Income Jack Review: An Upsells Galore?

By | January 5, 2016

Name: Income JackIncome Jack System Review: An Upsells Galore?


Price: “Free” (includes upsells)

Owner: Alan Cosens

Type: Affiliate marketing

Rank: 40/100 – Not Recommended!

What Is It?

Income Jack is a free and fairly basic online marketing training system that shows you how to automate and make money with the ZNZ Big Cash System. If you’re unaware of what ZNZ’s Big Cash System is, it’s very similar to Instant PayDay Network. It’s basically a company that is affiliated with 50 or so different “fortune 500” companies that will pay you for referring other individuals.

The way you would sign-up with ZNZ Big Cash is by signing-up for say a free trial or 30-day membership. Thus, despite telling us that the system is completely free, there might be a chance you’d have to pay a little something in order to sign up for a free trial. What most people do however, is sign-up for a free trial and cancel it within 7 or 30-days (whatever the terms of conditions say).

How ZNZ Big Cash Works

The biggest problem with this is that most people forget to cancel and the fact you are required to cancel your free trial after an exact set period of time. Nevertheless, ZNZ Big Cash in itself isn’t a scam, but the problem with it is the difficulty many individuals find when attacking this opportunity. It isn’t exactly the easiest task when it comes to obtaining the targeted required traffic to this system in order to make it work.

The way you make money with ZNZ Big Cash is by simply referring others to the system. But in order for you to get credited, that individual would then also need to sign-up for the free trials in order to get accepted. If they sign-up for the required amount of free trials (usually 2 or 3), you get paid in turn. I believe it’s $20 for every individual who ends up registering.

Thus, as you can imagine, you would need a solid flow of traffic to your referral link in order to make the opportunity work and in order to begin managing a full-time income. Nevertheless, there have been many individuals who’ve been able to manage full-time incomes with both ZNZ Big Cash and Instant PayDay Network.

Income Jack Sales Funnel

If you look at Income Jack, this is basically a funnel that was created by Alan Cosens who is an affiliate of ZNZ Big Cash and created Income Jack to offer some insight into how he became successful with ZNZ Big Cash. His aim here is to help those individuals looking to make money with ZNZ Big Cash.Income Jack System Review: An Upsells Galore?

By doing so, you as an affiliate of Income Jack, will end up registering for ZNZ Big Cash and all these other products that pays Alan Cosen in turn. So in a way, one might argue that the system isn’t exactly free, but nonetheless, isn’t a bad idea given his potential aim in wanting to help you.

The 2nd step of the process within Income Jack is optional, but claim you need this if you’re actually serious about making money online. It uses a system called PLS or the Power Lead System, which can almost be described as an MLM system that has capture pages and other tools like an autoresponder that can be used to capture new leads.

This may be considered as an upsell within Income Jack, but let’s say you finally have a solid method of obtaining traffic to Income Jack, then it might not be a bad idea. By signing up with PLS under the Income Jack System you can essentially begin to earn a recurring monthly income from those referrals who end up also signing up for the Power Lead System.

Income Jacks 4 Steps

The thing I liked about Income Jack was the way it kind of turned ZNZ Big Cash into a more profitable opportunity and by bunching all of these into just one system. I like how you don’t really need to bother with the ZNZ Big Cash System and how you can simply enter in your ZNZ Big Cash referral ID right into the Income Jack System.

By Step 3 you are kind of pushed into another upsell however, where you’re required to get an account with GetResponse. This is a popular autoresponder tools used by thousands of affiliate marketers that’s used to send messages to their leads.

Nevertheless, let’s just say you end up buying an account, well the person who referred you will also make a GetResponse commission. After you register, there is a field where you simply enter in your referralIncome Jack System Review: An Upsells Galore? ID, so that all the people you refer to Income Jack who end up using this opportunity, will get you paid on a monthly recurring commission.

Step 4 (the last step) felt kind of irrelevant to the rest of the system and showed you how to earn extra income with JVZoo. But I found that focusing on making money with the first 3 steps to be more than enough. You already have ZNZ Big Cash, Power Lead System, and GetResponse. Why do you need more products to add to that?

I feel the Income Jack System could have been a lot better and much more effective if they showed you more traffic methods. Traffic is all you need to succeed in any online marketing opportunity. You could have all the products and opportunities in the world, but without the right traffic sources, none of these will work.

The biggest thing that bothered me of all with the Income Jack System was the training center.. Wow! There was almost zero training to be found, but to add on top of that, they recommend you start using solo ads. Now here is the problem with using this..

First of all, these solo ads are just another upsell to be found within the Income Jack System (like there isn’t enough already!). More importantly, solo ads is one of the most ineffective ways to be advertising online. You’re not only buying to rent/use someone else’s e-mail list, but you are spending loads of money here.

So much so, that you could easily waste $100’s of dollars in a week without any real or profitable results. You’d honestly be better starting a website or getting into PPC advertising. But I honestly think and feel that this quickly became another opportunity for Income Jack to make more money off its members.

Income Jack Overview: An Upsells Galore?

At first I really did feel that the Income Jack System was a nearly legitimate marketing system, even despite its upsells that I managed to look past. It had a fairly solid platform that combined a few different opportunities in one and even allowed me to input your own referral ID’s for each opportunity.

But as I moved through the steps, I found the training to be way too basic to make a difference in anybody’s marketing efforts.  Once I landed in the training area, I became even more surprised at how much it lacked in content. There was no real traffic strategies and the closest thing I could find to being effective was some really basic social media training.

More importantly, they advocated I begin using solo ads, which I already knew was a big no-no. Despite the nice platform that integrates multiple opportunities, I knew that without some solid training on how to get traffic, that no product they could offer me would matter.

By the end of using Income Jack, I really found it to be nothing more than an upsells galore into other opportunities and for the benefit of the owner, and not so much its members!

Thanks for reading my Income Jack Scam Review. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, I’d love to hear more below.

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