Instant Rewards Network Review – Is It Legit?

By | January 16, 2015

Product: Instant Rewards Network

Website: instantrewardsregister.cominstant rewards network scam review 2015

Price: Free (With a Catch!)

Credit Card Required To Join.

Rank: 37/100 – Not Recommended.

What Is Instant Rewards Network? (

This is the latest product offering the opportunity to work with “Fortune 500” Companies.

This review will let you know if this product can truly be used to help you make an online income or not.

The primary emphasis with this product is that you can begin making a comfortable living from home by placing various advertisements online and working on creating your own personal “downline.”

Hence, this is more of a network type opportunity with a very cheap overhead cost, in which your main objective is to simply get other people to join this same exact opportunity.

Instant Network Rewards is nothing but a more “fancy looking” cloned platform that copies off the same methods used by:

Instant Payday Network <– Click To Read The Review.

– Zip Nada Zilch

Freebie Money Printer <– Click To Read The Review.

How Much Can You Earn With Instant Rewards Network?

For every referral, you earn a one-time $20 payment, which gets deposited into your PayPal account.

getting paid instant rewards network referrals review

How Do New Members Register?

In order to sign-up with Instant Rewards Network, you must do exactly what is required in the same old opportunities required also by, Jeff Buchanan’s Instant Payday Network.

That is, by signing up for “Fortune 500” Trials and Offers.

This will usually consist of a Free Credit Report, Netflix, or any company willing to pay the network to let its members try out an offer and redeem credits in exchange.

instant rewards network scam review 2015

These credits are only needed and given to you on a one-time basis allowing you to sign-up with the Instant Reward Network program opportunity.

How Instant Rewards Network Works?

Here is how the process of signing-up works:

In most cases, as you get started with the program, you must sign-up with at least five or so different offers to obtain enough credits to start using the Instant Network Rewards training and product. You are additionally required to try out each trial and offer for the whole 7-day period and are not allowed to cancel before this time.

Therefore, by the end of the week, you must remember to cancel each one of these offers in order for your credit card to not get charged.

This technique has been used as an online marketing approach for many, many years as the majority of new registrars tend to completely forget to cancel, in-turn allowing the “Fortune 500 Company” to make a simple profit off the trials and offers initially signed-up for.

Simply put, the only way you can join and get involved in Instant Network Rewards is by signing up for these offers, which gives you the amount of required credits in return, so that you can then redeem them as your “payment” to now join the company.

Basically, it is like your lifetime membership fee, but is done on a one-time basis, and also what is required from every referral that you get into Instant Network Rewards, and is exactly how you would intend on becoming compensated. The more referrals you can continually get to do this, the more $20 bills you obtain.

While the process looks and seems to be simple, it has in-fact proven to become one of the most difficult online marketing ventures for the majority.

Every referral you refer to Instant Network Rewards must also be willing to go through the same process, through your own referral link in order for you to make your one-time $20 profit. In order for you to effectively make an income with them, it is vital you are able to correctly explain the process in a simplified manner, while proving the benefits.

What makes this so difficult though, is finding an online presence, and reaching out to the right people and audience.

What Makes Instant Rewards Network Difficult?

When I first joined Instant Payday Network, a program still being run today by Jeff Buchanan, I was fairly intrigued and excited with how easy they claimed it would be to start earning money. However, as I have already stated, a number of problems stood in the way of my ability to earn any solid amount of income with this program.

The first being, a lack of traffic!

Without a solid online presence in place that could truly get me enough traffic everyday, is something I failed to realize, would be the primary, most important and effective way to help me continually earn money with them. However, the training in both Instant Network Rewards & Instant Payday Network miserably fail in giving a proper explanation of this.

Instead, they choose to mentor others the simplest way possible by telling you that all you have to do is post on Craigslist.. No way, jose!

Hence, it took me months and months to realize, that in order for me to make as much income as I could want online, that traffic would have to become my number 1 priority, regardless of what anyone else could try and convince me otherwise.

Instant Network Rewards Basic Training!

 instant rewards network

While I was apart of Instant Payday Network, I realize now how very basic the training is and how great of an advantage my time was being taken by owners who only truly cared about their own profit. Hence, their basic training merely tells you what you want to hear, that is, by simply hopping onto Craigslist and posting advertisements 5 to 10 times a day, I could start to earn an income. This proved both erroneous and ineffective. I should have stuck with my gut instinct knowing most people would be truly weary of such online marketing scams that literally would plague a place like Craigslist.

This is exactly what is being trained by Instant Rewards Network, and is something I simply highly advise against in regards to the approach that they take.. It simply doesn’t work!

You will rarely find enough people willing to start earning with an online opportunity as you likely are right now, but even when you do, another problem I found myself confronted with was even when I got to the point of obtaining 50 different sign-ups over the course of many many months, not even one was willing to go through the whole process and ordeal of signing up through these various trials and offers.

Should You Join Instant Rewards Network?

While Instant Rewards Networks makes it sound like an easy way to begin earning income online, it is actually a whole lot harder than they make it sound and would take months on end before I could get my very first $20 sale!

Most people are hesitant to begin with when entering their Credit Card information for an opportunity they know so little about. While Instant Rewards Network does offer a somewhat okay opportunity (better than most these days), it doesn’t make sense for a person to go through all the hassle when your primary motive in getting started online is to find a way to get traffic.. And what better way is there then to start with your own website learning how to use specific search terms and such, that can help people find you listed on Google! Only then, would I maybe recommend you joining Instant Network Rewards as just one of many different ways you can earn online, after having taken the correct approach to begin with.

Fact is, Instant Network Rewards does not properly train you on how to obtain: Good Targeted Traffic – which is absolutely necessary for you to earn a comfortable living from home. Nor, do they teach you any other solid methods for proper advertising.

Instant Network Rewards Overview:

The sole reason Instant Network Rewards has created their own platform is so the owners can continually obtain their own $20 commissions by having you join. It’s by their unique method of obtaining constant targeted online traffic that allows them to get paid with much less emphasis on the resulting training, mentorship, and coaching. As in this case, it is “after the fact” of them now being paid they really have no incentive or reason to train you towards your own goals of online marketing success.

Verdict: Not Recommended!

Rank: 37/100

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