HQ Revshare Review: Is It Made To Last?

By | September 27, 2015

Name: HQ RevshareHQ Revshare Review: Is It Made To Last?

Website: www.hqrevshare.com

Type: Revenue Sharing/HYIP

Price: Ranging from $5 to $40 adpacks

Rank: 45/100 – Borderline Legit.

What Is It?

HQ Revshare is a recently new HYIP that launched on August 8th of 2015. It stands for High Quality Revshare and as you can tell by the name is a revenue sharing program that allows you to simultaneously advertise. In addition to their revenue sharing service, they offer individuals to earn by use of PTC ads along with its own referral compensation plan.

However, just because HQ Revshare is growing fast does not necessarily mean it’s the best way to earn online. Despite all the new revenue sharing programs being released this year, there have been many flaws within these types of products.

And, while I may attest to the fact that it’s definitely possible to earn a decent profit with HYIP’s, it’s also important to stay cautious of how the program is progressing.

HQ Revshare Adpacks – How Much Are They?

One of the nice things about HQ Revshare are the variety of adpacks. For anyone starting out with this program, you’ll be required to start out with the beginner package consisting of $5 adpacks with a 150% ROI maturing at $7.50; not a bad deal. Once you’ve purchased a total of 100 beginner adpacks you can then move forward to buying the more advanced packs.

HQ Revshare Review: Is It Made To Last?

However, because there isn’t a big difference or gap in the ROI percentage, it would be best to stick with the $5 adpacks if possible in order to withdraw more quickly. In addition to the great ROI being offered, HQ Revshare you get 50 directory listings and 10 ad credits with the starter pack.

How It All Works..

Some might not be a fan of the way HQ Revshare works and I myself have grown to be increasingly skeptical with these types of products. While it’s a great thing at first to see yourself earning on a daily basis (for doing nothing), you’ll soon find out that there is a catch to it all.

HQ Revshare inevitably carries a lot of risk. Just because you’re earning now, doesn’t mean you’ll be earning tomorrow. In order for HQ Revshare to sustain over the long haul, it constantly needs to have more and more members coming in.

Without new members, then the funds will dry up and there will be no money to pay out its older members with.This is exactly how any HYIP works. It takes the deposits from the newest members and cycles it to the older ones. Otherwise, there would be no profit to have.

As a result, over 90% of HYIP’s will go out of business and most will sooner rather than later. But, because HQ Revshare is still quite new, you can feel a bit more comforted knowing that they’ll be more likely to pay out over the short-term.

Payment Processors

It used to be the case, that most HYIP’s would offer very limited payment processors. This is because in a word, HYIP’s were sketchy, and the payment systems wanted nothing to do with them.

However, since many HYIP’s have done what they can to be more legitimate by offering more advertising services, PayPal and Bitcoin have now accepted many of these programs.

HQ Revshare Review: Is It Made To Last?

This is a good sign that the product may be able to last a bit longer than others. It’s also great because in case you ended up losing your investment or losing more money than you planned, you can file a dispute. In many cases, PayPal will end up honoring this and refund your money – not all, but in many cases.

Advertising With HQ Revshare – Is It Effective?

Advertising is one important piece of the puzzle when it comes to any revenue sharing program. Without it, this product wouldn’t be legal. It’s because of the advertising services that HQ Revshare is able to provide a revenue sharing service as an added benefit. That is exactly what HQ Revshare provides.

The fact that they portray its revenue sharing service as a near guarantee to every member, is in my opinion, simply unethical. Reason being that they could so easily shutdown at any time. While I’m sure (atleast hope) that is not their intention, it is more likely possible they will at some point. Earnings can’t continue going on like this forever, unless they are able to continually attract more and more individuals making new deposits.

Now in regards to their advertising service, it’s not all that great… But, as goes with any HYIP, they never are.

I was personally involved with another but similar revenue sharing product. Because of the number of adpacks I would buy, I would receive over a 100,000 new banner credit ads each and every month. However, because of the fact everyone is advertising some kind of product in the system to the same people over and over, I can’t even tell you how ineffective this was.

If you are joining HQ Revshare, do it for the short-term gains in earnings, and not because of their advertising service. On the other hand, I do really like how they offer PTC (Paid To Click) ads as this actually enforces members to click their ads.

HQ Revshare Review: Is It Made To Last?

This actually raises the bar quite a bit as individuals will actually see your ad in exchange for a small incentive. Also, take note here that using their PTC service in order to make money, isn’t something I recommend.. Unless you enjoy earning fractions of pennies on the dollar!


Don’t Let The Numbers Deceive You!

While HQ Revshare is growing at an excellent rate, it’s important to note here that you shouldn’t let the stated numbers deceive you. What numbers am I referring to?

Well first of all, the number of new users. While it’s great that there are a lot of members, you should actually keep track of how many new members are joining everyday on a daily basis. Trust me, if you plan on investing in HQ Revshare, just take note of this. If it declines over a period of time, you can bet your money on it this product is soon to shut-down. But if it’s consistently raising, you can better predict that HQ Revshare is fine.. for the time being.

Pro’s:HQ Revshare Review: Is It Made To Last?

  • Very generous referral compensation plan – paying 12% commissions.
  • Opportunity to earn.
  • Great variety of adpacks.
  • Decent ROI.
  • Growing Fast
  • Plenty of payment processors


  • Risky.
  • Can shutdown at any moment.
  • Earnings aren’t guaranteed.
  • Advertising is very ineffective.
  • Not the best online opportunity out there.
  • Not a sustainable business practice.
  • Can be seen as unethical.
  • Doesn’t explicitly tell you of the risks.

HQ Revshare Overview – Safe To Join?

For me, I would say that the con’s definitely strike out the pro’s and that will always be the case with any HYIP. They will always carry risk, regardless of how great the owner or support team is. It is simply the nature of the program.

One of the biggest things that bothers me however, is nowhere on the main page does it explicitly tell you, that earnings are not guaranteed. Instead, they use their advertising services to make this the main premise of the program. But as everyone knows, its real purpose is to earn by use of adpacks.

I further believe, while you can earn some decent profits in the short-term, this will not be a sustainable practice over the long-term. I’ve tried my fair share of HYIP’s in the past. At one point, I felt like the luckiest person in the world being able to invest money, earn, and re-invest – only to later find out, each one of these products shut-down at some point or another, and many times with my money in hand. The worst part about it, is there is nothing you can do.

That’s when I found a legitimate way to make money online and since that day, that’s what I’ve stuck with. But, unlike HYIP’s, it’s required a bit of work and some effort on my part, but the payouts are substantially larger and I feel I finally have a business in place. You can feel free to learn more, in my review of this product here.. and on another note, unlike HYIP’s they’ve been around now for 10 years! :)

Thanks for reading my HQ Revshare Review. I won’t jump to the conclusion it’s a scam, for now. But I will keep my eye on them and let you know if things begin to fluctuate.

Verdict – I very hesitantly recommend joining this program.

Please leave all comments, questions, and concerns below. If you’re currently in HQ Revshare and would like to share your experience, please do!


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14 thoughts on “HQ Revshare Review: Is It Made To Last?

  1. Ad4profit

    Hello to every one, I came across a new PTC & revshare called Ad4Profit. Has anyone heard of it? It’s in pre-launch.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hello, no sorry I haven’t. Does it look good? With all the rev shares coming out and closing lately, I would be careful.

  2. Jose R Avila

    I made a complaint with PayPal against HQrevshare and I am hoping to get back the $3,078 I invested. They’ve neither paid out or responded to my e-mails. HQrevshare is definitely a scam.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      I’m sorry to hear that Jose. HYIPs are definitely a risky way to try and make money. Next time, be careful with these kinds of products. You never know when they’re just going to disappear.

  3. Wayne

    Hi Peter, thanks for your Review,
    I joined the program and checked it out a little. One think I noticed
    is Paypal is not active at the moment (can’t make any payments with paypal).
    And the contact (open a ticket) doesn’t wok either.

    So I think it would be wise to put a cautious up to going out of business for this program.

    Sadly but I think it will not lost for much longer.

    You all out there have a happy new year

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi Wayne, no problem at all and that’s a good idea. If PayPal isn’t active, I’d probably stay away as well. That’s not a good sign and could be an indication that HQ Revshare isn’t going to last much longer as you’ve said. I hope you had a great new year as well!

  4. Andrew Ferguson

    hq revshare is a scam, Personally i dont have any problems with programs like this but there was an immense lack of communication between the owner and the people, Main reason i call it a scam is because the owner just went M.I.A and stopped paying and thousands of people just ended up losing there money. It’s best to see how a program like this will last based on how the owner and the staff communicate with there customers.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      I agree Andrew. Getting the proper customer support in any revenue share is a must. Sad to see they’re already going out of business..

    1. Peter G. Post author

      I agree. Most rev shares end up shutting down sooner or later and in this case, I must say HQ Revshare didn’t last very long.

  5. Michael

    Thank you for your comprehensive review of HQrevshare. I am just making my reviews too before i join them. I took my time to read your review and you actually mentioned that you later found a stable and secure means to make money online. Instead of beating around the bush i think it’s very reasonable to go for what is safe. Please can you share this program with me? I will be 27 years next month and i really need to get on my feet financially. I look forward to your reply. thanks.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hey Michael no problem. I’m 27 years old as well and actually got my business started with Wealthy Affiliate. Reason is because it’s a safe and reliable way of making money online. But more importantly, it grows month after month. I believe WA is one of the best ways to financially secure your future. It really consists of 4 steps, which are pretty basic and all starts with a website and getting traffic. From there you learn how to begin making sales in any niche, as a third party seller or affiliate. It’s a lot of fun man and if you put in the required work, there’s a lot to be gained!


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