The Internet Lifestyle Network Review.. How Good Is It?

By | November 14, 2014
Product: Internet Lifestyle Network (I.L.N)

Type: MLM & Network Marketing
Rank: 33/100


Internet Lifestyle Network Scam Review

Given the fact’s primary intentions are in distinguishing real, genuine online products from the many countless network marketing penny-pinching scams, I found it about time to expose Internet Lifestyle Network with all the strength left that I’ve got!

The Internet Lifestyle Network is the perfect opportunity a person like myself would love in exposing in order to help hundreds, even thousands of people from wasting so much money and time, on a product that’s proven to be quite close to.. 100% worthless!

Use Of Smooth Talk, Flashy Video’s, and Get-Rich Quick Promises..

Essentially that’s how ILN continually kept on trying to seduce and pull me into this total ‘joke’ of an opportunity. However, given my ignorant frame of mind before having joined one of the top affiliate programs worldwide, not even my usual reluctant behavior could stop me from joining.

That’s what I accidentally did!

I’m not 100% sure whether they still include a 7-day trial, as long as you hand over your Credit Card number, but that’s exactly how The Internet Lifestyle Network first operated when they opened their doors.

I remembered the hype like it was yesterday.

Thousands after thousands of aspiring online marketers, handing over their CC numbers just to get in the doors, and see how these guys, who essentially were trying to get infamous by use of some of the most awful tactics, on YouTube.

Effectively, their consistent use of new videos, pre-developed talks, speeches, and interviews with elderly people, families, adults, even children, only gave the Internet Lifestyle Network more hype and exposure. That’s when I began to notice an increasing number of Facebook groups messaging me to join them. The worst thing about it was there wasn’t only ONE group promoting this so-called method of earning money online, but plenty.

Afterwards, what I came to learn was, that Internet Lifestyle Network starts out as nothing but a HUGE pyramid scheme, with no true or real products to sell, no real business to own and earn from, and essentially nothing of worthwhile value.

The Reason For “Hard Selling & Recruitment”!

I believe it was around $20 to get started with ILN. Well essentially, that’s what you’d be charged after your first 7-days within this program. Once you are charged, you basically earn, by recruiting others. This is what is also better known as MLM at its finest… Pure MLM tactics!

What Really Bothers Me?

The people at the top of the Internet Lifestyle Network have basically setup a system allowing them to reap the “rewards” for life, that is consistent $20 commissions by this effectively HUGE pyramid scheme that had grown immensely larger and larger by the minute.

Question being is the Internet Lifestyle Network still gaining the gravitational pull/leveraged needed in order to stay in business?

First, Let’s Look at The Overall Internet Lifestyle Network Commission Structure:

  • You Earn 50% Commission From Each Referral You Attain Within Your Downline.
  • The Internet Lifestyle Network “Super Affiliate Plan,” Allows You To Earn 4-Levels Deep.
  • 10% Commission on Your 2nd Level Downline.
  • 10% Commission on Your 3rd Level Downline.
  • 10% Commission on Your 4th Level Downline.

Internet Lifestyle Network Membership Levels Include..

1) Apprentice Membership: By becoming an ILN “Apprentice” you gain access to your own Internet Lifestyle Blog (Not Domain), which is simply used for the advantage of the corporate structure, as it helps in allowing the leverage of its overall use of MLM and Pyramid Scheme. Additionally, you gain access to the Internet Lifestyle Network Training, which teaches you simply, your everyday “hard” and “struggling” type methods to recruiting other members.

2) Professional Membership: Costs additional fee, and only includes more training! Does not allow for higher recruiting commissions, or any other features!!

3) Executive Training: Effectively, there is no real difference with executive than there is with the Apprentice and Professional Memberships. Just more MLM & Network Marketing advanced-type training.

Why The Internet Lifestyle Network Is NOT A Legit

Earning Opportunity!

It’s fairly easy to reason now why the Internet Lifestyle Network is not exactly the best opportunity to join.

For one, the commission structure is pretty terrible.

50% commission on getting your first recruit, is equivalent to no more than $10.

Pretend, one of your two or three people you were able to manage in recruiting to the Internet Lifestyle Network, the chances of them dropping out and jumping to the next MLM opportunity is close to.. Absolute!

Verdict: Scam!

Overall Rank: 33/100

The Internet Lifestyle Network is a Pyramid Scheme – Simply said. Since its inception, late 2013/early 2014, much of the hype surrounding ILN hype has truly died down. Their promises of attaining millions by “working hard to recruit” has proven to be Not Effective.

My advice is to stay away from Pyramid Schemes altogether, and even better, MLM and network marketing. I believe affiliate marketing, just like facts on Wikipedia itself say, is the BEST place for any online marketing newb or even advanced person can start. It involves building a niche-related website.. Something I CAN 100% Guarantee You Can Definitely Learn To DO, by checking out the following review, and joining me in my #1 Recommendation!

Thanks for reading my Review on the Internet Lifestyle Network, and the comparison with Wealthy Affiliate :)

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  1. Boateng Justice

    I want to know what is going on with internet lifestyle

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Not sure Boateng. Haven’t heard much from them lately. I’ll let you know if I do!


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