Income Society Franchise Review: Scam Or Legit?

By | March 7, 2015

Name: Income SocietyIncome Society Franchise Review


Owner: Wilson Tiong & Adeel Chowdhry

Price: $9.95

Rank: 50/100

What Is Income Society?

Income Society is a $9.95 online marketing system that claims itself to be worth $1,997!

This following review will go over some of its biggest aspects and features that are involved with Income Society.

By doing so you will be better aware of whether or not it is a product that is real, worth your time, and legitimate, or not.

What Do You Get?

By purchasing this product and becoming a VIP Income Society member, you essentially will be gaining access to:

– A #1 Coaching Program“The ultimate fast track of all you need to know to start making cash online.”

– Proven FormulaAccess to Income Society case studies, apparently proved as tried and tested methods of online success.

– Step-By-Step ModulesAccess to step-by-step training lessons and tutorials in an easy to follow and understand format.

– No Experience RequiredRegardless of whether you’re just a beginner or an advanced pro, you will learn the ropes to making money online.

– Flexible ScheduleYour ability to learn, implement, and succeed at your own pace from the comfort of your home.

– Global AccessYou ability to access the Income Society program from anywhere in the world on any kind of device.

– Interactive LearningAbility to access all kinds of interactive modules that deliver quality results.

– Online CertificationAbility to test your newly acquired online marketing skills against its assessment system to progress further.

– Full SupportAbility to receive full training and support as a VIP Income Society Member, Monday through Friday.

How Much Is It To Join Income Society?

Income society scam reviewThe price to joining Income Society as a VIP member is actually very cheap and will only cost you a one-time $9.95 fee, which thus, begs the question of how much value there is involved in Income Society, how good the ‘full support’ truly is, and what the training inside Income Society is like.

First, lets go over some blatantly made false and over-exaggered Income Society income claims.

False Claims!

Red Flag #1) “Susan Made $8,130.33 In 23 Days” – This is actually a very popular red flag we come across these days in the world of online marketing, and is something to not only beware of, and take lightly, but to take into an honest and deep consideration before making the decision to purchase this product.

Income Society Review

Why? Because products that actually do work and that are able to tell us the truth as to how we can begin to make a considerable amount of income online, never need to lie, make false claims, or over-exaggerate anything just to get your attention.

The result of such honest products tend to grow a fast growing and solid reputation over the many years to come and can be witnessed by a product such as Wealthy Affiliate.. Seen as second to none, when making an income as a professional online marketer!

Red Flag #2) “The #1 Coaching Platform – Worth $1,997” – Highly similar to the statement previously mentioned above, here is another red flag we also want to take into account.

Obviously, it is very rare that any online marketing product or platform teaching us how to make an online income is usually worth so much, while simultaneously being offered at only $9.95!

Red Flag #3) “Clone My Exact Income Machine” – In addition, the product claims you need no e-mail list, or even a website to get started making money online, and that really all you need to do is to copy and clone this ‘income machine’ inside Income Society.

Not only that, but the false claim that you will be making money on autopilot makes Income Society sound even more of a joke, claiming to be spitting you out $55, $275, and ‘even’ $455 Per Hour. No one I know that has used Income Society has made anywhere near this amount of income, or barely any at all.

Income Society Earning Potential

One of the odd things you may notice about Income Society is its home page’s main videos, which are not only very short in nature, but has no sounds and shows nothing but Clickbank earning amounts.

In addition, is the income showing $343,500.90, which while is surely possible, is impossible to happen on complete autopilot, and refutes the idea of being a simple copy and paste type dublicable system.

In order to learn how you can begin making money as a Clickbank affiliate, please check out this latest Clickbank post, or better yet, visit the worlds number one affiliate marketing platform!

How Income Society Really Works?

So far, we have gone through most of the basics within Adeel’s Income Society product, but now I would like to try and conclude this review by telling you what this products main content is truly all about and what you would expect to be learning and doing.

Basically, Income Society uses a franchise model as its business. The idea behind Income Society is that they believe affiliate marketing has died.. But the truth of the fact is, affiliate marketing has never been more alive, and that their way of proposing this system to gain more consumers is completely erroneous.

By explaining to you that 90% of new affiliate marketers fail, while is true to such an extent, does not make it right to propose a business model that is ever more complicated.

Therefore, it is important to find yourself the best place to learn affiliate marketing, rather than sticking with guys who think there is no other way but to start by going ahead to build and own your own online franchise!

I don’t know about you, but to me that just sounds a bit over the top, don’t you think?

I know plenty and plenty of affiliates who are cashing in everyday just by the creation of one simple niche website. I believe however, what Income Society fails to learn and teach, is how to leverage such a niche website to your liking and to make it work for you. Thus, the teachings by Income Society that are based on this “Business Franchise Model” are highly unnecessary and in my opinion, a complete time-waster.

Reason being, you are putting up a lot on the line, most especially risking losing the majority of your investments if things go south.

What You’ll Need When Joining Income Society:

#1 – A personal sales team to do all the selling.

#2 – Purchasing an actual Franchise license, to gain the recognized rights of some kind of strong recognizable brand name.

#3 – Your own products and services to sell.

As you can tell, it’s no wonder why Income Society is offered at such a low price of a one-time $9.95 fee, and that’s most clearly due to the fact a lot of your money will be spent on hiring actual personnel of your business, along with the reproduction rights affiliated with purchasing an actual online franchise.

Income Society Overview

While the overall intentions of Income Society seem pretty good, it is surely a difficult task to get involved in this business.

Nonetheless, I am very surprised to see some of the claims made by Income Society, such as the fact that affiliate marketing is dead, which is why you need to get into Franchise marketing.

Verdict: Legit – Not Recommended!

Rank: 50/50

My gut tells me that this is just another way to get the Income Society name and brand out there and recognized. Otherwise, if it was just another product teaching the same old affiliate marketing stuff (which actually works by the way!), that it would be a lot less popular. However, this is not necessarily true at all, and believe that if Income Society really wanted to become more and better recognized, to create more and better helpful related content.

Lastly, the fact it is priced and offere at only $9.95 once, should tell us plenty. If Income Society was truly as valuable as $1,995, I believe we could make the proper assumption it is not worth our time. Moreover, I do not believe Income Society to be a scam, neither do I recommend this at the same time.. Depending on your primary goals, and your previous online success, it may be a good product for you.

Comparison – Wealthy Affiliate Vs. Income Society.. And The Winner Is!

However, when comparing side-by-side with the world’s online #1 affiliate marketing training, there is really no question about which one is best or which one to choose!

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2 thoughts on “Income Society Franchise Review: Scam Or Legit?

  1. Income Society Scam!



    In September 2014, I paid to be a Franchise License Holder and set up my website Income Society HUB to promote his products.

    Sales were slow so Mark Samms (his executive coach) promised me a refund. In November 2014, INCOME SOCIETY assured me that “the company stands by every word that Mark Samms has said and we are willing to extend the guarantee period”.

    INCOME SOCIETY confirmed that “if you do not get any high-ticket sales, you will still be within your guarantee period to claim for a refund”.

    By Christmas 2014, there were no high-ticket sales. I have made several requests for a refund but INCOME SOCIETY have NOT HONORED THEIR PROMISE!

    ADEEL CHOWDHRY re-launched INCOME SOCIETY recently and is making the same sort of claims that he did before on these sites.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Thank you for pointing out this important information and for providing your experience with Income Society. I haven’t heard great things myself with this product, or Adeel Chowdhry for that matter. I can’t believe that they wouldn’t even give you a refund though. That’s just pushing it. Obviously, the majority of individuals who register won’t be able to make any high-ticket sales, giving them every reason to ask for a refund. My assumption is they had so many requests, they simply didn’t want to proceed with them, or honor them! That’s just ridiculous. Anyway, for a more legitimate and honest product recommendation, please see Wealthy Affiliate!


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