. Not knowing the many various methods of being able to earn, ways of going about doing so, and so on, causes many of us to fall for things like “PTC” as in your case, where you end up not making any money!

      I’m very happy that you asked such a great question Banu, as this relates to so many starting marketers by the thousands each and everyday. The thing with Clickbank is it is very difficult to earn with, especially without having a proper budget in place in order to drive people using PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertisements on Google. Another thing that makes Clickbank very difficult is you don’t have your own online presence! That’s why at Wealthy Affiliate, you are taught precisely how to create an amazing online presence for yourself; one that teaches you step-by-step, how to create a website.. but not just any website. Rather a website that is successful, in which will ultimately turn into a business for yourself, as you begin to see a flow of visitors coming to your website and looking to you for help and advice! Within your website you can then promote anything you like as you offer your own insight, and advise your everyday visitors with your own recommendations and reviews. As long as you earn these people’s trust, you shouldn’t have a problem in getting them to listen to you.

      One reason I created a website that distinguishes online scams from legitimate products, is to gain a better sense of trust, and be able to offer them my top recommendations when it comes to getting started earning a full-time online income. Hence, if you’re looking to start Banu, don’t hesitate with a free starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate!

      Hope to talk more with you soon Banu.

  11. Neil

    Hello, Peter

    Brilliant tutorial on how to start an affiliate website. These are some awesome walk through steps on helping a newbie to go about starting up an online business the right way. Thanks for sharing the video too becasue it’s a massive help, even to me as a blogger myself :)


    1. Peter G. Post author


      How exciting it is to finally see the first brilliant comment on this post. I give you so much gratitude Neil, can’t thank you enough! I’m happy to have learned exactly how to build a business from start to forever, from many and more experienced marketers like yourself ;)

      Without the beautiful help of Wealthy Affiliate, you know.. I would be going on two years now, with nothing to show for in the online marketing industry. No business, no website, no anything! Just increasing attempts to searching out for websites that could “maybe” make me a few bucks.

      I purposely placed this post, where my most loyal visitors can navigate to, in order to attain a better, and more proper method and routine, to starting a legitimate business. We both know this and have both gone so far with the special help of Kyle and Carson. I only look forward to going even further just little by little each and everyday. What a career!

      p.s. Like I don’t know your a blogger! Good thing we both made the right decisions in staying away from the scams, and sticking to the one greatest program of all times out there :)



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