Instant Payday Network A Scam? Not Exactly..

Is Instant Payday Network a Scam? That’s for you to decide. Feel free to read my unbiased, yet truthful, and experienced opinion with this marketing platform.

Product Name: Instant Payday Network

Product Website:

Owner’s Name: Jeff Buchanan

Overall Rank: 65/100



Instant Payday Network is an online marketing program created by Jeff Buchanan to help others begin making an online income. I can still remember to this day, how easily I had first bought into this platform when deciding whether or not to join. I realized since it was “technically” free, that not only did I have nothing left to lose, but also an opportunity like none other that I could finally make work for me financially.



Despite, the large number of companies similar to IPDN, all reformatted or rebranded and designed, in some way or another, tend to work in the exact similar fashion. By utilizing a free platform for users, including capture pages, an autoresponder, and the opportunity to join the company in the same exact fashion that you did, is what has made Instant Payday Network become a growing and popular marketing solution.

Hence, all these combined tools that are given to you, essentially become used for one and only one purpose, that is to attract as many people as one can to Instant Payday Network to sign-up through anyone of your capture pages. For each person referred, and signed-up, you then earn a $20 commission. Nonetheless, Instant Payday Network has made the flow of it all sound a lot easier than it usually turns out.

After being brought into Instant Payday Network, you are soon introduced into a marketing platform, with your own little back office online. Within the office includes 3-4 very bland looking capture pages, all designed by the owner, which in-turn becomes your primary tool used in helping to recruit more and more people. Everytime a person signs up through an IPDN capture page, the person or referrer earns $20.

Hence, the hype surrounds the idea of this so-called promising marketing ability to allow you to have this back-office for the rest of your entire life, which they try and promise you the ongoing ability to make a continuous cycle of $20 earnings for every person who signs up.

While gradually getting all your advertisements into place via craigslist, youtube, social marketing, vimeo, etc, you are taken to a free training platform located inside a facebook page. The whole idea is to then drive people to your capture page, which is not very unique in itself, since thousands of people are already promoting that exact page.



 Instant Payday claims to be in bed with “Fortune 500 companies”; a pretty rediculous claim. Yet a good marketing technique to get others joining. In order to enjoin yourself with IPDN you must sign-up under two different companies who are offering something in relation to a free insurance quote, or a free credit checkup, which if not cancelled after the first 3-7 days is automatically charged to your account.

Hence, all the money being produced is coming from this freebie exchange website. Therefore, Instant Payday Network encourages and motivates visitors to register with the company, by getting others to follow this exact formula repetitively to the letter.

I completely forgot about the company, until I ran into one of the same old capture pages, and said to myself, look how far I’ve gotten on my own! I think it might be time to help others, especially those struggling within the Instant Payday network to quickly get out of the hype, and to quit consuming all the time and energy involved in attempting so hard to making their first $20.

Despite the possibilities, most don’t end up with the marketing capabilities in coming up with their own creative youtube channel that suddenly begins to generate the necessary hundreds of views per day. I don’t mean to say this in a discouraging way by any means!

All I really mean is the importance of having the required knowledge, and marketing tools, and tactics under your belt, so that you will not only have avoided failure altogether, but are able to find a wider window of success, through the use of more, and better, stronger strategies.

To be honest, I have an appreciation for people struggling on through with IPDN, as it shows persistency, and more effort required than any normal 9 to 5 job. Despite these efforts it’s important to know and be well aware of where true value comes from.

True value comes from an inner ability to create something on an individual kind of manner. People tend to think that by simply creating and promoting a unique capture page will allow for a feasible way to earn income.

Hence, what one needs within this type of affiliate community, is consistent, everyday help, with the ability to create something long-lasting, something sustainable, and more than anything, something that will allow you to produce increasing income, as time goes by.

My point being, cut the time wasted within your marketing efforts, by knowing how to fly there faster, even if it requires an extra week of work. As that could make all the difference between cutting the line of success and failure. Another thing to take into consideration is that it would be wise to simultaneously find or create something, of your own, that grows with value, through out your marketing efforts.

Example, having a simple website in place could do wonders. Imagine not only how much easier it would be to have everything you’re marketing bundled up together in one place, but the increasing prestige involved by simply being able to talk about and promote platforms such as Instant Payday Network. Websites that indeed tend to be undervalued these days can do wonders to help grow your everyday income, and with hard-work, persistency, and coaching, you can certainly do well.




Mediocre at best. There is one lady, I can’t remember her exact name, who does an excellent job trying to train others. But at the same time, the things she is teaching, and the amount of money to be made is unrealistic with that type of training. Much of it concerns or involves placing classified advertisements, simply luring as much traffic to these capture pages, since marketing with IPDN tends to work out in favor of higher traffic and numbers.

Nonetheless, while all the training takes place within a Facebook group, this truly comes to show that their doing all that they can in their marketing efforts to find and take hold of the easy way out, to get people running to their doors, in order to sign-up, and get paid (..not likely).

IPDN hype felt like, well as soon as you got your first video up explaining how awesome IPDN you’re going to be all set. While it’s in no way that easy, you may begin to feel that way over-time, after watching the many IPDN training video’s enforcing you to take action.

As much as I agree with having to take action, I believe that the time better spent would be much better consumed in creating your own websites, your own capture pages, your own newsletters. I believe that Instant Payday Network could offer a lot more than it does currently.

But the fact that everything these days is relative to the amount of profits to be raked in, it turns out to be less of a necessity for Instant Payday Network to have a focus on creating a truly unique, integrating marketing platform. Furthermore, though this can result in less work, and more pay, it is also the cause that 95% of those marketer’s will soon let their efforts dissolve over-time, as they see that their time is better spent elsewhere.

In today’s world, it’s simply not enough to have even just a whole youtube channel going for you, which is why you’ll find that even the marketing material starts weighing down on you. The other very big negative I notice is this inability to get any type of S.E.O., keyword research, website development type questions answered, as simply unavailable.

As soon as the notion of second guessing your efforts, and the overall fact of now questioning whether what you’re doing is simply going to be able to provide you with enough opportunity and enough income overtime, puts people at a complete stop.

The whole point is, why become apart of something that may inevitably become an only one way street no matter how hard you work at it, to allow yourself to find either a complimentary solution to your marketing problems, or a whole new world of opportunity.

I didn’t write this post to rummage other marketing ideas in front of you. But wrote to help you. To help you in the leveraging of any and all of your marketing efforts, and to make the best use out of your time.

For those on the lookout for a legitimate, income producing opportunity, I may as well offer you the holy grail of all online opportunities I have joined within, to this day. Take care!
Please let me know if you have any questions, or comments. Simply drop them below, and I’ll make sure to get back to you!
Peter G.

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