iCloud Commissions Review: Scam Or Legit?

By | March 28, 2015

icloud commissions scam review 2015


Name: iCloud Commissions

Website: iCloud Commissions

Price: $7 One-Time Fee

Rank: 12/100 – Scam!


What Is It?

iCloud Commissions is an internet marketing course with a focus on e-mail marketing. Despite the initial false claims made on the homepage of teaching you methods relating to SEO, Forex Trading, Clickbank, Link Building, and Binary Options Trading, it has absolutely nothing to do with any of these.

Thus, this misleading introduction does not help in convincing us of this products legitimacy. In this review, I’ll go over some of the included iCloud Commission features, what you can expect when purchasing this, and whether or not, it is worth your time.

How Much To Get Started?

iCloud Commissions can be bought at a low one-time $7 price giving you access to all iCloudCommissions.com training.

However, there is indeed a reason for this low price!

What To Expect?

 – iCloud Instant Profit Method

Step By Step Video Training

– 24 Hour Live Support

– Access To iCloud Commissions Monthly Newsletter

– iCloud Commissions VIP Member Discounts

– iCloud Commissions Audio and Video Resources

– 8 Modules Of iCloud Commission Training

iCloud Commissions Training

As for the most vital part of this review, I’d like to briefly cover the training, and what you can expect to be doing with this information.

After having purchased iCloud Commissions you’ll receive training available in PDF Format and/or by training videos. These are used to cover e-mail marketing, covering various strategies, along with how to start your own e-mail marketing campagin.

In addition, you can begin to earn income with iCloud Commissions alone, by promoting this product to others.

Nevertheless, the three main components covered by iCloud Commissions are as followed:

– How to discover and benefit from e-mail marketing?

– How to double your e-mail list?

– How to promote two products using one link?

As you can tell, regardless of whether you’ve been online marketing for one week or one year, iCloud Commissions is very basic, and lacks the important fundamentals needed to be successful with e-mail marketing.

Not only that, but the product lacks any of the essential resources and tools, needed to create and run an effective ad campaign.

Moreover, iCloud Commissions tends to skip some of the most highly important lessons that need to be taught to those just getting started with online marketing.

It’s really no wonder iCloud Commissions is only being offered at $7!

iCloud Commissions System:

– Getting Started – Features a general introduction of the iCloudCommissions program and shows you how to properly navigate through iCloudCommissions.com

– iCloud Commissions Training Videos – Consists of training videos, iCloudCommissions.com e-book, and user manual.

– Campaign Money Pockets – Offers pre-written (supposedly proven and tested) profitable e-mail campaigns for you to use.

– iCloud Commissions Support

iCloud Commissions Disadvantages

 – Lacks basic information.

– Lacks necessary tools & resources (e.g. autoresponder, capture pages)

– Mis-leading & doesn’t inform us in advance what this product is really about.

For the most part, any online marketing product, which fails to tell you what you’ll be learning and doing in advance, is a complete waste in my opinion. I believe this product is nothing but a schemish attempt at simply pocketing some profits and literally contains the most basic e-mail marketing information that can be found anywhere on the internet.

To really begin affiliate marketing on the right foot, and learning to do so successfully, visit this #1 recommended product review.

I guess the only good benefit of this product, is its cheap low cost. Besides that, don’t bother!

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