Invite2Job – 5 Reasons It Doesn’t Work

By | May 2, 2016

Name: Invite2JobInvite2Job Scam


Type: Affiliate Marketing

Rank: 0/100 – Scam!

Why Invite2Job Is a Scam..

I actually rated this site a 0/100, but maybe I should have rated it a -10/100 instead. Click here for a more legitimate program, but if you really want to see what Invite2Job is really all about, then hang on tight.

I recently did another review of a site that was actually an exact clone of invite2job called The Youth Cash. Not sure if you heard of it, but it isn’t the only replica either. There is also The Refer Project and Pay For Youth, which are exact copies of Invite2Job!

These sites are basically using individuals to get more traffic to their site. I’m not sure why, but the point here is there is no actual product or service behind Invite2Job. Yet they claim that they can earn you $1,500 by completing their simple 5 to 10 minute tasks.


They Don’t Pay!

As a result, this has caused Facebook and other social media sites to be flooded with these pointless affiliate links. Basically they tell you that all you need to do is get other people to sign-up and they’ll pay you. The problem with this however, is that they don’t actually pay you anything.

They show you some fake money in your account, tell you that they’ll pay you once you reach some two or three hundred dollar minimum threshold, and then not transfer anything to your account. It isn’t all that surprising seeing how immensely simple getting registered with Invite2Job is in the first place.. They don’t ask you for a PayPal account or anything, and try and promise they’ll send you a check to your household.

Any site that isn’t paying through PayPal or Payza almost always means it’s a scam. More importantly, we can tell Invite2Job is a scam just by taking a look at the bottom of the homepage. They claim payments will be cleared on the 24th and 30th of the next month, probably in order to keep individuals promoting the site for as long as possible.


Fake Payment Proofs!

One of the biggest complaints with The Youth Cash was the simple fact that no one got paid. Thus, you have no reason to believe this fake program will either. The “recent payments proof” on the lower left hand of the site is nothing more than some plain text and really isn’t proof of anything. They also claimed to have paid over $200,000,000 to workers, when really they’ve paid out $0!

It’s crazy how easily people can be deceived and lied to online. Invite2Job is the perfect example of an online marketing scam. No company will pay you $5 for simple referring another member, unless there was an actual paying product with the program.

But the fact here is anyone can sign-up for free. Technically, this could mean that you could make 100 of your own accounts yourself using a proxy of some sort. Nevertheless, Invite2Job has been running for quite awhile now. I’ve seen it here and there, but haven’t bothered making a review until now. It’s given so much false hope and so many false expectations, I thought it was time to reveal the truth about this program.


Recap of why Invite2Job is a scam:

  • No actual paying products.
  • Clone and replica of The Youth Cash.
  • They don’t actually pay out through PayPal.
  • They promise you a check at the end of the month that they never send.
  • Make over-exaggerated earning claims.
  • Their contact info isn’t real.


But don’t get me wrong.. Making money online is most-definitely possible, and affiliate marketing is surely the way to go. You just need the right program to get you started on the right foot and Invite2Job is not that program. I know we all want to make some easy money, but the truth of the matter is there is no such thing, even when it comes to online marketing. Just like everything else, affiliate marketing is a business in its own right so don’t let these scams fool you into thinking otherwise.


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